6 New Reviews Oct 1st 2011

Thy Catafalque- Rengeteg-CD (Season of Mist)

I so tired of using Avant Metal but this is really where Thy Catafalque fit. If you like bands like Solefald, Fleurety mixed with a does of bands like Amorphis and Dimmu Borgir them you have a very close direction where this band is coming . Proggish synth, Orchestral Black/Death metal with a good dose of Swedish Death metal to mix it all together and never make it boring but if your not into that Fantasy Metal sound that bands like Bal Sagoth and Amorphis have mastered then its going to make you walk away. Season of mist is really the biggest label of its kind taking these fringe bands and embracing them and for that I thank them greatly. The End Records and Candlelight did but there moving into other directions now. Check out Thy Catafalque they are not your run of the mill Avant Metal band..


The Widest Smiling Faces- Rituals-CD (Fluttery Records)

So this Brooklyn NYC artist I not ever heard of has found a home on one of the most interesting labels I've come to know in 5 yrs called Fluttery. This is mellow dream like Shoe gazing meets Ambient rock with a vocalist that is even more delicate. Acoustic guitars, buried effects, lullaby bass and simple percussion and synths. Reminds me a lot of the softer moments of bands like Rodan, Rachels, Anathema etc. Duncan Petterson of Anathema, Antimatter must have been a big influence on this project. that as well at many of the 1/4 stick records artist of the 90's . This brings me back to the true Indie alt right bands of Merge, Touch and Go, Constellation and when Matador was small.  This is very look within music.  There is a very Sebadoh vibe going on too. Check it out I think it will surprise you..

Throne of Katarsis-Ved Graven-CD ( Candlelight)

Blistering Raw and reverb filled black metal in the ways the bands of the 90's presented there haunting and sickened black metal voice to the world. This about the Antichrist and the destruction of the Christian thoughts in the world plain and simple. Treble filled guitars and the cries of a tortured vocalist. The drums are those of a polka band at triple speed and the rumble of a bass line is all that is needed to complete their Unholy task of showing the world of its new dark age that is approaching. There are cool chanting moments with the vocals that almost sound like he is channeling the demonic forces around him. This is for old school Black metal fans and those that don't want all the orchestral side of things. Well done indeed.



If there was ever a Post Black Metal/ Post Metal band that holds all the things that make them eriee , dark and different then Stielas Storhett would be it. This one name  assault from Russia is jaw dropping in talent. If your fan of bands like Borknagar, Solefald, DHG and Azrael then this is for you. He even adds elements of Bethlehem and Ishahn into the project . I love the mix of Jazz, Blues, Prog, Post rock and Black metal into almost what is like Theatrical moments. Yes many of you are going to say this is Shining (Sweden) 2.0 but you need to dig deeper then that as there is so much more going on. Doom, Prog and Black metal all mixed in to fury that few can match. I hope Code666 can get this out to more then just the cult fan base that have grown over the yrs. Expluse is unique in a very good way.


Landmine Marathon- Gallows-CD (Prosthetic Records)

So this Phoenix AZ (were I've been living for last several yrs) Comes the next release of this Female fronted  Grind/Crust/Doom war machine. If you like Older Carcass, Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, The Red Cord etc then you know what your getting. Landmine Marathon are face smashing in the power, speed and talent in the way to present Grinding metal with a catchy element only really Napalm Death before them as done it for me. I  hold this band very close to the Bolt thrower/ Napalm Death style and sound with making it modern and all there own. The vocals are just so massive the make me want to cause violence to those around me. Stellar release all around..

Giant Squid- Cenotes-CD (Translation Loss)

Over the last several albums and band struggles Giant Squid has become a Post Doom/ Post Hardcore force up there with bands like Neurosis, Isis, Mastodon, Earth and Melvins. Words can not explain how majestic and power a band like Giant Squid are, The are at most a Doom band with string arrangements and then move into the Post Rock element bands like Russian Circles and Silver Mt Zion. I want to call them bombastic as well as this band is all that and more. Jackie of Amber Asylum and Grayecon is this band as well  with were violin magic. At time there are moments that Kayo Dot and Giant Squid would be force to just up as well as they have a similar lineage as that band as well. Yes this is what I would again call Thinking man metal and that tag should hold them well. Giant Squid is so good and they are really on the perfect label for them. I could see them on Profound Lore or Neurot . So you know what type of elite force you getting here.  Giant Squid are storytellers in the way the present their craft.. Never forget that. Stunning release ...