The Darkness Descends Edition of Reviews ( Doom, Crust, Grind !!!!)

Voidhaven - Voidhaven- CD/ Digital ( Solitude Productions)

This  Germany  Monolith of  Doom and  Death is clocking in at 18 + minutes for this two song release. If you like the darkness and slower side of Doom/Death this is for you the mix of deep guttural vocals and clean gothic sung vocals with those amazing lumbering guitar and bass lines and a drummer that knows how to make less is more then holy hell we got that early  Peaceville and Avantgarde style going on. I would say some of those amazing early Doom bands on Candlelight really come across here. There is a regal and proper feel to all of this . Wave that banner high as this is two tracks that will change the way you look at underground metal . Voidhaven really is that good . Voidhaven really has that classic romantic Doom Death over tone not really sure what else to say then keep this style of music coming ..

Brainoil- Singularity to Extinction-CD/ LP/ Digital ( TankCrimes )

Oakland is a place that has long history of Sludgy, Punk infused , Doom with a Crusty over tone and with Brainoil we have that again if your a fan of bands like  Cavity, Noothgrush, Damad, Neurosis, Tragedy, Buzzoven and Bolt thrower you really get going is going on here. Brainoil is ugly, dirty and nasty and can make this non the better then what is being presented here. There is truly an unsettled darkness with Doom meets Hardcore punk going on. So glad I got to hear Brainoil again and TankCrimes you have a stunning release in the making here and for fans of this style this is really a cut above the rest. Brainoil is like a slowed down and bassy Grindcore band. Maybe I'm crazy but I clearly hear it . Love the album cover too just so minimalist and over the top the same time.

Evoken -Hypnagogia- CD/ Digital/LP ( Profound Lore )

Epic Doom Death band from New Jersey are back true to form with a mix of  Funeral, Gothic and full of Doom metal. Those Sub harmonic guitar and bass lines so wonderfully downtuned. The Strings and symphonic elements in the background. The vocals are those of early  My Dying Bride, Novembers Doom and  Paradise lost. Evoken are just some of the best part of the Doom metal since esp when the mix the sorrowful harmonies and melodies through out the songs and album. With Hypnagogia you can hear " As the flower withers" My Dying Bride  period .  Evoken are coming back to more their earlier roots with this album then every before and the production makes everything sound so massive on Hypnagogia.  The tone and image of the cover tells the story too.  There is a hopeful sadness to it all and this really how it's coming across as well. You need to like your music slow, somber and heavy or this will be a trip you do not return from. Doom metal for ever!!!!

Myopic - Myopic- CD/ Digital  (Grimoire Records)

So there are times when music mixing several genres and that like to just call it Post Metal as it one the fringes of many sounds. Yes Myopic is very much a part of that style or element. This force out of Maryland . Takes pages from  Prog Metal. Classic Doom, Early Swedish Melodic Black Death and add a very catchy side to it all. There are some very  Post Hardcore element even in this  but at the heart of it all its  a Black Doom with with a love of progressive music. Early Opeth and Katatonia really come to mind when listening to this with touches of bands like  Orphange and Saturnus . That is really what I'm feeling through out the release. Sci fi seems to circling around this release in tones and arrangements If Voivod was a Doom/ Death band I think Myopic are brothers in this as well. All I know is this band is  POST METAL and I'm fully digging it.

Cripple Bastards- La Fine Cresce Da Dentro- CD/ Digital/LP ( Relapse )

Were going to end the reviews with an Italian Grindcore force that just peeling the paint off with riffs like these as well as have a melodic side to them that adds Punk and Hardcore elements that just make them so much fun to listen too. Yes this is extreme it's fucking grindcore fools. I just have to say  Doom, Crust and Grind are all brothers in the fight as they all have a over the time darkness and pain about them and I think is is why I feel like they all belong together in a musically family tree.  Doom is the one that sits alone by choice, Crust is the one the provokes you to sit at the same table and if you do good luck and Grindcore is the one that throws things at the other tables in hope that they will join forces in creating full on chaos in that lunch room. Cripple Bastards are just the pissed off angry kid in the room that wants to be noticed and you clearly have been great work!!!!