Superbowl Sunday be happy you got a few reviews ..

Nortt- Endelight- CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

Over 10 yrs  I read that Nortt has been dormant . Well this  band of Northern Europeans have not missed a step this is still very much a Blackened Doom journey with some very  ethereal and  ambient moments . I would have to say the  darkness is in full effect as well as the epic and haunting production of the whole product is fantastic . The vocals are just down right massive and chilling and I love th way the lumbering  tones work with the other worldly side of the guitars and doomy drumming comes into play. If you have  not heard of  Nortt before there is not reason that you can not begin here. Though if you like what you hear do not stop go back and witness a stunning  musical project. If you like the band already this is just more of a reason to support  and let  new listeners understand the passion you have for a band like  Nortt.  We have a sinister, doom filled  occultist masterpiece in the making here.

Clamflight- III- CD/Digital ( Agronauta Records)

When you get to a point want the  Blues, Doom and Post Hardcore all come to one intersection and meet to have a fist fight you get a little amazing band called  Clamfight. There is  nothing " little about this band in sound, structure or  design. Bombastic  Epic Heavy ass music IE every thing  Neurosis, Corrosion of Conformity, Clutch and Crowbar  have ever done is hear and so much are you fan of labels  like  Translation Loss or  Exile on Mainstream and Magic Bullet well this is were a band like Clamfight are, were and always will be coming  from, The heavy bluesy guitars and solos just  make my heart weep. Fuck gentlemen. This album is a fist fuck to all the others around you. I you don't own this and listening to it often you're a down right fool..

Oracle- Into the Unknown- CD/ Digital ( Self Released )

I hate  the words extreme metal as it tell nothing about the band and with a band like Oracle there are layers . Much like an Orge is like an onion... Oracle mixed  elements of  So Cal Thrash , Melodic Death metal and Power metal into something that has  Harmonies , Power, Fury and the Passion to make you stand out of the crowd . There are some very Symphonic and Sci Fi elements on this as well. If you could mix bands like  Old Opeth, Nevermore, Testament  Dark Tranquility and Dimmu Borgir into the mix you would have something that Oracle would be proud to call all there own. This is a truly majestic journey into Metal and mixes in other wondrous musical journeys at as were.  As there are some Blackened Metal moments here as well. I just want to say it's a travesty that Oracle is not on a proper label .

Wordclock- Heralds- CD/ digital ( Cryo Chamber )

And were going to end this  review adventure with a travel into the darkened experimental ambient wold of  Wordclock. If I'm so  humble to be  allowed to say is there a such think as progressive  Ambient music if so Worldclock are clearly the masters of the genre currently. This is a like a mix of  Ulver, Portishead, Arcana,  Robert Rich, COLLOQUIO  and Elend all at the same time. I even hear elements of many of those amazing bands that Hypnos and Manifold Put into the world .. I Hear so much of bands like  Vidna Obama and Mandible Chatter going on on Wordclock too. This is  Post  industrial meets Dub meets Classical meets  Dark Jazz meets Soundscapes meet...  You get it  right . This is such a stunning  musical adventure in sounds and  emotions you can not take it to just  one place and leave it. There is even an oriental and eastern musical element to this . I will even let you know we have Americana sounds going through out . Wordclock takes on that journey and we need those more often another brilliant release from the Cryo Chamber label ..