New Reviews 12/20/2009@ AZM

Savage Messiah-Insurrection Rising-CD (Candlelight Records)

Power Metal and Thrash have never sounded so damn tasty to this reviewers ears. This is a band that would have rules the metal scene in the late 80's and 90's as they mix the elements of bands Dream Theater, Sanctuary, Testament and Iced Earth all into a combo one two punch straight at your ears. There are some very strong Prog elements going on in which you hear Devin Townsend/ Strapping Young lad elements happening here are well. I would have more thought a band like this would have signed with Sensory, Spv or Inside out as they are a lot more complex then most. The songs are so layered and the vocals are very very powerful and sound like a mix of Matt of Iced Earth meets Devin Townsend Oddly enough lol. The Balance of Delicate sounds mixed with full of Thrashing metallic guitars and drums works very well. Savage Messiah have a very Armored Saint vibe about them as well. There really isnt much more to say other then if you like the Power/ Thrash metal sound this is a band not to miss...

Headhunter CD- God's Spreading Cancer-CD (Ibex Moon)

This is Brazilian Death Metal at its best with a strong Thrash roots esp in the guitar and drum patterns. Headhunter DC also have a love for older symphonic Black metal from time to time on this release. I really have to say the guitar solo remind me a lot of Testament or Forbidden and that is a great style as they have always impressed me in their guitar work.. I like the very raspy vocal style going on this is where some of the more Black metal sound and feeling comes into the mix. Don't think for a second that Headhunter DC is not a Death metal power house as they clearly are. They are just more then one part of the whole.. Another well recorded, produced and well written release from a new power house metallic indie label Ibex Moon. There are some very catchy riffs going on in this band. I can see myself giving God's Spreading Cancer several more listens at any time... Nice work ...

Ingested- Surpassing the boundaries of human suffering-CD (Siege of amida/ Candlelight USA)

I surely the wrong guy to review or understand this I not a fan of Gore/Grind or Gurgle Death Metal as I call it. This is just blast beats and a bear growling into a a mic for me with some breakdowns in a very hardcore fashion. All the songs sound the same to me . I going to make this very short please write a different fucking song as I can make it past track 3!!!!!

Divine Eve- Vengeful and Obstinate-CD (Ibex Moon)

I know this band has one hell of a history but I never really heard anything by them before I know they have worked with Nuke Blast and Candlelight labels and sub label. I'm going in on this release totally fresh and to me Divine Eve are a Black Doom band with a very health old school death metal love. If you like bands like Incantation, old Ceremonium in the style and should they create but they very much has a love for Bolt Thrower and Early Cathedral as well. I love the slow dark plodding sounds that mix with the more mid tempo war like themes and the horns in places are just such a nice touch. There is a black metal sound so much in the guitars and drums at time that remind me of Satyricon or Earlier Dimmy Borgir.. Divine Eve have that throaty Bolt Thrower vocal ideal going on that I love so. Ibex moon has a real winner in the metal realm again with Divine Eve check them out you will not be disappointed...

Buzzoven- Violence from the vault-CD (Relapse Records)

Lets just start off with that " Sore " CD on Roadrunner in the mid 90's was the hands down best example of Crusty Sludge Doom ever!!!! and I had it in my CD play every day for 2 yrs with Eyehategod and Grief releases... Well this is unearthed tracks 5 of them from 1995 and these tracks have the same dirty, punkish, noise rock elements mixed with that southern Sludge doom sound. Kirk Voice is always filled with such venom to the world that hates his very being... This band fell way too short due to drugs and mental issues. If they were able to keep it together and did make a proper follow up to " Sore " this band would be legendary just from these tracks alone. The would have been a big as White Zombie became as they have a lot in common with them in Sound and Groove factor in a very good way. Buzzoven if it was even possible to reform in this line up would just destroy most of the bands today trying to give that Crust or Nola Doomy sound. I'm in pure bliss here folks as when I was 19-20 yrs old this was the music I was trying to make and puke out to the world. Even the Samples before each song just Kick MAJOR ASS!!!!! BUZZOVEN you are SORELY MISSED!!!!