New Reviews 9/27/2009 2 for now more to come

Weapon - Drakonian paradigm-CD (Ajna Offensive)

Blackened Death metal seems to be a common place these days with many bands that have moved from being more a War metal force this is were I hear Weapon coming from they were in love with bands like Marduk, Slayer, Absu and Old Man Child but have moved into a more Classic metal sound mix with the the elements of Black, Death and Thrash. As with all Ajna releases the packaging, production and Occult feelings are very high and strong on Weapons with Drakonian paradigm. At time I hear elements of bands like Testament, Sepultura and Sodom bringing the old school extreme sounds into play. Weapon is a wall of Epic metal sounds with some very killer eastern influenced solo work going on almost in a Nile way but all there own. If Nile mixed with Orphaned Land this is very close to what Weapon is.... The Drumming is straight out of Dave Lombardo's schemes. This really where the slayer comes in strong . I you like you Metallic sounds Dark, Eriee and Complex then this is one band not to miss on. The multi vocal attack is very cool as well I know there Invoking something. Only time will tell..

Secrets of the moon- Privilegium-CD (Lupus Lounge)

Secrets of the moon is one of those bands that is more then parts of the whole. They create an epic and orchestral element within the Black metal scene but then like to add Gothic and Progressive . Secerts of the moon are like if Opeth, Katatonia and Emperor were compounded all into one project but then there are moments where they remind me very much of bands like Khold, Thorns and Satyricon. Where ever this band comes to me they are at home on one of the Best Experimental Metal, Goth , Folk labels around as Lupus Lounge is just a Black metal sub label for the mighty Prophecy Productions. The more I listen to this release the band have a lot in common in sound and structire with label mates The Bleak Vision just that Secrets of the moon likes to hit the Blackened realm in sound and style a bit more where The Bleak vision uses there gothic side a bit more. The guitars and string arrangements with Secrets of the moon are heartachingly powerful and flowing in talent and beauty. There is a wall of sonic power behind this band that make them all more mysterious of a listen. Secrets of the Moon is Massive, Beautiful, Dark, Expressive and Mysterious all in the same track . I love the male and female vocal mixing as well. Another great release from this project...