Liked it so much lets do it again 3 x 3

UN- Sentiment-CD/Digital/ Vinyl ( Translation Loss )

There are times we just hear music that changes the way you look at a style you love, write music in and feel in love with from Bands like  Skepticism, Thergothon, Ras Algethi and Paradise Lost. I speak of  Epic Death Doom . They remind me of amazing bands like  Morgion, Shape of Despair, Dolorian, Unholy and  Early Novembers Doom.  UN you just have a majestic element to you music with mix of Guttural Growls, Clean Female sung vocals and this emotional roller coaster right of delicate and bombastic music movement all at a mid to snails pace. Four songs all  Ten plus minutes all. The cover of the album really paints the picture of the music you will hear . Their  Debut " The Tomb of all things"  seems to be much darker and aggressive then " Sentiment"  which seems much more diverse and complex in arrangement and vision. They really have become a much stronger band over the three years between. This Seattle band gives me the same chills that Sanctuary gave me when I heard " Into the mirror black" I look forward to hear much more from this very impressive band indeed.

Outer Heaven- Realms of eternal decay- CD/ Digital/ Vinyl ( Relapse )

This P.A. extreme metal force has grown by leaps and bounds from release to release. What I hear from Outer Heaven is an Old School Mid tempo Death metal band with a love for Doom metal  and Sci fi metal. There are some very brutal noisy moments and then from the other end spacial and very verbed out moments. The cover has a very Primitive vs Modern feel and this how the musical creativity comes across as well. I want to say Outer Heaven is a mix of Incantation, Voivod and Bolt Thrower into something just that damn magical to my ears. Relapse you have a band that can and will Define Death metal for the next generation here. It really comes from the production and the layers of guitars and vocals in what makes this different, The Bass and Drums needs to be low and bombastic and they more then live up to this need.  The Split Release had them at a very important informative period and really got the sound for a recording just right for them and now with the might of Relapse behind them we have a monster in the making as I said.  " Realms of eternal decay" has the same vibe that those   early and mid period Earache and Nuclear Blast  albums had that opened the world to a new extremity in music. Big shoes Outer Heaven but I see it , hear it and feel it in you .

INFESTUS-Thrypsis- CD/ Digital/Vinyl ( Debemur Morti Productions )

Ah a band of collaborative members for several releases and now there is just one. Infestus is now just the mind eye of Andras. What I hear is a very melodic Black Death style with some very progressive Thrash elements in the mix of this album. So what if Dimmu Borgir , Shining ( Sweden) and Testament came together and made a band then let Ihsahn of Emperor mix and master the whole thing. This is very much where Infestus is coming from for me. Understanding how to mix Epic, Melodic, Catchy and over the top extremity is not easy task at all and if done well . It will have you coming back for more and more to learn the vocals lines and humming the melodies. Infestus you has just don't that to me damn it. Andras you are a musical mastermind indeed as after just two listens of the album I'm addict to this . I will have to go back to earlier works and see how they differ from the new. There are some very Symphonic and Power metal moments going on here as well but at the heart of it all this is a Melodic Black Death release with many interesting twists and turns . We really do need more music like this in the world.