Eclipse Records Artist- Despite Interview is a GO !!!!

Despite Interview with André Gonzales (guitars)

1.  You’re from the home of Melodic Death metal, how has that played a role in making Despite the band you are?

Well, At the Gates happened and I guess they paved the way for us as they did for many other successful bands.

2.  I see this is your 3rd proper album how do they differ from Synergi?

Synergi differs from the two previous albums a lot. We’re basically a new band heading towards a new direction. The songwriting is more intricate today and we’re trying to elevate the productions to higher levels of quality. Synergi is more melodic while keeping the brutality that has always been at the core of Despite.

3. How did you come to work with Eclipse Records ?

They contacted us through Twitter as fans and expressed sincere interest in working with us.
After negotiations were settled, we decided to follow their lead. And we are happy with how things turned out so far.

4. Will you be coming to USA to tour at all? How does a live show differ from Album?

Yes. The shows embody the energy of the album and personally I think that releasing an album is only the first step in bringing our fans the real experience we want them to have, and so we’re striving to sound as good as, if not better than the album. Live shows should activate all senses.

5. I could say I hear a lot of Meshuggah and Blinded Colony in your sound but what bands are the ones that make you want to create the music you do?

That’s the question we all try to avoid since there are just too many from a huge spectrum of genres, so it’s hard to be specific but Meshuggah is definitely one of them.

6.  How has the digital age ( You Tube, Soundcloud, Podcasts and Social Media) changed the extreme underground world I see you have been around since 90's ?

I think that without social media like MySpace, soundcloud, YouTube and whatnot, many of now huge artists wouldn’t even have been discovered in the first place. At the same time it also made the listeners equally powerful to the record labels in deciding what to listen to.

7. What Bands are  currently impressing the  members of Despite?

Thorsten Flinck along with Philemon Arthur & The Dung

8.  Is there a theme or story behind Synergi?

“Synergi” is the swedish for synergy where the word best describes the joy of playing in Despite. All our individual ideas, our various influences and our differing styles fuse together and every member is a part of the bigger machinery, just like in a society where everyone has to contribute in order to make the world a better place. That is also the main reason for what the ”i” in Synergi stands, the self in the bigger picture which is life. That’s why we did a little wordplay where we pronounce the title as Synerg”i”.

9. Do the members play in other project or is Despite the only focus for you?

Anthony and Eldor are still active in Frozen Iller, where we ”stole” them from. What goes for the rest of us we left our previous bands (By Night, Carnal Forge, Deals Death and Bloodshot Dawn). Janne, Peter and I are currently keeping Peter’s old project ”Godsic” alive while not having our asses full with Despite stuff.

10. If you could record any song  put a Despite spin on it what Band's song would that be?

That’s a hard one. There are so many psychosomatic addictive songs out there, it’s insane…

11. In the new age of extreme music it seems that bands are playing for bigger crowds, has music become bigger and more exposed than ever before?

Most definitely and internet is the main reason.

12. You have a video for  " as you Bleed" how was it making the video and if  you make another how would you want it to differ?

The making of the video for As You Bleed was sweaty, exhausting and sticky since there was blood more or less everywhere and it was probably the hottest day of that year.
We have many wild ideas on how we want our videos to be. Next one will be less bloody, that’s for sure.

13. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts

Live long and prosper, may the force be with you and see you on the road.
André out.