Skitliv Interview up 12/7/2009

Skitliv Interview BY Maniac

1. Its been some time since you departure from Mayhem . You have a limited release with Skitliv on Cold Spring label and now your working with Season of Mist. Tell us a bit how Skitliv came to be?

I started Skitliv in 2005. In the beginning it was mainly meant only for myself but as the songs developed I realized I needed some more members. After some changes we now have a steady line-up.

2. Why did you not continue to work with Cold Spring they seem to be really support to all they work with?

I never meant to release the full-length on CS. It was already decided it would be SoM. I talked to Michael Berberian a long time ago about this project. I did not stop working with CS though. They will release a Skitliv 10" picture disc and the debut album by my other band Sehnsucht.

3. Skitliv is much more Industrial meets Doom metal to my ears was Mayhem/BM just something you needed to distance yourself from right now?

I did not need to. I have always listened to a broad variety of music and this is how I wanted Skitliv to sound. I still have a lot of influences from old BM.
It's just that I can't be stuck with one genre. I don't really care much for putting labels on music.

4. Does Skitliv perform live or its it just more a studio creation right now?

We have done live shows and tours but it's been quite for a while now. We will hopefully play live again next year and I really want to tour again.

5. Your working with a few Shining members was this going to be Skitliv all along or did you just asked the Shining member to help out on new material and it became Skitliv?

I have only one member from Shining and that's Kvarforth. He's been with me for some time now and is a permanent member. It was named Skitliv before he joined.

6. There seems to be a bit strong metallic output on new CD ? Is this one of the reasons to work with Season of Mist . I'm sure the Mayhem connection help too correct?

Yeah. And I like SoM. They have good bands and they have good distribution.

7. Where do you see the future of Skitliv . Is this a long term project ?

This is my main band now and I'm working on new songs. I want to release more albums with Skitliv and go on tour again.

8. Whats you thoughts on the current digital age of music and are you pro Digital downloads and electronic zines and internet promotion or do you miss the days of old?

I think everything's too easy now. Too easy to make music. I never download anything without paying for it. To me that's like physically stealing a cd or a vinyl. Same shit. I don't spend much time on the Internet. I use it for what it's worth and of course it's very convenient for staying in touch with people abroad. I never read Zines on the net. I prefer physical formats.

9. If I may ask have you heard the new Mayhem material what is your thoughts on it do you think it would have been very similar if you were still doing vocals for them?

I have not heard anything from any coming releases but I seriously enjoyed the Ordo album. I think it's great. I don't want to speculate about how it would sound with me. Mayhem is part of my past now.

10. If you could collab with any artist in musical fashion who would it be and why?

I think I have to say Steven Stapleton from Nurse With Wound because of his amazing range in music and his knowledge about music. And of course Toni Iommi, hehe.

11. Your Myspace page seems to main official site do you feel that is all that is really needed for musician and bands these days??

I don't know. Maybe. Like I said; I don't spend much time on the Internet.

12. Are you working on other projects Maniac or is Skitliv your only focus in your musical journey right now?

I just released a very strange album with Andrew Liles from NWW and Czral from Virus/Aura Noir etc. It's called Maniac-Liles-Czral and was released on the English Dirter label. Cold Spring will release the debut of Sehnsuch very soon. Here I work with my fianceƩ Vivian Slaughter, Andrew Liles and Ingvar Magnusson.
It's hard to label.

13. Thanks for the interview any closing thoughts here...

I hope to see you all on tour.