Yet 7 More New Reviews 3/23/2014

Reverend Horton Heat- Rev- CD/ Digital ( Victory Records)

Over 10 albums you know what your getting with The Rev and crew its a mix of  Rockabilly, Surf, Punk and Blues all into an infectious groove that only a band with a stand up bass can create. Rev Horton Heat takes were Dick Dale and the The Stray Cats were and keeps the roots and traditions alive. Get you pomade, duck tails, leather jackets  into order and get on the dance floor son as its time to bogey down till the sun comes up. These songs are a washed in guitars is monster verb and that feeling you get some B rated Spaghetti Westerns..

The Golden Grass- S/T-CD/ Digital ( Svart Records)

Oh my god do you love  Grand Funk Railroad, Allman Brothers, Blue Oyster Cult, Cream and Jimmy Hendrix then you are home my friends Mix 70's Bluesy Southern rock and then make it trippy and fuzzed out and you have everything that The Golden Grass is. Major Riffs, Driving Bass and that laid back drumming that at moments just comes out of no where and blows you away. This band was born 40 yrs late without a doubt. This was Festival and Arena Rock that every one wanted to see in hear. I know there was a rebirth in the 90's and early 21st century but this isnt retro as this band lives and breathes the sound . Wow just wow fantastic release.

HEROD- They Were None- CD/Digital ( Mighty Music)

This album is just kicking my ass it is everything I want to hear in music today Heavy, Dark, Powerful and Spine Jarring. This is like a mix all every thing great Post Hardcore of bands like Neurosis and East of the wall mix with bands like  Triptykon, Gigan, Gorguts, Voivod and Devin Townsend all in one. So Dark, Doom and Avant Metal all at the same very moment. HEROD also have a very tribal thing going on that is making me want to create an extreme music band again in my 40's and show the world what Darkness and Rituals really are about. The way the music ebbs and flows with the vocals that seem to come from all direction with Growls, Screams, Chants and Grunts.. HEROD is about living the Art they created. There is a Sludge / Nola factor going on here so you dirty sounding Dark metal fan will get the joy of that going on as well. Mighty Music came out of no where this release and this could be one of the contenders of 2014 album of the year for me.....

Gunpowder Gray-S/t- CD/ Digital (Boris Records)

So this where my tastes become shakey at best its where Stoner meets Doom its going to far to the Orange Goblin, Sheavy vibe for me. Don't get me wrong they are very good at what they do it's a almost has me at time as it sounds like what Guns n Roses would sound like if they were a Stoner band. I know that odd but its got that Sleazy LA Glam punk sound mixed into the album as whole.  Damn it I don't want to like this but I think it's pulling me in when the stoner side takes a back seat. I love the GNR, Hanoi Rocks and Little Caesar side of the band..

Woman is the Earth-This place that contains my spirit- CD/Digital (Eisenwald)

You don't hear about many bands from South Dakota and with this release maybe you should as it's a step forward for US experimental post black metal.  If your into bands like Twilight, Wolves in the throne room, Wolvhammer, Fen and Deafheaven. Then we have a no brainer release to get and drink in every drop of it's bleak and haunting marrow. I was not ready to hear this as its more like a ritual then an album I want to be in the woods on a cold winters night with a massive fire and the kill during the days hunt will this band performs for us and we drink and celebrate the nature and its wonders around us... Don't be a fool and get this ..

Velnias- Sovereign Nocturnal-CD/ Digital ( Eisenwald)

With is band out of the frontier known as Colorado we have a Black Doom band that likes to rely on Folk and Pagan elements in a way we have really heard  minus bands like Agalloch, Wolvserpent, Ancient Wisdom and Primordal. The tones here are so lumbering and droning in a very dissident way that the doom sound really do echo to the very soul of the listener.The Folkish acoustic work so well in that pagan vibe you just want to hear  Ulver or Falkenbach albums this is where I hear a lot of homage at times as well. Velnias is a sum of all the parts of the music, textures, vocals and atmospheres going on here. I think they would have been very much at home with a label like  Bindrune or Vendlus as well. I look forward to following the course of this band and see if they keep impressing me the way that Sovereign Nocturnal just has...

Aeoga- Temple Treye- CD/ Digital (Aural Hypnox)

So what we have is a 6 part live ritual recorded in 2006 and finally seeing the light of day. Why Aeoga would wait so long to release something of this quality is their personal journey , So I will not judge all I will say is thank you for letting the rest of us finally hear it. Dark primitive ambient rituals in a droning and mentally draining level that after you complete the listen you will need to just let yourself recharge and reflect and that is how any great pagan ritual music should leave one. There is a sense of calm and renewal after listening to Temple Treye. Aeoga is not for the casual listening at all they are to me are where doom music is without the metal elements. There is a darkness to this that will over power many but for those of us that do see the beauty before the darkness this is a stellar release. So many layers and emotions for a soundtrack that was needed to be heard by more then a select few.

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