New Reviews 11/27/2010

Julie Christmas- The Bad Wife- CD ( Rising Pulse)

If your a fan of Made of Babies  the mighty front women of this band has put out a solo album and its clearly everything you could hope for and more. Somber, Bombastic , Epic, Soulful, Painful and Nightmarish all in the same track.. Julies vocals is that of power and expression unlike many today. She can go from Delicate to the most brutal .. I would put here in the levels of Karyn Crisis, Jarboe, Diamonda Galas and Kate of the amazing Babes in toyland... With The Bad Wife  Julie expands on the avant and metallic elements that her man band Made out of Babies does . There is less a hardcore feeling and more of a Post Metal / Noise Rock theme  with a very spaghetti western vibe going on.odd I know but all the more beautiful. Julie has a strong love for bands like Neurosis, Isis and Swans for sure and I could not be happier with a release of this caliber just make me want more and more. 

Jesu- Heart ache and Dethroned-CD (Hydra Head)

Mr Brodrick has come back full circle in the sounds that he made with Godflesh, Final etc were he is enveloping all his sound, styles and musical adventures in to the monster known as Jesu. The first track of this album could have come out of the mid period Godflesh collection with its Industrial Doom sound and the machine drums of might. The guitars are so deep and droning it makes my heart weep for every tone that comes from them.. There are the Post rock moments you love from Jesu as well as minimals ambient and piano elements that you would hear in Final. Jesu has become a band I can not get enough of . Justin over the years just does what feel right to him forget critics, trends or mainstream. Thank you Mr Brodrick for going Jesu and making this music fan proud to play music and review it in these very same breathes...

Blood Axis- Born Again-CD (Storm/ Tesco)

 So Michael and Annabel Lee have come to us with their second proper full length release 15 yrs in the making and worth every moment to create. Gone are the War machine element . With Born Again this duo focus much more on the Heritage and Folk/  Rock side of the band with Surf rock guitars, Viola's, Violins, Ethnic percussion, Bagpipes and more. The Celtic/ Heathen elements of the Blood Axis force is strong at hand here.  Some will call this Post Industrial I call it more Hymns for the few that care about where one comes from and stories for those of  us that miss the music and words mattering in a musical adventure. The acoustic guitars and string work so well with the electro sounds in that back drops.. Mr Moynihan spoken/ melodically half sung passages are just as haunting, power and striking as they were 10-15 yrs again. With Born Again. Blood Axis has more in common with there live Blot release on Cold Meat then there Debut The Gospel of Inhumanity. This will be a change is your waiting for the Noise and Destruction. Born Again is much more delicate but worth so much more in the textures and pure expression of each track. Blood Axis once again has made a classic in the Martial themed Folk and Avant rock world. Do not miss out on an album that will stir your soul and well as your mind..

Ion- Immaculada-CD ( Restricted Release)

Duncan Patterson formerly of Anathema and Antimatter seems to have found a love for Neoclassic/ Ambient/ Ethno Avant music. The subtle acoustic guitars, low end bass movements, string and drifting percussion with the Ethereal  Female sung vocals from a whisper to a chant.  Ion feels like something Devil Doll, Rajna , Dead can dance or Gyspies from centuries ago would perform for there traveling fans.  The more I listen to this the Rajna and Dead can dance comes into full focus on this wonderful ethno ambient release . I would classify this as world music and it deserve all the respect and grace that the music present. I don't want to sell short the layers and talent that Mr Patterson has slaved and longed over with a project like Ion. This album is stunning and epic to say the least. There is nothing rock or metal about it so do not think your getting Anathema here you are getting so much more ....

Eastern Front- Blood on Snow-CD (Candlelight)

Someone loves Marduk, Gorgoroth and Dark Funeral very very much as this the kind of Blackened Death metal your getting here with a fury and vengeance that will kick you in the teeth and throat at the very same time. There is an atmospheric quality that is going on as well that is just as eerie and unsettling. The drums are a strike force of blistering sounds . Love that you can hear the guitars, bass and synth all very clear and in layers with the vocals not just a wall of noise. Eastern Front is a Blackened power house of sound to say the least.  The Black metal style is what the source of the bands focus but its just a part of the whole. They do get a bit avant as well so if you like moments of experimentations they are here for sure. Eastern Front is a very impressive metallic force to say the least.

The Meads Of Asphodel-The Murder Of Jesus The Jew-CD (Candlelight)
This album is like a carnival ride of laughter, madness, sickness and chaos all in one the album start off with a neoclassic/ Caberet feel to it then the 1st proper track is very close to a band I loved called Bal Sagoth. It is full on Blackened fury with orchestral, eastern and fantasy elements all going on at the same time . The Meads of Asphodel almost feel like their about to fall of the rails on every turn of this album. There is so much going on here I don't now were to begin now they sound like Sear Bliss with the Trombones and Horns going. Then they become a soundtrack for a Fantasy movie with lush female vocals and symphonic movements. This is going to be an album  like Arcturus, Oxiplegatz or DHG were you just need to experience to ever understand. Oh my is this album as breathtaking as it is bleak and grim. Candlelight  The Meads of Asphodel  can mix Metal, Jazz, Blues, Symphonic , Avant and Punk all into the same song. Never ever let this band go...

Hinsides-Universe Aspire In Mysticism-CD (Abyss Records)
I think besides Black Mayonese I have never used the words Black Drone before but I think this explains Hinsides better then anything other thoughts have have coming from my hearing in my head. The Blackened vocals and the molasses and tone of the guitars that are going on are droning perfection. If you could have early SunnO))) become a black metal style them you would have Hinsides . I'm clearly not going to flog the horse here. This is very limited in fan base but those of use that like this kind of extreme sounds will worship it. Then 1st two comes with a full on raw BM fury so this band is something of drastic style and change and with the third track they goto a more Atmospheric Black sound with the very effected and flanged/verbed guitars. Hinsides I don't know if the 1st track was the best Idea 1st and you very different on the rest of the release.  This is more a Sonically Black metal release with love of bands like Xasthur and Leviathan...