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Culted Interview

1.Tell us the story of how Culted came to be..

About two or three years ago I was asked by Mike (guitar, bass, noise etc) to contribute some sounds to the Of Human Bondage –The Goat Sessions Volume 3 album. After that we kept in touch, discussing musical and personal interests and I suggested we put a band together and record some slow doomy metal and see what came out of the sessions. Matt (guitar, bass noise, percussion) and Kevin (drums) joined in and thus Culted was born.

2. Is it very hard to create music with never being the same room to record?

Not really, with today’s technology it’s really not that difficult. We exchanged words via email and sounds via wav files and built on each other’s ideas as they went back and forth. I’m planning to go to Canada to record for the next album though

3. How did you come to work with Relapse?

I'm also in a project called Keplers Odd, and we released an album on Desolation House that is a sub-label to Relapse that was created to only release 12 albums. The projects they put out focused more on experimental, noise and ambient music so I had been in contact with them before. And when I told them about Culted they were eager to have a listen. And needless to say, they liked it and offered us a deal.

4. Your a mix of Doom, Black metal and Industrial from what I hear.. I hear alot of Neurosis, Godflesh and Dolorian in your music are you influenced by these at all.

That sums it up quite well. Both Neurosis and Godflesh are bands that I know Mike and I are heavy into. And I have heard people talk about them (as well as Swans) in regards to Culted so I guess they must have had an impact on us and our sound. That said, I believe that we don’t really sound like that much out there, holding our own ground, having a sound of our own.

5. Will Culted ever play live or record as a group or is it always going to be done by several people in different parts of the world.

As I stated above, I’m planning a trip to Canada next year to record for our next full-length, live performances however aren't a priority at the moment. Kev, our drummer recently finished his masters in Sociology, Mike's in university and he and his wife just had their second kid at the end of May, the studio which is at Matt's house just flooded over the weekend and I'm in the middle of renovating my apartment. So we might play live someday but right now it’s just too challenging to put something like that together.

6. Is there a running theme on your Debut CD Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep?

Not really, but there is a connection between them because they were all inspired by the darker side of spiritualism and psychology, and even some current world events. I like to keep my lyrics abstract so the listener can interpret the concept as they will and form their own opinion.

7. What are Culted trying to create in sound and style with this band?

At the beginning we set out to make blackened doomy metal, and in some ways we succeeded. But it turned out to be so much more than that mainly because we didn't want to make a record like one we'd all heard before. And because it takes time as we send the files back and forth, there's time to reflect and build on our ideas in a way that I don't think happens when everyone's together in a studio listening to each other lay down their tracks.

8. You seem to only use myspace as a mean site do you feel this is the best way for band to contact the world now?

I prefer an official site to visit when browsing the net but myspace and other sites like it are quite useful for promoting bands. And for people like me that are always on the lookout for new projects to listen to these kinds of sites are gold. That said, the downside of these networking sites is how big corporations use them to gather information about the users.

9. Will there be another Culted releases or was this a one time event?

Right now we have a MCD recorded that hopefully will be out at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. And we will start to work on new material asap. Im hoping we will have a new full-length album recorded within a year or so.

10. Do you feel that independent music is the way to go verses larger labels or major label with the smaller sales of Cds and music these days?

Most definitely. Independent music will always have a following of dedicated people. The fast-food music industry is slowly bleeding out and dying and I for one think it’s about time.

11. The vocals remind me so much of a band called Black Doom called Ancient Wisdom do you know the band you just have the vibe going on.

I just have the vibe going on. I have never listened to Ancient Wisdom but I have heard the name coming up in conversations from time to time. Will have to check them out.

12. thank you for your time any closing thoughts here ..

Thanks for taking an interest in Culted.

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