4 New Reviews 10/7/14

EMIT- Spectre music of an Antiquary- CD/ Digital ( Crucial Blast)

This is a reissue of a 2012 release and let me tell you EMIT is very odd to say the least. It's a Mis of Electronica, Noise, Black Industrial and just outsider sounds... EMIT is very unsettling to say the least. It has though distant grim black haunting vocals and odd key and strange toned guitar riffs . Its almost some like a mix of Vond, D.H.G and Lustre with 90's underground drift and electronic movements.  The occult breeds in sounds like EMIT. The album is just very jarring to the senses and never lets you forget it.  Remember when Bethlehem went electronic well you have a good idea of the madness that is within these tracks. There are moments Were Bands like T.O.M.B and  Ten Horned Beast.  Is there a style such as  Black Industrial Drift??? If not EMIT have been crowned.  Listening to this album a feel that there is someone always watching me and waiting for the right moment to take me to the furthest edge of darkness my mind can take and see if I survive . If I do I'm allowed in the secret society...


Thy Darkened Shade- Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet- CD/ Digital (  W.T.C Productions)

Symphonic , Technical , Avant and Black Metal is were we begin this journey of the souls of the darkened path.. As I listen to the tracks there is a Industrial metal overtone as well but they love to mix in tech thrash and orchestral elements as well. It reminds me most of bands like Thorns, Dissection, Emperor and Code in the way the tracks are performed and arranged. Thy Darkened Shade is all about the tone and presentation on the tracks. With Most Extreme metal there is a very much the occult element running through out the album. The album is masterfully record and sounds second to none. Really like the way the Avant play and blends with the Progressive over tones. As time there is a very Arcturus nod the the music as well.  I like to use the term Thinking mans metal this is another on of those bands.  A band that will impress indeed.


1349- Massive Cauldron of Chaos- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

Blistering full on face ripping Black Death in the same fashion bands like Marduk, Behemoth, Immortal and even Gorgoroth  . This is Black metal from Scandinavia and you know the razor sharp bite this style of  music presents. With MCoC there is a much more thrashing element going on and the production is a bit more high end with some of the most bombastic drumming and  bass playing I've heard in years.  This album is just what the doctor ordered some ass kicking fast and melodic Black metal in a style that makes you want to go see it live and thrash about the room with the offers in the know enough so see a great underground band . 1349 is not reinventing the wheel they are just perfecting that sound for the next generation to understand and respect is forward.


Ofdrykkja- A Life Worth Losing - CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

This is the kind of band that make you see and feel the sorrow within everything out there. This band is in the elk of Bethlehem, Deinonychus, Shiniing, Lifelover. Nightmare form from music of this ideal. This is not an easy album to listen to or digest in any way shape or form. There is a sadness a bleakness to this band that you can never get away from. I love it coming from a love of funeral doom and death industrial music . These are the sides of the musical spectrum you have to come from to even to begin to understand the pain and mental issue that a sound like this comes from.  I don't know if this album is for anyone but the fringe listener but I will tell you if you are into any of the bands mentioned above then this is a must listen. Ofdrykkja is a more jazz and experimental sounding project as well. Avantgarde has a way of adding the fringe ton their roster but is the best of ways..