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Blood of Kingu- Dark star on the right horn of the crescent moon-CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist )

Very Occulist black death in the way many bands from Eastern Europe shine. The have a lot in common with Negura Bunget, Drudkh and Aosoth just to name a few. This is haunting and terrifying all at the same time this is music and ideals about the God's of Old  from a very eastern/ oriental way of presenting it. The vocals are more of the brutal death metal style mix with bombastic and low end metal with a very primitive production.  Blood of Kingu are not for the casual listener by any means this is for those that have there music rooted in underground sounds with that. It's a must listen if you are that person indeed.


The House of Capricorn- Morning star rise- CD/ Digital ( Svart )

Sometimes terms just fit a band and no matter how silly it's just what they are and The House of Capricorn is Doom n roll to it's core!!!  So its very very simple mix equal parts  Novembers Doom, Helicopters, Entombed and Beyond Dawn and you have everything you need to know. This album is so Damn catchy it hurts . There is a trippy trance like overtone to the music as whole with some of the best clean Doomish vocals I've ever hear and the music is full on fuzzy out and riff driving doom is the amazing bands like Monster Magnet, Solace, Electric Wizard all have mastered. I could really listen to this album a few dozen times and never grow bored.  There is also this Motorhead and Later Satyricon element going on to this so maybe as I end this review I would say the better term is  Blackened Doom n Roll !!!!


The Deathtrip- Deep Drone Master- CD/ Digital ( Svart )

Raw blistering hateful Black metal from Norway from Front man of both DHG , Thorns and Zyklon B. IF your are into most the the material that has been on Moonfog , Early Osmose Prod and Misanthropy labels then you know just were bands like The Deathrip come form. The vocals are so much that signature black metal sound so are the treble, noisy guitar and the very simple percussion and low bass rumbles. This is were Black metal spawned from and when the world 1st heard it knew the  NEW DARK AGE was here!!!. The torment and torture of the arrangements are second to none.  Bleak is an understand statement here folk. IF you like the three bands that Aldrahn was in above then this again is a must listen..


Kayo Dot- Coffins on IO- CD/ Digital ( The Flenser)

This is such a different direction for Kayo Dot. There is nothing left of the metallic or Heavy rock at all this a mix of  Electronic, Avant rock, Prog and Cold wave music . All I can hear are bands like Ulver,  Anathema,  This Empty Flow,  Current Manes, In the Woods and Canaan .  I was not ready for this Kayo Dot has gone into ambient and experimental rock elements but this is a very different  vibe all together. Some will feel this is to far to the right or left of center for the band but I love the mix of Goth, Darkwave and ethereal  movements going on at time . There is even an 80's Post Punk sound to some of the tracks. Coffins on IO is a very fragile , dark and delicate release that with every listen becomes more interesting. They are very much a prog band that has come full center with there love of all the styles of music were talking about.  Toby with incarnation of Kayo Dot is truly 21st century music to move with the new age of experimentation..


Rings of Saturn- Lugal KI EN- CD/Digital (Unique Leader)

Hell ya  Futurist, Tech Death metal in the way bands like the mighty Gigan, The Red Cord and Gorjira  are taking extreme metal way beyond .. Rings of Saturn take elements of bands like  And Oceans, Devin Townsend and Behold the Arctopus explore them as well. This album is just beyond words of how cool , weird and amazing it comes across to me.  Arty, Extreme, Glitchy, Industrial and full on Electo Metal at time. Rings of Saturn has so much complexity in every track your senses are just over loaded for the 1st two or three listens. Just as you are able to start wrapping your mind around the music  you hear something new and its takes you to another idea or thought about the band. Come on Unique leader maybe THE DEATH METAL LABEL of 2014 !!!!


ALTERNATIVE 4-  The Obscurants- CD/ Digital ( Prophecy Productions)

So Duncan Peterson ( EX Anathema and Antimatter) is back with a 2nd release under the title of one of the more well known Anathema releases as a moniker.. This is again a proggy minimalist journey into the more personal side of his music, life and ideals.  With Alternative 4 there is a very retro rock vibe with organs, clean fuzzy guitar . It has that very 60s/ 70s live rock release that is almost more a theatrical moment and concept. I think Duncan as gone full on Mr Doctor/ Devil Doll mode in the presentation and performance of the album the mix of layered vocals, piano's and warm bass lines is very familiar to the way Pink Floyd made music back in those times as well. The more I listen this more because a Love it or leave it release and you will be on one side of the fence. I really did expect more on this from Duncan it's a let down from the last release.


Torch Runner- Endless nothing - CD/ Digital ( Southern Lord )

Mind numbing  Grinding Metallic Hardcore is quick and furious burst of wonderful glory.  You know what your getting here from second one and it's still amazing every second I listen to it. There is a power and control that just lives up to the hype of this style of music. If your into Converge or Oathbreaker or even early Napalm Death then you will want to put this release on and let it play over and over tell you just need to listener to something in a different genre. The tones, riffs, vocals , sonic destruction and wall of noise are all there in all of it's fucking amazing glory..  Enough talk now listen......


Wormwood- S/t- CD/ Digital ( Magic Bullet )

MMM I love the sinister sounds of Wormwood. You just know something is not right with these boys. Sludgy, Crusty and just down right one of the best sounding Doom releases in the last several years from any band period. Wormwood just makes you want to release all your anger in a very slow and methodical way. The Slow riff is something that if down right with the mix of speed and tone can one of the most perfect sounds any mortal will have the honor of ever hearing and well my friends Wormwood has done just that.  Anger can been used to harness a tone in music some will never understand but for the legion of the doomed this is one of the music glorious cord progression ever.. Wormwood you need to continue your spiral into sonic molasses and we will follow with you to the murky depths below !!!


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