Reviews just feel right in 3's Enjoy ...

The Exploding Eyes- II  - CD/ Digital (Svart Records) 

Ok this will be the 2nd and final  release for  The Exploding Eyes as  Jess and the Ancient Ones are back in action after a timely Pause. This basically  Jess and the Ancient Ones minus two members. This more of a Minimalist  Trippy Prog Rock album with some strong Jazz and Neo Folk elements . Love the Horns and the very laid back Jazz rock movements that are going here. There is very much a Lounge rock feeling going as well with Vocals and background sounds. The Lounge Lizard vibe is strong with The Exploding Eyes. Which is really just  Guitarist  Thomas of Jess and the Ancient Ones mastermind creation. There is a strong Pych rock piece to all of this a well . I love Jess voice so when I can hear it music becomes magical. There is very much a Yes, New Anathema , Madder Mortem, 3rd and the Mortal or  ELP element to all of this album as well which is just the second batch of amazing songs all written and recorded yrs back. Now set upon the world. I will just end this review with this a stunning  avant prog rock album with some great fuzzed out rockers too.

ÆVANGELIST- Matricide In The Temple Of Omega -CD/ Digital ( I, Voidhanger Records)

So this  Sinister/ Occult  Black Death force has come home to I. Voidhanger home with a very Twisted and Avant extreme metal release I hear elements of so many band  CODE , DHG, VIRUS, OXIPLEGATZ, MAYHEM and  NEGURA BUNGET  just to name a few this album is what I like to call Experimental Post Black Noise as they have such a loose and epic structure going on it can fit so many styles within the framework and that is just what we have with ÆVANGELIST ( Black Death, Industrial, Doom and Noise ) all with an Orchestral overtone in a very Spacial and nightmarish way. I really don't want to over play a band like this but this is really some advance extreme music listening . Many will find this to much at one time but for the core of us out there " Matricide" is just what we have been looking for. I love the Otherworldly Horror elements that come in and out to interplay with the over all tone of the album. There are some very ethereal and  looping sounds as well. The vocals are buried in a way they make it ultimately Terrifying. The  Drummer is very experimental, Jazzy and off time in a great way to add to the dissident nature of the album. I dare you to call ÆVANGELIST not Talented, Adventurist and Forward thinking in the way they see extreme music in 2018.

Noise Trail Immersion - Symbology of Shelter - CD/ Digital ( Moment of Collapse)

So what the fuck does Mathcore mean as this what they are being called .  The 1st album I heard by this Italian force was a mix  of  Black, Grind and Post Hardcore and you know what that is what Mathcore i call bullshit on this   Deadguy, Kiss it Goodbye, Tragedy, Converge and Today is the day. This will give you all you need to know to love, worship, covet and own this gem in the making. Pissed, Oppressive and complex all in the best of possible ways music can present it self here. There is very much an Integrity and Pig Destroyer element ripping through this album and last as well. The Crusty Punk side fills in the rest for what I hear on this album so at the end of the day this is Grindcore for those that don't like it so fast and so punk in nature as they add much more of a complex time and rhythmic creation to the over all style and sound. There are some very grinding moments but way more Noise rock and post hardcore is coming from Noise Trail Immersion.  Simply love this record and hope you will as well.