Inverse Records Artist Cardiant Interview is up

1. Tell us a bit about this Finnish Power metal meets  Hard Rocking  AOR

Hi there!! I think these two genres are very close to each other so it’s not weird to hear influences from both genres, or is it?

2. This is the 2nd Album with Inverse Records correct ? You Partnership
started with  "Verge" what has the response been for   " Mirror " vs  "

Yes correct. I think both albums received a good response from the audience, Verge being bit more progressive as Mirrors is leaning more to  faster pace and this way might be more straight forward album.

3. I want to say I hear a lot of  TNT, Blind Gaurdian, Symphony X and
Rhaspody are this bands that influence you at all?

No they’re not… great bands though! I think it’s very difficult to describe influences as we have done this music like 15 years or more and have our own way to do it.

4. How does the live Performance differ from your albums and  are the
arrangements live hard to recreate as " Mirror" is so massive and epic in

A Good question. We try to minimize using the background tapes but of course in some songs it’s impossible. Especially in the songs where orchestrations are on the top. We are very lucky to have two background singers in addition to have two separate lead singers which makes our vocal range dynamic also in live situations.

5. There is a video for " Life has just begun" why the video for this track
and how does it present the band to a new audience?

We wanted to do a studio video as it’s something we have not done before. We tried to bring the authentic studio atmosphere to the video without any effects /tricks and I think we succeeded with that.

6. I ask this to many band but with he sound you have you a larger label
cause offer a deal. DO you think a Major Label or  big metal label like
Century Media or Nuclear Blast  could do anything different then Inverse
for your band?

They would make it bigger. If the music is produced, composed and played good I assume it goes like ”Bigger the label, bigger the audience you will get” .

7. in 2017 does a band just need good  Distro, PR and Digital Promotion (
You Tube, Bandcamp , Soundcloud etc)

The sales figures of a physical CD are crawling in very low water nowadays. You even need to put effort to find a place to buy CDs :D However I feel that it’s necessary to have a physical CD but things might change in the future…

8. What is the story or theme behind  "Mirror" ?

It’s a story about the main character’s greed, negativity and all that corresponding to other surrounding people. Afterwards we noticed that the story might be little bit tricky to catch but there it is.

9. If you could tour with any one who would it be and why?

This is a tricky one.. maybe Queen or Abba? They both have lots of great songs and melodies and are truly big bands for us.

10. The mix of male and Female vocals at time give me a very fantasy
feeling to the over all sound. Was this on purpose?

Yes. We consider very carefully when and where we use each vocalist. We don’t just wanna put the mix together just because we do have two brilliant vocalists, these things are already in decided when composing the songs.

11. What bands are currently impressing the  Members of  Cardiant?

I think Outi is more or less into RnB(!) music, Erik and I are fans of power metal all the way from 80s to nowadays bands. I think Lauri and Mikko are leaning more to progressive bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X etc. Marko listens anything, and also can play anything :D

12. How does  Image play a role in a band like  Cardiant ?

To be honest, the image could be something we could work on. Necessary not any big changes but some small improvements here and there.  

13. The album cover has  a very intersting look almost  Celtic meets
Cartoon how does it play in the over all ideal of the songs?

We wanted to do the cover artwork without having any limits. As in composing, we are not setting any boundary conditions into our work and that is Cardiant way of working. I think the cover art is fantastic and recognizable!

14. Do the members of Cardiant work or perform in other project we should
know about ?

We have a cover band ”Semiperfect Strangers” that has same lineup as in Cardiant. In addition Erik is lead vocalist in a band called Volymian. Nothing else… that I would know :D

15.  Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

Thank you! Was pleasure to do this interview and all the best! Let the Mirrors reflect around the world!