3 Reviews from The End Records 9/21/2009


D A R are the more viking metal/ power metal less industrial/ Folk brothers of In Extremo or Rammstein this what they have always reminded me of and with Licht they have a stronger then ever power metal song to the mix I want to say at time if Blind Guardian, Rage or Angra went viking they would sound like this. Its very very catchy material going on here . Then from time to time the get more industrial and extreme viking metal driven but at the heart its the amazing vocals and melodies that have made this band work so well overseas for many yrs now. There is only one issue I can see from this band getting huge in the USA. Its very similar and sad at the same time none of it is in English (Its in the powerful and Majestic German!!!) now for us underground music fans we could care less just the American Idol crowd will just not relate and its a shame as this is just as powerful and any heavy rock band out there. I thought that curse was going to break with Rammstein but it was more a novelty here in USA ... The lush pianos, Guitars that would make Slash or Joe Perry weep, Organs and strings with massive drum and bass lines and a good dose of Prog Rock. I just hope The End can break this band in North American as there just simply fantastic and always have been. This is the new Arena rock in the making.....


These Are They- Who Linger-CD (The End Records)

So 2 founding members of Novembers Doom come together Vocalist Paul and Ex Guitarist Steve and bring back a Death metal sound of the 90's in a way that only someone around at that time could do so do you miss the days of Dismembers, Entombed and Bolt Thrower ruling the Earache and Nuclear blast rosters well this this is your gift this year. Melodic Death metal with a very Swedish sound. There is a war machine feeling to it as well with all good Death metal. The vocals are not guttural but Deep and Powerful and you know in a moment its Paul from ND doing them is voice is those like Dan Swano or Peter of Hypocrisy know in an instant. Who lingers is a full on Death metal Novembers Doom plan and simple take the orchestral and acoustic/ Opeth elements from ND and its These Are They. This is just good damn Death Metal and you need nothing more if your a fan... The harmony guitars are what got me to love them...


Vreid- milorg-CD (The End Records)

If you remember the viking black metal force Windir the tragic loss of the founding member. This is were the ashes of that band were reborn . There are many similar elements here and now it looks like Indie Recordings out of Norway as partnered with The End for North america to release a CD I reviewed for the mighty Indie Recording some time back. So I'm not going to do a review as much as say this is a great Melodic Black/ Viking metal release that needs to finally get the press in the US that this band gets across the sea. If you are into bands like Ruins, Immortal or Khold then this is a release not to miss out on Some will call this Black and Roll but it is so much more . Enough said...