8 New Reviews 2/16/2013

Eight Bells- The Captain's Daughters- CD ( Seventh Rule)

So  we have a Texas Transplant Melynda Jackson (Subarachnoid Space now in Portland Oregon by the name of Eight Bells . They are Metallic Post Rock and Post Metal in the highest of orders very prog and complex with a dark gothic rock overtone. Think of bands like  Isis, Russian Circles, Alaric, Pelican etc you get where I'm going with this . There is an amazing cameo form Kris Force of (Amber Asylum fame).  At time its almost like listen to bands like porcupine tree or the music of some of bands like Polvo or Rodan in the way its presented to us. I'm really impressed with the major guitar experimentation going on with this album. There was a band called  Gravitar that this reminds me much of as well. I know this is more fringe music but its what draws me to music these days and we need more music from Eight Bells that is clear.


Hatriot- Heroes of Origin-CD (Massacre Records)

Welcome to 1989 my friends I swear if I didn't know it was 2013 hearing the vocals of Steve Souza ( of Testament and Exodus) and the guitar solos and mad dashing thrashing drumming and that that punching bass I would think that I'm listening to Overkill , Violence or Exodus right now in the way its done its classic over the top aggressive thrash metal .  If you miss that Bay area or  NYC thrash attack them Hatriot are a project you need to run not walk to and play until you collapse. Even the way it was recorded and produced it sounds like something that was recorded 25 yrs ago and just found now. This is a nod to all the great thrash of the past and great to hear..


White Widows- S/T-CD (Sacrament Music)

What do we get when members of Primitive Weapons and Goes Cube join forces and create an album. Pure Metallic Hardcore in the same way bands like Integrity, Hatebreed and Madball have all done before them there is a major doses of Vision of Disorder going on to mix it all into a slew of one pissed off complexity of sounds and vocals beatdown's. This is just what the doctor ordered for me reminds me of all the best reason you listened to Hardcore from Boston and NYC. Then out of no where comes the Nola sludge elements as well from bands like Down, Crowbar and C.O.C just to name a few. I love the two sides of the coin that  White Widows is giving us as artist and listeners. This is one full on heavy album do not let them fool you for a moment with some of the most pissed off vocals in yrs. Bands like White Widows get those slow and punishing circle pits with not end or relief and you would not want anything else.... Get this now!!!!!


Odd Dimension- The last embrace to humanity-CD (Scarlet Records)

What we have is two tastes that just don't work well together and its a shame the music is full on progressive epic power metal and is amazing think Blind Guardian, Symphony X or Rhapsody its this that vocals style of that classic operatic power metal vocal is so out of key most of the time is just sounds like hes singing for another band. I have this issue with many power metal bands from italy its the iron maiden syndrome I call it you want to sound like Mr Dickinson and you just don't have the chops. Sad to say as the music is really really good.

Cinema Sleep- Make your way-CD (Standby Records)

This album is just so stunning it is creating chills when I listen to it and its just a 5 song ep and killing me it so short. If you mix all the best melodic hardrock, Heavy Indie rock and Post Rock into one stew then you have Cinema Sleep . This band is so damn catchy and innovative in the way they create the tracks they are giving us its wow.. SO here I try to go with explaining this Album. If you mixed Best parts of Foo Fighters, My Chemical romance, Sunny Day Real estate , Into Another, All That Remains and Drive like Jehu are what come to mind. The vocals convey so much passion and pain at the same time  almost like they way Shine down did on their early 2 releases. I would say this could be hard rock album of they year if it got the right push. This is what American idol, X factor, America's got talent are looking for and never give it the chance to grow and become this brilliant.  Cinema Sleep are really that damn good.

The Omega Experiment- S/T- CD ( Listenable Records)

Wow here comes another album out of the blue that has just thrown me down for the count.  Lush Pop , Prog, Symphonic, Jazzy Metal and Rock with a harmony of the best AOR bands on there . The Omega Experiment remind me of bands like  TNT, Ayreon, Devin Townsend Solo Material, Dream Theater, YES and mix of Old Dead Tree for good measure. This is an album you have to hear 3 or 4 times just to get all that is going on here . Thr Omega Experiment is just that an experiment in sound, tones, frequency and musical textures. This arranges with strings, 4 or 5 vocals over each other, Symphonic rock movements and soundtracks of  Sci Fi and  Fantasy movies all in one. Listenable is one of those labels that is always very hit or miss for me and with The Omega Experiment this could not be more of a HIT. There are even moments I want to say bands like  Agalloch, Opeth and Dan Swano will play a role in how this band progresses and changes. I can not wait for the next release another Stellar release for 2013....

Victor Griffin's In-Graved-S/T-CD (Svart Records)

Its been a long time since I can say I FUCKING HATE an Album but folks this Stoner /Retro piece of shit takes the cake it sounds like some demo recorded in a basement of a aging rocker that wants his name on an album rather then a band  OH!!! wait that what this is. Sounds like out takes of his bands better material that he trying to milk for every dollar he can.  70's fuzzed out Dark Rock should be left to bands like  Cream, Blue Cheer and now bands like  Down, Monster Magnet and Orange Goblin. Its just that simple. I'm done with this ...

En Nihil- The Approaching Dark- CD ( Eibon Records)

Yes Eibon is back with a new release this time its from the amazing Dark Droning Noise force known as En Nihil and all I have to is welcome back my Noisy P.E. loving  friend. This is a gentleman by the name of Adam and is in California and created one of the best Dark Industrial records for me called Death Keeps on the Redstream label. Where that was more about  Pain and Aggression this time out with  The Approaching Dark its more about  Darkness, Occult, Rituals and the un nerving elements of Dark Ambient and Power electronics. En Nihil has grown of the years and this is music more minimalist and works so well on the make you look behind you and wonder what is going to touch in the dark way. I glad to see Eibon released this as they give so much care to their releases even know this is done out of love and clearly not money. We need to keep the Dark Industrial, Ambient and Black Noise scene alive and ready to show those looking to hear the real underground experiments in music and art. This could be a sound track  as at time En Nihil reminds me of the darker moments of Ulver or  When in the arrangements of the music. I hope you all get the chance to hear a true artist at work and then get that Redstream release as well its beyond words.


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