Experimental Review Edition

Beyond Sensory Experience- Modern Day Diabolists- CD (Cyclic Law)

This is the 7th release by Swedish Dark Experimentalist Electro Ambient Mashup masters. Its comes from members of bands like MZ412 .. Beyond Sensory Experience is a Dark Ambient journey through Haunted, Hopeful, Bleak and Unsettling fields of electronic  drones, loops, samples, noise and Music Konkret layers that only a few will ever understand but many will be in awe with. Your mind does truly expand from releases like this . Again with releases like Modern Day Diabolist its a love hate relationship and that will never change. Chilling is another good word for for BSE. If there was a title that would fit over the releases Ive heard on the various label they have worked with Cold Meat, Old Europa Cafe and now Cyclic Law it would be. Cinematic Dark Electronic Industrial Ambient...


P.h.o.b.o.s- Atonal Hypermnesia- CD (Megaton Mass) 

So over the course of a few albums PHOBOS has been moving away from the  Industrial Doom sounds on bands like Godflesh, Trep Pal and Old Pitchshifer to more a mix of Industrial, Black metal and electronic with a Doom backdrop. PHOBOS has been going a much more experimental open sound in his one man creation to make dark bleak music. Do not fool yourself for a moment there is a strong Doom element in the mix. I just hear a new creative door way coming on of PHOBOS that came from bands like The God Machine, Dolorian, Ancient Wisdom and Godkiller are well. Atonal Hypermnesia is a journey of madness , open spaces and a sickness you get from bands like Bethlehem, Shining etc .. Remember as well all the 4 tracks on this album are over 13 minutes long and it takes time for this kind of music to breathe so they are just so addicting in they way they are arrange. PHOBOS are now equal parts, Godflesh, Celtic Frost and DHG if these bands created there own band they would be stealing from PHOBOS....

Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till, Wino- Songs of Townes van zandt-CD (Neurot)

Just in case you don't know Townes van zandt was a very well known Folk musician (Sadly fame came very late in life and more after death) and this is 2 members of Neurosis and one of the mighty ST Vitus/ The Obsessed. So these 3 man have now paid tribute to a man in his life time was a cult hero and in death have been covered by people like Willie Nelson and Steve Earle. These are simple covers of Townes material with mostly just Acoustics guitars, vocals and simple percussion some times a moog thrown in for good measure. These are bare bone, heart felt songs that need nothing more then be presented to the world so they can hear what that missed out on from a band that is a Folk Music hero to many in the Blues and Country world.


Morglbl-Brutal Romance-CD (Free Electric Sound/ Lasers Edge)

So were do we being I would say lets just do this Morglbl mix many elements into one band of power and purpose. So we have Prog, Jazz, Blues, Hardrock, Pop and 70's arena rock all in. What I hear most is bands like Kings X, Porcupine Tree, Devin Townsend Solo, Stevie Ray Vaughn and old Genesis, King Crimson all having a party then letting Van Halen and Extreme come in for some rocking solo and the heavy element all to gel. The very cool thing about in the end is its instrumental in nature . So if you are of the elk that needs vocals this will not be your cup of tea. All in all you need to hear this as its as groove as prog as heavy as jazzy. Morglbl has been around for while this seems to be there 5th release and I need to dig back and hear more. They would be amazing as a later band on the Prog Power fest in USA. 

Diablo Swing Orchestra- Pandoras Pinata-CD (Sensory Records/Candlelight)

Damn folks just Damn I remember reviewing there last album but I don't remember loving it as much as this this band mixed 3 elements that should not work but it did one time before with a band called Demonspeed from NJ some of you may have heard if now if you like this check them out too. Diablo Swing Orchestra mix  Big Band, Latin music and Metal into something I would call  Brian Setzer Orchestra meets Faith No More with elements of bands like Squirrel Nut Zippers and Third and the mortal  in its presentation for good measure. The mix of Female  and male vocals works so well with the metal guitars, horns, prog/jazz drumming and full on rock bass rumble. The Latin percussion is a slice of brilliance as well. Diablo Swing Orchestra are from Sweden of all places and I would swear they are from Miami Florida in the sound and presentation. Sensory if they get them on Late night TV for world to hear and see could be a Major force playing huge arenas and theaters.  I just don't want to stop listening to this....

Shrine- Somnia-CD (Cyclic Law)

Ahhh  Drift, Field Recordings and Ambient bliss this is something the experimental world has been a bit thin on over the years. This is the kind of material labels like Hypnos, Soleilmoon and Groundfault brought to the forefront of industrial world in the late 90's. Shrine is very simple and fragile in create and its done with a level of skill that is forgotten that less can be more if done correctly. I call Shrine true head phone music as the full listening experience is missed on the synths, tape layers, recordings and background sounds if not with a good set of headphones. Projects like Shrine immerse you in sounds and want you to understand all that you hear around you and I respect that greatly. Ambient Field Recordings is a lost art that people like Daniel Menche and Steve Roach have mastered. I long for these days to come band as the more personal releases are always the best.


Signalsundertests- Nascent-CD/Digital (Fluttery Records)

I know Fluttery records seems to be very post rock and ambient music all the time but this one seems a bit different to me . Its much more experimental ambient industrial/ soundscape  in the way the over all sounds are created reminds me more of the Minimalist Neoclassic Industrial that CMI, Manifold and Dark Vinyl use to release and the lighter side of what Malignant does. Signalsundertests has a very Caul, Sephiroth and Raison D Etre feeling to it. I maybe just hearing what I want but this time out I would say "Nascent" maybe my favorite album on Fluttery at this point. They remind me so much of Mandible Chatter as well. That is a band I truly miss. They were so ground breaking and this is helping fill that void. Stellar release.