3 New Reviews 11/7/2010

Bethlehem - Stoenkfitzchen -Mcd (Redstream)

The sound and style of Bethlehem - S.U.I.Z.I.D. have come full circle for Bartsch and this incarnation of Bethlehem. There is the Dark metal sound with the industrial elements that made that so impressive not to mention these seem to be re-tellings of some tracks not so much reworkings of these tracks. with 3 new Gems...  Kvarforth of Shining has done the vocals on this releases and the vocals are nightmarish and tormented as anyone can ask. It reminds me more of Landferman then Marco as his vocals were so much more manic and hateful in tone. Love the guitars and the hypnotic effect that Bethlehem have brought back from a total electronic avant music side. If this is going to be proper lineup of the band we can say nothing but thank you for returning and Redstream for giving us Bethlehem and Skepticism a place to create there brilliance in Dark arts. Stoenkfitzchen is a reason to have hope for a metal style that I thought only Shining were trying to keep alive. Bartsch sir you have been at this over 20 yrs and to this reviewer never disappointed I know some didnt understand Schatten aus der Alexander Welt but the darkness was there just in a non metallic sickness. This will bring back the fans of old. Bethlehem pure sickness is back..

Abominant- Where Demons Dwell-CD (Deathgasm Records)
With bands like Abominant I am very hit or miss as the mix of Black metal and Thrash can be a horrible combo is not done well. With Abominant this is not a worry. They have mixed the Thrash guitars with that raw black element to a way that is pissed off as it is melodic and powerful in sound. The blackened blast beats come as welcome as the horse screamed thrashing vocals. The productions works as well were they don't over effect the vocals and drums which normally another down fall of many bands of this style. Deathgasm has a real winner here . This is one of the few records by the label that have truly impressed me . Great metal release hands down.

DEATHSPELL OMEGA-Paracletus-CD (Norma Evangelium Diaboli/ Season of Mist )

Occult Black metal with a very Avant element to what is going on the rituals this band creates are those of the most Humanist of the dark arts. The Skitzo guitar movements are those of legends. The vocals are those that a preacher of the left hand path would give to you of the end of days. The industrial elements keeps coming through esp with Mikko who own Freak animal one of the best Noise label period. If you have not had a chance or the honor to hear Deathspell omega before then this is is just as good as any as they are constant in the production of majestic and thought provoking Metallic releases. With the force of Season of Mist behind them they will achieve a level bands like Code and DHG are seeing now.  So get the point run don't walk to own this fantastic release..