Brave Interview is up 10/17/2008

Interview with Suvo Sur, Violinist, Keyboardist, BRAVE

1. Tell us what have Brave been up to for the last 4 yrs.

Groupies, man. Groupies. They seem to keep coming out of the woodwork. And they’re all a pisser to keep track of. Someone needs to invent some sort of pocket organizing device with an advanced touch screen and cutting edge applications. And ‘I’ should be able to make ‘PHONE’ calls on it. In other words, I will PHONE people with it. Or in other, other words, I PHONE. They could call it like “The Personal Portable Celluphonic Communiqué Transmissionment Systematron” or something.

In all seriousness, we’ve been uber-focused on writing some of our best stuff yet. But probably the biggest bit of fodder on our band’s news ticker is that we welcomed a 2nd guitarist, Matt Kozar to the band. He has really helped solidify the lineup and has contributed immensely with getting Monuments written and recorded.

2. Your last full length was released on Dark Symphonies . Was there reason to not work with them again and release your material on your own.

Without going into too many details that could ultimately just bore you, we decided to go in a direction that would give us full control of the music. We certainly harbor no ill feelings towards anyone at Dark Symphonies, and in fact the contrary. They’ve remained instrumental in distributing our work and we definitely appreciate that.

3. " Monuments" seems to have a much more progressive and post rock feeling and moving away from the more metallic sounds of earlier releases. Is this the way you are moving the band or just natural progression.

That’s a pretty good observation. We still want to make sure we have some heavy (read: metal) throughout any of our songs. And even though we have some songs on Monuments that stay back a little, we still have a good deal of heavy, driving music that’s ultimately helped to really define our sound. In other words, I don’t think we try to consciously write any music in any given style. We just get together, jam, and whatever doesn’t sound like ass, we keep.

4. Will Brave be touring on this release or more just local and festival events.

We definitely hope to be touring again. And soon. For now, we’re working to get in on as many local shows as possible.

5. There is a major use of strings on this release I finds it adds a lot to the over all sound. what brought about the use of violins esp.

Unlike a lot of other bands out there, our goal is to make the strings and keys crucial layers to our music, not some sorta lame novelty act. Any boring band can take whatever blase song they have and throw in a bunch of pedestrian root note chords on a… umm, on a… ‘shitty’ string patch without thinking twice. Hopefully though, our use of violins and strings add a unique character to our music that would otherwise feel empty without them. You know – the same way we feel about the guitars, drums, bass, and vocals.

6. What is Brave's thoughts on the currently digital age are you fans of Myspace, Mp3s and Internet radio/ press. Or do you miss the days of old.

Myspace used to be pretty decent. Back before the days of garish glitter graphics, unsolicited whores begging to be my friend, and animated candy canes telling me how to spend my holidays, Myspace used to just be about bands – allowing them to network, set up gigs, and maybe even land a label. Now it basically an onslaught on all of our senses – you can pretty much taste the digital herpes at this point. But it still manages to serve a purpose. We’ve been able to reach out to people from all over the world - something we couldn’t do so easily in the ‘days of old.’

All in all, we like all the modern conventions. Besides, it’s so easy to fake like you’re working when you’re actually downloading shit from iTunes.

7. Does Brave Prefer to be working in studio or performing live?

Both have their pluses - Both can be fun; both can be rewarding; both can get you signed. Now, since you’re more likely to hookup with some random broad during a show, I’d have to give the edge to performing live. Especially since the alternative - hooking up to one of your own songs on CD is just plain weird, right?

8. Michelle's voice is never over done always seems to make the most out of the music at hand. I was wondering is she vocally trained or is this just an amazing natural talent.

Trick Microphones. Now that the secret’s out, we might have to get a little hardcore on somebody…

Nah man, thanks for the compliment, and you can’t get a reasonable level of performance outta someone without a good deal of natural talent. And we’re def lucky to have her front the band.

9. The Guitar and Bass lines seem to come from a more technical sound and style. how do the two seem to ebb and flow so well.

Good musicians beget good music. That and they both have lifetime subscriptions to ‘Rhythm Section Monthly.’ I’m told that the December ’08 issue has Stewart Copeland in a speedo on the cover. And…I just threw up a little.

10. Are there any letter known projects that the band would like to talk about to support and help give a step into the public light.

Umm…support clean energy, people.

11. Do the members of Brave play in other projects currently.

We’re all dabblers, really. Even though BRAVE is the primary joint for us all, we do have some other projects. A few of us play in a Virginia-based doom band called WHILE HEAVEN WEPT. There’s also another untitled doom project in the works that a couple of us are trying to get off the ground. Also, we’re working on doomy independent film soundtracks, eating doom-filled omelets for breakfast, sleeping on beds stuffed with doom, and, if time permits, collaborating with other independent musicians, (all which I’m told on good authority require doomlike musicianship).

12. If there was a label out there you would like to work with who would it be and why?

Whichever one P. Diddy has nothing to do with.

13. Is there a story behind Monuments or is it just a collection of wonderful melodic tunes.

It’s a wonderful collection of stories about melodic tunes. What was the question again?

14. thank you for your time any closing thoughts here.

Seriously, thanks for having us. And definitely check out our websites at:

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