New Reviews 10/6/2012

Neurosis- Honor Found in Decay- CD ( Neurot Recordings)

So its been close to 5 yrs since Neurosis has given us a new proper album both Steve von till and Scott Kelly have made a few solo release and world on a few collabs  but all this aside I have to say this is the most Metallic and Aggressive album I've heard from Neurosis since Through Silver in Blood. Von Till vocals are the so throaty and almost that Post Hardcore sound they had on A sun that never sets. Kelly is always the more pissed off of the two vocally and he is full on Metallic Hardcore when they get the epic wall of sonic guitars and bass lines rumbling. There are moments of Post Rock and Blues going on in a very Americana vibe but the hypnotic layers of sound and passion going on is more then any band can hope for. This is Neurosis " Honor Found in Decay" is really a collection of two decades of trials and tribulation of a band always on the cutting edge. No one truly sounds like Neurosis some can match a period of the band like Isis or Seven Sisters of Sleep ... Neurosis is about Heathen pride, Family honor , The Doomed sound, The moments of hope after is all  and the time of rebuilding the future. I truly hope Neurosis goes on for another Decade and this band is want has gotten me through some crazy times...

Trillion Red- Meta Phere-CD ( bad God)

I has a review from time to time get thrown for a loop and Trillion Red did that on there self released debut . I swore the next time around I would not allow them to sucker punch me .... well I was wrong Meta Phere is even more expansive and jaw dropping then the 1st... If you can mix Experimental Prog and Post Metal into a soundtrack for a bizzare sci fi event you may come close to Trillion Red.. I hear elements on Opeth, Oxiplegatz, Old Dead tree, Ulver, Bethlehem, Mogwai, Katatona and Fates Warning all at the same time... Words fall short on a release like this you need to hear it to understand. Its goes from Ambient Rock waves to Post Industrial to Post Black metal to full on Prog Metal all in the same song. This is not something that can be taught, its a sound that comes from ones very heart and soul. There a few out there that can do this Dan Swano, Devin Townsend, Kris of Ulver and Ihsahn... I would call the album the deconstruction and recreation of modern extreme music. Patrick of Trillion Red will be remembered as an innovator years after they are gone sadly to say. This maybe album of the year right now for me...

BeastMilk- Use your Deluge-CDep (Svart Records)

So if you take members of Neo Folk revivalist Hexvessel and add a 70's Prog / Proto metal sound to them think Deep Purple, Cream and Iron Butterfly you have a very close ideal of what is going on here. I swear Beastmilk recorded the album in quadraphonic and analog studios to give it that amazing retro sound and the cinematic quality that is going on here. The flanged out guitars and massive drums with the clean almost boyd rice or nick cave vocal movements that are going on here work so well. This is a odd little release that many will not get but if you do the ritualistic beauty that is here is more then one soul will ever want or need. I really love this album give it a chance please we need more Beastmilk its that plain and simple...

Killing Joke- MMXII-CD (Spinefarm)

Killing Joke is one of those bands that has transended genre and creativity they have gone from Punk to Post Punk to Industrial Rock to Dark Rock to just plain Killing Joke folks..
Jaz Colemen, Geordie, Big Paul and Youth has created everything bands like The Mission, Public Image Ltd and Sisters of Mercy always wanted in just this one album the mix of Punk, Post modern Alt rock and Dark Goth elements all in a Post Hardcore realm. The Haunting and Echoing sounds of this band are Killing Joke the second you hear it no band other then Killing Joke has going this right there are a few close to it Alaric is one of them and is the closest to date. If you have never heard Killing Joke then this is a great place to start as so many bands you have heard from Tiamat to Katatonia have all stolen and worshiped the sound and you will hear it if you dig into what is Killing Joke's back catalog as well some is more extreme some is less all is just as good. Spinefarm thank you for  this and more to come I hope.

Axewound-Vultures-CD  (The End Records)

Welcome to a world of  Post Industrial Crust Metal. This reminds a bands like if Messhuggah , Crowbar, Godflesh and Celtic Frost had a child to create a war on mainstream music. With members of Bullet for my valentine, Pitchshifter etc in this band you can hear all those sounds. Its the harmonics and melodies of 90's Thrash that is really taking it to the next level. I'm rather surprised this is on The End as the seem to be heading into a more mainstream musical pattern . Axewound is something I would have thought in signed 5-7 yrs ago. I hear such a punk snarl in the way this is arranged as well. In they way Slayer, Sodom and Kreator and Anthrax have added that punk edge to there over all sound. This is a full on metal release let me tell you guttural growls and downing tuning abound.. Axewound will just get better as time goes on and I look forward to the next releases. Esp with the complexity of the riffs and arrangements going on with vultures...

Empty Flower- Six-CD (Translation Loss)

So if you threw members of Jesus Lizard, Slint , Fugazi and Jesu into a room and told them to make music you would get Empty Flowers. This is Post Hardcore/Post Rock/ Indie Noise with a hauting melody. Love the sparse elements that Empty Flowers puts out. This is Bass and Drum heavy and the guitars are more textured and a wonderful element going on over the whole release. The front man sounds like Guy from Fugazi or Daniel of Lungfish.. At times the music is that very dissident loose tuned indie of the 90's IE (Polvo, Rodan, Tar).. Man I really dig this album its every good about the Post Hardcore/Alt Rock world in the 1990's . I hope this is a new dawn for bands to have that very indie approach to music were melody mattered as much as did the power of the riff..