Khold Interview 11/07/2008

1. Khold over 8 yrs and 5 full lengths as moved from a more black metal force to much of avant, post black metal and even punk elements. I would say Khold over the last 2 release Khold has a signature sound. How did you get to this point?

We know how we want our sound. We have been it different studios, but still we always sound like Khold.

I’ve heard people say we have our own style and sound and I agree.

2. Does Khold like performing live or do you feel its a needed evil to spread the message and sound of the band?

We like playing live yes and we have done it a lot over here, but never in the US. We don’t need to spread anything.

3. You've gone from Moonfog to Tabu/Candlelight USA. Do you feel the move has helped the band get your releases to more places?

I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. It’s very hard to follow what the labels do or not do.

4. I heard a lot in coming with newer Satyricon and even Darkthrone at times. Are these projects that Khold are into at all?

Off course Darkthrone is a band that means a lot to me. Has been since 88.

5. Do you feel Image plays a large role in extreme metal as well as the music.?

It means a little bit yes, but not more than the music.

6. Your Myspace and Website seem to be never updated - do you feel these outlets are not important to the band?
It’s not our myspace. We don’t have a myspace. Our website is very slow. Its important yes, but we are too lazy I guess.

7. Will Khold be performing in North America at all in 2008/2009?

I don’t know, We need some offers first. If no one wants us or ask for us over there, is no point coming.

8. Is there a running theme on Hundre år Gammal?

No, but we always deals with a lot of old stuff. But no theme.

9. The cold black and white image for the cover is unnerving - does it play a part in the story line?

Not really, but maybe people get a feeling of older times when it’s black and white.

10. What are your thoughts on Black metal in 2008? Can it really be underground and shocking anymore?

Off course it can, there can always be something new.

Black metal in 2008 it’s much more known. More bands. More labels. A lot of different styles within BM.

11. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here.

Not sure.

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