New Reviews 10/15/2011 (4 is all you deserve...)

NACHTBLUT - Antik - Release Date: 30 Sept 2011 / 4 Oct 2011 (US)

Nachtblut- Antik-CD (Napalm Records)

I don't think I get whats going on here. Its like Rammstein , Cradle of Filth and some goth rock band got together and made the most pop sounding black metal record ever. Its almost like what  The Kovenant did years ago only half as good. Wow this is really total shit.. 3 songs in and I want to cause myself physical harm. Ok I've reviewed this more then I ever had to. Avoid this Napalm is moving back into that Goth metal side that is so very hit or miss. This one is a major miss.

<br />Funerus - Reduced to Sludge

Funerus- Reduced to Sludge-CD (Ibex Moon)

Now this is what I'm talking about passionate slow low end Death metal that comes from members of Incantation , Mortician and Morpheus Descends. This is so think and brutal I love it. Reminds me of Bolt Thrower and early Carcass in they way the present the tones and sound. Though as I said there is a groove to all of it that just causes instant pit like vibes going on.  This is were bands like The Chasm and Immolation were heading in the late 90's... Man  Funerus makes me love Death metal again and that is high praise coming from me. If you like Bloodsoaked at well this is coming from the same cycle of influence.  Remember that Death metal doesn't have to be fast just heavy, dark and powerful and Funerus is all this and more.

Illdisposed- There is light (but its not for me)-CD (Massacre)

More modern Death metal with industrial and electronic thrown in for good measure if you like bands like Inflames, Dark Tranquility, Orphange, Gojira then you know what your getting here. Futuristic , Crunchy, Melodic Death with a heavy synth element and some fantastic gutteral vocals. I almost want to call it Symphonic death metal but its not fully there. Illdisposed is getting better with each release I have heard from them.  It's just fantastic to see this Danish force still going and making some of the best music they have ever made 20 years into the bands career. At times I think that Dan Swano and Edge of Sanity had a lot to do with this sound and Illdisposed has just mastered it as well with " This is light" !!!!

Craft- Void-CD (Southern Lord)

Sweden is the home for some of the most grim and sickened Black metal to ever be presented to the world and Craft is just that in many ways and more. Raw, Dirty, Punk Influenced Black metal with that cold melody that just takes you over when you hear them. What comes to mind is Marduk and Graveland when you hear this band with heavy layers of Bathory in the mix for all of those out there that know. Real Black metal is not there to make fans but to draw of those of us that have lived and been in a dark path for all our lives. Craft is not going win you over if you sleep with a night light on folks. You must want to be in the woods with a ceremonial fire and altar ready to begin the new reign of mankind. Craft is black metal its just that plan and simple..