Manticora, Circle II Circle and Jon Oliva's Pain Sat Oct 11th Volume 11 in Raleigh NC 2008

Zack and Jon with Pain doing Savatage Classics!!!

Jon Oliva's Pain Live

Circle II Circle Live

Manticora Live

I got to Volume 11 at 9:15 or some and Manticora was setting up. They had a small crowd of 30-40 people watching there mix of Power and Classic metal with a strong viking/fantasy theme. The vocals were very low but it came across as very samey on every song. I sadly lost interest fast with Manticora.

Next up was Circle II Circle and Zack's voice was never better and with addition of a new Guitarist Bill Hudson (Ex Power Quest, Cellador) the sound was powerful great harmony leads and dual solos, Backing Vocals , Powerful Drums (even a drum solo) and Heavy Bass lines that could be heard very well. Circle II Circle is a force in the metal world and seeing only 50-60 people at the venue seeing this amazing band on there 4 CD was a sign of the times. Money's tight and the people are staying home. You call missed out even Zack playing a few Savatage classics from Wake of Magellan with C II C.

In the Final Spot is the Mastermind Jon Oliva and his Pain. What can be said with a man that has more then 30 yrs crushing crowds in Savatage, TSO and Doctor Butcher. Jon's voice has never sounded better it was the last night of the tour so it was a very powerful evening and they play for over 2 hrs which ruled playing many Pain moments and Savatage classics from Hall of the Mountain King, Gutter Ballet, Streets, Edge of Thorns and Wake of Magellan. Zack hit the stage with The Pain force to do some Classic Savatage as well. The fact that I got you hear Hounds, When the Crowds are gone, Edge of thorns, Hall of the Mountain King that night made my month for this fan. The band is amazing and the emotion and skill presented is second to none. Though I sad there is no Savatage at this time with this line up both the great new Pain track and old Savatage songs live on with the greatest of respect and power.

The 80 of us at the venue that night were given a gift of Classic powerful metal/ hard rock that in this day and age is sorely missed with all the Pop R/B, Rap and throw away crap that Radio and Video Channels give you.

Long Live Intelligent Metal!!!