New Reviews 10/24/2008

Black Lotus- Harvest of seasons-CD (Bleak Art Records)
So we have the 2nd CD by the Epic Black/Dark metal force from Canada . There 1st release almost forgotten on Dying Empylver as there was zero promotion done with it. Now we have Harvest of season which is light years ahead of the 1st. The intro is a wonderful mellow dark classical / ambient moment that leads into the massive sounds of the band which is a strong mix of Borknagar and Dimmu Borgir for this listener. The Synth's are epic as are the blasting percussion the blistering and yet hypnotic and melodic guitar. The bass plays a progressive role here weaving through out the soundtrack and the vocals a mix of grim and powerful clean vocals that again are very close to what simon did and does in both bands mentioned. I love the way the release goes from total blasting metal to the acoustic and folk elements . There is something very special about Black Lotus and with there latest release the world will hear what they have to offer!!!! Not long for smaller indie scene this band is about to break big!!!

Phobos- Ancedipal- Digibook CD (Megatron Mass Products)

INDUSTRIAL DOOM!!!!!!!!!! IS REBORN!!!!. Are you a Fan of Early Swans,Red harvest, Halo, Godflesh , The 1st Pitchshifter Album then Phobos is mandatory listening. This is a one destination killing music. The drum machine is punishing, the Pissed and mesmerizing vocal assault is just the icing on the cake to the slow and droning noisy guitar and the sub harmonic bass lines. Then when you turn the next corner Phobos gives you there love of bands like Earth, SunnO))) , Neurosis and Grief.. There is a sci fi element to all of this as well in the amazing packaging and artwork in this full color 12 page A4 booklet inside this A4 sized digibook. I'm not sure why they are no longer working with Appease me/ Candlelight but more power to Megatron Mass Products as this maybe the best release in the industrial doom style since Halo came and disappeared a few yrs back. I now need to hear there former release again as I know I have it somewhere in this god forsaken room. Phobos is an essential release for anyone that likes there music slow , epic and extremely unforgiving and rightly so.

The klank of črno migs Disturbing
perceptions-CD (Syrphe Records)

The packing for this and all the releases that Syrphe sent me stuck out 1st cool slip cases in gloss and mat cardboard and paper stock. The music is what I would call ultra avant experimental. This seems to be a a live recording of tones, drones, pops, hums, hisses, looped / manipulated voices and other out there electronic happenings. The klank of crno migs can get very ominous at times as well in a Dark Industrial way too. Disturbing places seems to have been recorded in Israel at a live show and from what I keep hearing This gentlemen has a lot of love for projects like Schloss Tegal, When, Maor tri and people like Steve Roach and Lustmord. There is a worship almost of the electroacoustic scene here and its amazingly well done. Disturbing places is very much headphone theater material as its sounds so much more interesting this way. Check it out if you will as this has peaked my interest for more. I think it will do the same for you.

Contagious Orgasm & C-drík – Journeys into space and time-CD (Syrphe Records)

Wow where to begin on this release I love it so much . Symphonic avant chaos is where I would strongly begin. This is where label like Soleilmoon, Jester Records, Tatra shine. The mix of the bizarre and more bizarre with a good sense to make it sound amazing , creepy, deep and dense, sad, happy and down right fantastic it. I would have to say if you could mix Bogus Blimp and When (early period like Prefab Wreckage) together . You will have something very close here. Journeys into space and time is just one of those releases that will take your breathe away if your an experimental music fan. There is so much going on in the collage of sounds and atmosphere's. It will take the listener several journeys to even begin to understand its beauty. This will be on my mp3 player for weeks to come. Brilliant simply Brilliant.

C-drík/AluvianaMoje čelo-CD (Syrphe Records)

Cdrik seems to be one prolific son of a bitch and with each collab he creates a different element comes out of it. With this more its a more dark rhythmic / ethno sound with a very noise and deep dark droning backdrop. If your a fan of Rapoon or lull or even Muslingauze you will very much like this material. Again this is another amazingly tight well produced release where you can hear every tone, sound and effect layered with the utmost respect and craftsmanship. Syrphe seem to like to limit there releases to 300 copies and this seems to be a crime to me as yes your getting it to the true core fans but with a good pr person you could get these wonderful thought provoking sounds out to a lot more an kick the mainstream in its well needed fat ass. Releases like this prove that there is major talent in the experimental world and C-drik needs to be noted and congratulated on material of this caliber!!!!

Ministry of Rites- Grid-CD (Edgetone Records)

This is some very odd shit my friends .It sounds like the destruction of musical thought itself . If an industrial and jazz band got into a fight setting up at the same time on stage it may very well sound like this. There are drones, running water, Mangles flutes, horns, scratching records, vocal samples and and other sounds of things being warped and this is all on the 1st track . The we go into ambient free jazz with horns place over a experimental back drop. The 5th track we have a very john zorn meets broken illbient moment. I think this project would very much make Sun Ra and John Zorn crack a wonderful smile. Your going to worship or hate this there is no in between with Ministry of Rites and that is exactly they way they want it.

Orpheos- The Mirror with No Reflection-CD (Self Release)

So Orpheos has sent me the completed CD after liking the promo CD and you know what the CD is a strong release in the ethereal/ goth rock scene if your a fan of David Bowie, Love and Rockets, Peter Murphy and Sisters of Mercy you will think its a blast of 80's / Early 90's Death rock. If there was labels that I think Orpheos would fit with I would say Middle Pillar, Projekt and Metropolis . I'm sure you see a common thread. This is far better then what Cleopatra throws up on the world. There are some more electro/ dancey goth moments but Orpheos always seems to keep the more rocking / bass driving side alive on The Mirror with No Reflection. Well worth Checking out and again its not something I normally like but there's a hypnotic vibe about Orpheos that draws me in.

Stiff Donut- Like a Cake on a Plate-CD
Stiff Donut- Once You Go Chocolate You Never Go Back-CD

What the fuck am I doing but this band if you can call it sent me these 2 cds and I will at least review them. This a rock/punk/metal joke band. Think of Negativeland, Sebadoh, King Missile, and Green Jello all singing about things they think are funny but clearly aren't. They are mostly Dick, Pussy and Religion jokes on a junior high level. I swear this is a Casio drum machine , guitar , bass and a kmart synth. I just don't get it as every song sounds the same on both CD. I you want to punish yourself then go ahead like I have . Here is the link at CDbaby to buy and listen. Good luck...