7 New Reviews 9/14/2013 @ Absolute Zero Media

Strangelight- 9 days-CD/ Digital ( Sacrament)

So I hear a lot of 90's noise and indie rock going on here . If you were a fan of bands like Jesus Lizard, Surgery, Jawbox and Shudder to think this is very close to were the band is coming from I know the resume of this project is bands like Made out of babies, Kiss it Goodbye , Goes Cube and Red Sparrowes. There are moments I swear they could also be Sunny Day Real estate or Polvo in the way the album is presented. I will agree Amrep and Touch and Go sound has much to do with where Strangelight brings its listeners. There are some very proggy and Hardcore moments as well but in the more avant ways of being delivered. This album is not for the metal crowd or extreme music fan alone. There are some many elements and layers that you just have to like challenging music in that in your face manner. I really think this is going to be a band that for years to come will be a cult fave as music like this never hits a mass audience and its sad but Strangelight fans will make sure they are never forgotten...


Spiralarms- Freedom-CD/ Digital (SPV)

So Heavy Bluesy Rock is not Dead my friends and Spiralarms is just the band to tell ya so. If your a fan of bands like Monster Magnet, Corrosion of Conformity , Black Sabbath and The Sword then you have a good temple to worship at this masters of the volume knob.. We have members of Forbidden, Systematic and Vicious Rumors is this bad ass band. If you love Stevie ray vaughn,  Eric Johnson and Foreigner . If you don't get the soul and heart this band has by this review now you never will. This is Arena rock 2013!!!! Great rock songs are all you need and the word will get out there and with Spiralarms you got that and so much more. Hard rock has hope with bands like this and Alter Bridge ..

Gnaw- Horrible Chamber- CD/ Digital ( Seventh Rule)

 From the same label that has just brought us the masterpiece from Author & Punisher. So its very clear what Gnaw is Gnaw is total terror and nightmares for those that have never hear black droning industrial noise. So Alan ( ex OLD and Khanate) vocals are those of which madness is spoken directly from. If you like Old Swans, MZ412, Merzbow, Worship and Burning Witch then you need to get Both Gnaw albums  A.S.A.P and just listen to your suicide note on digital format. The Torment and Darkness that this unit creates is just down right amazing to say the least.  After you get finished listening to Horrible Chamber to want to punch the person next to you for just being around you and taking up your breathing space. This is how pissed off and powerful Gnaw is. There is a great world cleansing coming and this can very well be the soundtrack for it.  You have to be moderately unstable to actually understand where a band like Gnaw comes from and want to hear more. Well Gnaw I welcome album three when it comes!!!


Satyricon- S/t- CD/ Digital ( Nuclear Blast)

So its been a few year since Satyr and Frost have welcome us with the Black and Roll of Satyricon and they have not lost a beat I can tell you that. If I can even be a little forward I think with this a self titled affair they have step it up a level and are one of the elite Black metal forces again . They have mastered that Motorhead meets Black metal sound and there is a snarl and edge in there creation again almost in a more Ophthalmia kind of way  and this album reminds me much of the 1994 album they made called Via Dolorosa.. Satyricon is very mush the less is more kind of band again where power is by the tone and layering not a wall of sound and speed.  With over 20 yrs behind them this band has never slowed down is the expression of what they want the world to hear and it's clear when you hear Satyricon its them.  Long live the innovators of the black path and those who follow it ..

GOG- Ironworks-CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist Underground Activists)

So this project is from where I currently reside the Desert State of Arizona. Season of Mist isnt all that versed with Dark or Black Industrial music and I find it a bit of an odd place for a release that could very well have seen a better home on a label like Malignant, Cold Spring or even Cyclic Law but reguardless of that idea. GOG is a power electronic, Noise meets Black industrial power house all there own. If you like bands like  Masonna, Sutcliffe Jugend , Schloss Tegal and Whitehouse to name a few this is full on noise with Blackened vocals from time to time. Remember when Bethlehem went all electronic and experimental there are moments of that here as well. Also if you are into Xasthur or Velvet Cacoon when the more metal moments are removed. This is a terrorizing sounding release to say the least and works well on so many fringe levels. Do not miss out on this if you like your Noise with occult and blackened elements..


Gigan- Multi- Dimensional Fractal Sorcery and Super Science- Digital/ CD ( Willowtip)

Well Well  Well Prog, Sci Fi and Death metal all mixed to something Opeth, Voivod and Pestilence or Atheist would have a field day on these are the bands with a sprinkle of Devin Townsend, Death, Carcass and Cynic . This is not just over the top Gigan is like most of nothing you have heard before and my not ever hear again much like Esoteric did to Doom and Killing Joke did to punk Gigan are changing the rules forever on how Extreme music should sound or be created. There are so many things going on inside this album it will take you a month of just listening to really get where the band is taking you and what is going on. The Musicianship on Multi- Dimensional is that of Classical musicians or of a jazz guitarist training his life to play that avant piece by Sun Ra or Myles Davis. Willowtip is about the more avant but even Gigan takes that word to new levels. I'm simply blown away .....

Gorguts- Colored Sands-CD/ Digital (Season of Mist)

For over a Decade we have been waiting for the Return of Gorguts as this is a band light yrs beyond where music is or can ever really be This is Tech Death metal on par with  bands like like Ulver , Porupine Tree, Voivod,  Opeth, Dan Swano and Mike Patton just such a creative forward thinking crowd other bands try to follow just to be Avant and Different. Gorguts arranges cold and distant harmonics and melodics that chill and excite all in the same breathe.  This is not the kind of music that one person sits down for five minutes and creates. You have to torment and layer it over and over till its just right and your at the point of almost surrendering you see the light and it allows you to give a gem like Colored Sands to the world. I can see why a release like this takes a decade and there was no way to record an album like this until now. Luc Lemay must have communication with other worlds as the music he creates is of that originality and majesty. You don't even have to understand extreme metal to hear the complexity and skill that goes into the arrangement of but even one track.  Please not another Decade for release though good sir...