8 New Reviews 9/18/16 Genres be damned edition ....

Dream the electric Sleep- Beneath the dark wide sky- CD/ Digital ( Mutiny Records)

Oh my this is going to be one of those album I review that gives me chills from the moment go with this Post Prog Rock layers meeting Post Hardcore and Dream Pop elements where I hear moments of bands like  Neurosis, Mogwai, Anathema, Devin Townsend, Into Another, Shudder to Think, Yes and Porcupine Tree.  Dream the electric Sleep is Breath taking in every way that is majestic and powerful . There is a side to this that reminds of Chris Cornell vocal arrangement's in Temple of the dog. The catchy indie rock movements are there too but all in all it's those  damn harmonies that has me drawn in like a moth to a flame. This is an album that is beyond it's years, thoughts and outcome. This is the kind of album that stays with you long long after you listen to it and it makes all you see after it have a different hue and meaning. Sometimes music crosses boundaries a band like this changes those boundaries and takes you to a place were all sense and emotions become one and are at eleven!!!!  If you can not feel the brilliance in an album like this then I do indeed feel sorrow for you as you will never be able to expand in growth. This album is a desert island album I would want as it will be a magical today as 200 yrs from now.. Thank you for giving me the chance to share this with my readers and the world...


Unmerciful- Ravenous Impulse- CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

Blistering and  Oppressive Death metal that is relentless in the way it comes at you and utter heavy elements of it all are second to none. What you expect from ex members of Dim Mak, Origin and Gorguts. This is what would call Grinding Death .. As it mixes elements of  Grindcore, Death metal and Tech Death with a fury that will rip the ear canals of most that come in contact with the album. The  Crisp production and progressive tones of the guitars and over all song writing really makes the album a stellar listen. If you're  ready to be bludgeoned musically then by all means come on in and get ready for what Unmerciful has to offer for you.


Feign- Atlas- CD/Digital ( Into the Night )

One man Post  Black metal projects are not anything new and with Feign we get that  Ethereal, Shoe gazing  Post Black metal fair that seems to be what the new  generation loves. This is the kind of material you hear on labels like D.M.P, Code666 , Nordvis, Season of mist and Prophecy Productions. If you don't get the picture then I will never be able to help you. It's not your turn to take the next step into this musically journey and see if its the course you want.


Sorcery- Garden of Bones- CD/ Digital ( Xtreem  Music)

So just for  a moment travel with me down this road mix the sounds of  Dismember ( Death Metal)
Motorhead ( Punk metal)  Nevermore ( Power metal/ Thrash) and Crowbar ( Doomy Sludgy metal) into one album and then make it sound like it was recording in Morrisound Studio circa 1992 and Sorcery is born. I may have over simplified it a bit but it gets the job and the review more then done and very clearly represents what I hear on this album . Which by the way kicks some major ass.


Manegarm- Nattvasen- CD/ Digital ( Black Lodge)

Re issue of the 2009 album what we have here again is  Thrash Viking Metal with a strong Pagan/ Folk over tone mixed in with some melodic Black metal for go measure. Those melodic sing along drinking song choruses full of OOOOOOO an AHHHHHH's . There is a catchy side of this album that just makes you want to listen to it over and over again and that driving German thrash sound you know what I mean remember in the early 90's and you will get it fast. I'm a sucker for Viking theme or sounding metal and Manegarm are really brilliant at it . The production is great and the re mastering has made it sound so much more full and  powerful so good to have this classic Viking metal sound out for the next wave of heathens to raise the ale horn and sit around the fire with their Kin and tell the tales of Yor...


Apocryphos- Stone Speak- CD/ Digital ( Cryo Chamber)

I've heard many releases from the Cryo Chamber label but this is the 1st time that the Dark ambient release is really that unsettling and down right creepy. There are some very Dark and occult elements going on through out this album with the drones and drifts just adding to the over all eerie taste that is coming from Apocryphos. I will be honest this is closer to material artist like Schloss tegal, Nordvargr,  Lustmord and Bad Sector have given us over the years. I've never really said a Cryo Chamber release was noisy and Sinister and this time I can without issue . If we could some how travel between the world of the living and the dead and wind up on the pathway between the two this where the soundcapes of Apocryphos leads up. This is a difficult listen and even harder experience to fully absorb with out headphones but I want you if you can challenge yourself take a chance with " Stone Speak" as it will make you re think music and aural art as a whole...


Winterlore- S/t- CD/ Digital ( Slaughterhouse Records)

We have another atmospheric Black metal album those grim and tormented vocals and the low end rumble we have all come to know from bands like Aeternus, Immortal and Old Man's Child. Winterlore is just a good journey into a style of music that has not really evolved and it never needs too this hits a very certain spot in a black metal music fan ear and they will always search out bands like this and Winterlore again is very good at the sound and style they present. I want to say more good things but I really think it's more about listening to music like this then talking the the music speak to you so you can tell the others in the Black metal legions about Winterlore...


Psalm Zero- Stranger to Violence- CD/ Digital  ( Profound Lore )

Prog Indie Coldwave Post metal with touches of Goth rock and Pock rock into something that really is a stunning as it is shocking and wonderful. This is so much more then what you think. I release layers of  The Cure, Canaan, Tiamat, Moonspell, Sisters of Mercy and Six Finger Satellite just to name a few. There are so many styles and sounds going on there. I even here bands like  Neds Atomic Dustbin and Catherine wheel  going on here too. I didn't think New wave, Post Rock and Post metal could make something this interesting and passion filled. Psalm Zero has an under taking of an album that sound like nothing and every thing familiar all at the same time. I know I sound crazy but check them out on this album and you will see and hear the lush and stunning soundtrack I have just be presented with ...