Batch of new reviews 11/14/2010...

Disiplin-Radikale Randgruppe-CD (ATMF)
Electro Black Noise hell ya my friends imagine if Old Marilyn Manson and MZ412 formed a band together and decided to let Laibach help write some of the songs. This is off the hinges in avant and freak out quality. There are moments where pure Raw Black noise come oozing out of the speakers as well. The vocals here are unlike anything most you hear . The sickness and hatred coming from this vocalist is just perfect to the chaos the music and throbbing percussive beat that Disiplin is presenting. I can tell you I was not ready for this when I turned this album on for review. We need more like this but I'm quite afraid to see what will top Disiplin in the coming years ahead. ATMF pushing the boundaries of sound and expression once more..

CALM HATCHERY-Sacrilege of Humanity-CD (Self Made God)
Death metal is so subjective these days with all the damn sub genres. Modern, Old School, Brutal, Guttural, Grinding etc ,etc. Well with Calm Hatchery you are getting Fucking Death Metal remember when you know what you were getting on Earache , Roadrunner or Nuke blast. Well this is where this band comes from thin Carcass, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Brutality, Sinister & Dismember. Then you know we have a winner. Those great harmonic power driven death metal guitars. The Cannon drums, The warm rumbling bass lines and the low deep growls that just made those bands classic. All covered with that Techincal edge that made them all the more interesting . There is nothing fancy here and its not needed to be when death metal is good its just fucking good..

Sometime you win some times you lose in the world of Power Metal. Musically this band wins big. Vocally this band is losing the battle very quickly. Ok I'm being nice. These maybe the worse power metal vocals I've heard in years. There so weak and sound like a weak thrash band vocalist is trying to go all epic in vocal but I'll tell you flat out if Symphorce had a different vocalist they would be an amazing musical force. Please oh please fire this guy as the music reminds me of the better tracks from bands like Helloween, Angra and Iced Earth..  I just wonder who thought this vocalist added something to the band???

Nadiwrath-Nihilistic Stench-CD (Moribund Cult)
UMMM A OK So how do we go about explaining Nadiwrath. Imagine a NYC Hardcore band from the late 80's lik Agnostic Front or Leeway then add Black metal vocals from lets say Bathory or Mayhem and just to add the weirdness factor up a whole notch go for th 80's So Cal Punk element of Dead Kennedy's or Black Flag in.. I don't know what to make of this. I can't tell if I like or loath this album. It's more then I think I can accept in the genre mixing world. I don't think it works at all. I'm going to have to just stop listening to this as Nadiwrath is not  my cup of Tea...

Psycho-Pain Addict Pigs-CD (Moribund Cult)
Old School nothing else can describe what is going on in the metal camp that is Psycho. This Asian force mixed the 80's Thrash, Death and Black metal sounds into a sickness that is classic and interesting all to its own. Love the guitar and bass interplay in a very fast and melodic sound with a drummer that just want to blast the beat to you like a fist to the throat. If you a fan of Sodom, Kreator, Bathory, Slayer and Hellhammer then my friends this is the album for you. The torn throat vocals are just the add to all of this in sound and style. Thank you again Moribund for kicking my ass with some of the best Metal I've not heard before with bands that will be leaders of the style the present... Horns Up!!!

Lifelover-Konkurs-CD (Prophecy Production)
Ah more Dark emotional metal with strong leanings to the blackened path. Bands like Lifelover remind me of bands like Shining, Bethlehem and Deinonychus and to lesser extent Ancient Wisdom and Dolorian. As this is this very bleak haunting feeling that comes across to listening to this. The power of a band like this comes from the Doom and Black metal mixing with the classic strings and pianos and the tormented vocals. Experimental metal is just something that draws me in and makes me want to see why the madness and sorrow is so profound in bands like Lifelover. There is an ethereal and goth over tone to this album . I am reading and looks like this album was released in 2008 overseas in europe. I very glad we can have this release in North America now. There are moments of Alcest and even Old Dead Tree going on from time to time as well. The vocals are that of a fractured mind and the guitars and bass are slow and plodding but in a way that become hypnotic to say the least. Love the megaphone vocal effects that happen through out the albums as well. the subdued Piano with the synth add such a goth element as I said before. Sorrow and Loss is one of the keys that make all bands great like this another band they have a lot in common with is Unholy a great lost doom band. Lifelover is simply brilliant check them out.
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