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REUTOFF & SAL SOLARIS "Eigengrau" CD (65th Cycle)

REUTOFF & SAL SOLARIS "Eigengrau" CD/Digital ( Cyclic Law)

Dark Post Industrial sounds from two Russian projects that like to mix drone, dark ambient, oriental and electronic elements into something very dark and strange to say the least . The first 3 tracks are Sal Solaris and on the 4th track the collab on a track and the final tracks come from Reutoff. The difference between the two units are where Sal Solaris is much more orchestral and drifting the major focus of Reutoff is Harsher tones and more of electronic force driving through out . The two projects really do intersect in sound and style in a very natural way and through out the album you are left with this feeling of the end days and what will flow to that time. I want to at times call this Electro Noise or Power Ambiance as there is a very eastern element to all that is going on with a very jazzy drift vibe as well.Really enjoying this release well done..


Graves At Sea/ Sourvein- Split- CD/LP/Digital ( Seventh Rule)

So what we have in store here is a sludgy, Blackened Doom ride that will just take it time jabbing you into submission. 1st off is Graves at Sea which is the Crustiest Blackened Doom force out there. If Marduk and Noothgrush were haning out at a Nails concert this is how a band like Graves at Sea would be born. This is epic shit folks. Slow and brooding mixed in with those mid tempo crust elements .. With Sourvein you go more into the southern Nola sludge mix with Electric Wizard and Melvin's train going full on. There is a trippy bluesy side to this band that can not be denied. This is a Sludge/ Crust music fans dream of a release another excellent pairing of two bands on one release.


Entombed AD- Back to the front- CD/ Digital ( Century Media)

Classic Period Entombed front man LG is band with Entombed AD as the other Entombed with the musical members of Clandestine period are still recording good music as well. But if your a fan of Wolverine Blues are you going to be a happy camper as this is what we have gotten with Back to the front. I really think this is a Classic Entombed sound album back to us 20 yrs later. The guitar tones and that chainsaw bass and that punk and roll drumming that Entombed made so famous for Earache for yrs and that VOICE oh that VOICE is band that rasp and hefty thrash meets melodic death metal. I've missed it so much. This album is like a continuation of Wolverine to Uprising Period sound .. Glad to have him and that period band back..


Autumn's Dawn- Gone-CD/ Digital ( Eisenwald)

Out of total left field Post Black metal with an electronica and indie rock thing going on . I know this is going to sound so very messed up but if you could mix Alcest, Fen, Early Goo Goo Dolls, Old Dead tree and Katatonia and Antimatter . The mix of Melodic sung vocals and grim black almost screamo vocals and the music is really a mix of all the bands I mentioned. This album is totally blowing me away. There is a desperation as the major tone through out the release that you want to help that band see through on each track and each song becomes more of an anthem and the release builds. Autumn Dawn really has this other worldy vibe that many of the more underground Post Metal bands have these days. The guitars are so Katatonia it makes my heart ache . This is a stand out album of 2014.


Novembers Doom- Bled White- CD/ Digital ( The End)

So I do have a bond this this band as I was label mates with them on Dark Symphonies but that Nov Doom and the one on Bled White is a force all its own. This time around as like on the last two they have been moving into a more Prog/ Post Rock meets Doom metal realm. There are still the Doom/Death over tones but Paul, Larry and troop have moved into that realm I call Thinking mans metal . Its so much more then just one sound. The 1st track is very powerful over the top Progressive Doom death you would hear from early Anathema , Opeth or Dolorian but as they move through out the release they start have elements of Neo folk, Post Rock and even Electronica. They move into sounds of bands like Current Anathema, Tenhi even Ulver and Porcupine Tree. There is something very special about this album . Pauls Clean and sung vocals are are getting very much in the Cavanagh ( Anathema) and Kris (Ulver) , Paul clean vocals have never been stronger or more powerful. Some these track even come to me as something that Elend was working on toward the later period of the band. I don't want to call Novembers Doom Gothic but there are some very Gothic overtime creeping into the band again. The Fragile and Bombastic guitar and bass line are just mindblowing . The drumming is very Prog/Jazzy by nature as well and it make for one of the best album from this band of Chicago land ever!!!


Falls of Rauros- Believe in no coming shore- CD/ LP/ Digital ( Bindrune/ Nordvis)

This is heathen based post Black metal in the finest of hours. The Tormented vocals, Frozen harmonies very primitive meets laid back proggy drumming and the elements of mystery and suspense coming from the project itself are you fans of Wolves in the throne room, A Forest of Stars, Fen and Negura Bunget. Than you have a good idea of what your going to get with this release. Clearly this is a release not for masses at all and for a select fan base but again those of us into the disharmonic chaos, Pagan over tones and the tribal tales a band like Falls of Rauros create you will be captivated by each and every track. You can tell that the Prog and Post rock elements are there through out and that the album was very caringly arranged to make it a whole picture and should be listened to from beginning to the end.

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