Reviews part 2 9/28/2009 for AZM

Enemy Reign- Means to an end-CD (Self Released)

Remember Skinless orignal front man for all those amazing early releases. Well this is his new band . Well That vocalist Sherwood is the mastermind behind this new unit. Its a good mix of Thrash , Grind and Brutal Death Metal... If you could mix Skinless and Soilent Green into one band your getting a fantastic idea of where this band is coming from. The artwork reminds me of something you would see from a kickass Post hardcore band like Deadguy, Dillinger Escape Plan or Kiss it Goodbye you know where I'm going form. The music is razor sharp , complex and balls out. There is a strong hardcore love here too. Sherwood's vocals are just so on its beyond words. The only bad thing I can say about this its too damn short but it just makes you want more so thats a good thing right??? Everything is just done top notch here. The power over the monsterous vocals and massive break downs are just so tasty here. If they want a label I'm sure they have several knocking. Check this out or miss out..

Azaghal- Teraphim-CD (Moribund Cult)

I hate using words like solid or wall of sound but with a band like Azaghal its what they are all about . This is Black Death with some avant elements going in and out of the track then they hit the King Diamond sound as I call it Classic Metal with a black metal touch. There are some riffs you would hear in bands like Slayer or Megadeth at time then they go to the cluster fuck wall of raw blistering Black metal with the torn throat vocals that only a Black metal will ever in vocal. They are more in tune with bands like Absu, Dark Funeral , Immortal etc for the way the like to present there Black metal sickness. I'll be honest there is nothing ground breaking or altering here and that changes nothing in the talent or skill of this band just another solid Moribund band..

Whiplash- Unborn Again-CD (Pulverised Records)

Growing up in NJ and playing Metal and Hardcore in the Clubs in 90's/ early 21st century there are a few band from the state that were metallic legends Overkill, Hades and Whiplash. There were to NJ Thrash what Exodus and Testament were to San Fran scene. Though Whiplash had much more success in Europe as did many of the Thrash and Metal bands in the 80's/ 90's this band always had a core of crazy fans in the tri state area (NJ, NY, PA) . It's like the band just took up the mantel from 10 yrs ago like it was yesterday. The chugging riffs, Raspy vocals and rumbling double kick drumming. There was always a a bit more technical side to whiplash and I think this way they didnt hit on as big as say Anthrax or Nuclear Assault from NYC. They have now aligned themselves with Asian power house label Pulverised and this is a good home as they seem to really support and love the old thrash and extreme band ways of bands that were part of Combat/ Roadracer metal force of the 80's and 90's. If you love thrash with more then just speed and blasting riffs this is all about you ... Great release and much needed band to come back...

Dimensional Psychosis - Architecture Of Realities

DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS - Architecture Of Realities-CD (Daemon Worship)

So I received several releases from this label out of Russia I clearly have never heard of and Just by cover art alone I pick this one as my 1st review. Dimensional Psychosis is Avant brutal death/black metal in the same way bands like Code, DHG and VBE are or where. The difference is they like to add a spacial/sci fi element into the music in the same way Voivod or Arcturus did and you know what it work very well as this release is kicking my ass. There is a lot of Synth worked into the mix with a heavy progressive flavor. The vocals are very much in the DHG style to my ears where the mix of music is Arcturus meets Code . If you like the Post Black metal sound this will win you over very quickly. I hear a lot of more modern Dimmu Borgir going on here as well. I would say goto to there label site and learn more about this project as there interesting as hell.

Insult - Abysmal Incantations

INSULT - Abysmal Incantations-CD (Daemon Worship)

Where the Hell has Insult been all my life. This is old school Death Metal with a War/Doom metal overtone. If you are into bands like Incantation , Bolt Thrower and Entombed this is a release not to miss. from what I'm reading this is 2 demos release on CD. I don't know if the band did anything other them these demos and honestly it doesn't matter. These Demos are some of the best Death metal I've heard in over 15 yrs. This would have been an elite band on the Earache or Roadrunner roster back in the 90's. Insult's battle cry can be heard in every down tuned note and guttural word. I miss this kind of death metal as it was just so complex and interesting without going into the gurgle metal vocals that all extreme bands think they need today. The single notes the rumble so low, The build ups on guitar,bass and drums that go into the bombastic assault of sound and senses. Daemon Worship has a legendary release in the making here. All Bow to the sounds of Insult.......

Funeral Goat - Mass Ov Perversion

FUNERAL GOAT - Mass Ov Perversion-CD (Daemon Worship)

Holy KVLT Black metal Batman. Remember when Black metal needed to be raw, primitive and just full of so much verb that everthing echoed to the gates of hell. Well this is what Funeral Goat is. There is not much to say here other then Bestial warlust , Beherit and Mythos would be damn proud to add them to there collective of madness. To me this is a band that just is trying to be over the top even to the point of the booklet folding out to inverted cross. Do we really need bands anymore that scream 666!!! Its was scary as shit in 1991 not in 2009. Enjoy this for the extremity of this alone...

Sadistic Grimness - Asteni


Death Metal over the yrs as taken turns into Black metal, Doom metal and then even into electronic or Industrial elements. This is were Sadistic Grimness is my friends. This band likes to had experimental and machine like elements into the sounds that come forth from a wall of guitars, buzzsaw of Bass and Man machine of a drummer. This reminds me a lot of Where bands like Septic Flesh and Samael have taken there sound even to a lesser extent Rotting Christ. There is sometime very unnerving and just still wanting me to dig in deeper for more. Its like a Roller Coaster you ride it to scare the shit out of you. You have to like the unsettling tones to like a band like this and you know what I do. You can just feel the Hate in this music and in the essence of it all that is where great death metal comes from...

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