6 New Reviews from Absolute Zero Media 10/8/2011

Root- heritage of Satan-CD ( Agonia Records)

Root opens with something I would say would have fit MZ412 best a Black Ambient Invocation. As we move in to the songs of the album this is more mid tempo melodic cold black thrash metal very in common with bands like Slayer or Celtic frost in presentation and arrangement.  So as we dig deeper into this Czech unit there eastern influence is most visible with there Punk and Rock elements that come through in the guitar and drumming. There are moments of Industrial feels and movements as well Root is one of those Black and Roll artist that you can hear came from the classic Bathory sound and grew from that point.  If you looking for something a bit different then the norm Root is it for sure..

Johan Wolfgang Pozoj- Escape of Pozoj-CD (Code666)

Ambient Post Metal with elements of Black, Doom, Prog and Thrash metal all in the same moments. If Opeth or Katatonia  were mixed with Immortal, Emperor and Arcturus all at the same time you would have a good Idea of this bizarre and twisted musical force. I can see why the home for this release is Code666 there is only one other label I could see having so much interest in them and that would be Prophecy productions. Escape of Pozoj is very much on the fringe of the very metal world itself . This is a very difficult listen indeed and not for the beginner listener of extreme metal by any means. You music love complex jazz, prog and avant elements mix it with very dissident metal. Though if you know were I'm coming from then you will love this think  Negura Bunget, Manes, A Forest of Stars etc. I will be listening to this in the weeks and months to come and just dig into every element and layer it has . Simply fantastic...


Chasma- Declarations of the Grand Artificer-CD (Moribund Cult)

Chasma has that song that has just won me over in the last for yrs bands like Wolves in the Throne room, Dornenreich, Alcest, Deathspell Omega, Azrael, Wolvserpent, Agalloch etc. The mix of Post Rock, Epic Black metal and and Dark/Doom metal mixed with Acoustics and Ambience. Its Something that once you hear it you know . Its haunting, hopeful, sorrowful and nightmarish all in the same song. With just 3 songs this 30 plus minute event shows me just how much talent again is in the American Northwest  being this unit is from Oregon. These songs are soundtracks for the those of us suffering in the mental anguish of an age were we can spread our word but need the those out there who need to here it to gravitate towards it. The Beauty and Bleakness is what makes releases like this so just down right magicial. A must listen from the New Age of Moribund Cult...


Alternative4- The Brink-CD (Avantgarde Music)

So Duncan Patterson of Anathema, Antimatter and Ion comes back to his Anathema work with a Gothic Doom Rock record with Symphonic and Ethereal elements that sound similar to  The Anathema  album with the same name. So We can see where he started on on this releases but it moves into so many different directions . To me it has elements of the more experimental Devil Doll and Ulver material at time with with Anathema for sure. Duncan is never one to stay with one style to long. He likes most to mix many genres into one release and make the listener understand its about the music and the art not the tag or scene. If you are a fan of Duncan with will impress you that 15 yrs later the man can still rock as hard as anyone or make the most delicate/fragile music all in the same song or track. There are few modern composers in 21st Century he is truly one of them. Avantgarde you have something very special here..

Saligia- Sic Transit Gloria Mundi-CD (Bargest Records)

MMMM  more Avant Blackened sickness from another band I have not heard of but will take notice to now for sure. This looks to be a Vinyl only pressing so if you like your wax of the very sonic and noisy Satanic tone this will wake you in the proper direction for sure. Saligia are a duo that like to layer there cold and bitter toned black metal with vocals that are shouted, cried and shriek with power and majesty most will never understand. This reminds me most of DHG and Shining in the presentation of the songs. I will hope someone will be wise enough to release on CD or as digital release for the masses as this is something most Nordic, USBM or Swedish black metal fans would love.

A JOURNEY DOWN THE WELL-How Little Can Be The Orchestra-CD (Fluttery Records)

Wow this takes me back to a time in the late 90's early 21st century when my world was dominated by Neoclassic, Dark Ambient, Dark Industrial and Post Rock elements of bands on labels like Cold Meat Industries, Dark Vinyl, Constellation, Fluttering Dragon, Matador , Kranky, Manifold and Holy records etc. This is a mix up of all that  and more. Think of Sanctum, Ranja, Dead can dance, Elend, Rachels and Arcana all mixed up into something so simple yet wonderful to make you see the humanity and  delicate emotions we all have to work and struggle to maintain each and every day of this existence. The strings and Piano are just breathe taking with the loops and soundscapes that work with it all in the background. It reminds me a lot of a band called Mandible Chatter if you have not heard of them its a much check them out too. Fluttery makes some of the best Post .... Music in the world right now do not miss out on this as well.