New Reviews 5/5/2012

ACEPHALIX- Deathless Master-CD (Southern Lord)

If you like you metal Punk filled  mixed with Thrash and Swedish Death metal then look no further my friends as Acephalix is all this and more think if you mixed At the gates with Celtic Frost  and touches of Sodom you would have the proper mix of piss and vinegar for  the release known as Deathless Master.. Southern Lord has found a band that has that Swedish Death metal tone in the guitars and drumming down . At times I swear there are heavy doses of Slayer and Forbidden in the arrangement of tracks as well. I makes me want to get out the Demin with the patches again and grow my hair out in the power mullet .... Check them out Acephalix are as heavy and crushing track by track..


Aquilus is something I was very much not ready for If you could set a Theater musical to Black metal this is were I hear the band they take were bands like Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus and Emperor etc have gone but add elements of bands like Red Harvest and DHG into the mix then have them work with Trans Siberan Orchestra or Haggard to make it something all so new and adventurous in presentation , style and mindset. If Opeth was more symphonic or Devin townsend did a Black metal band we would have Aquilus.. The band have a strong love for Devil Doll as well in the piano and string and choir elements going on. Not sure there is much more that could be said in a review as you need to fully experience Aquilus in Audio format to understand and understand you will.

Catheter- Southwest Doom Violence-CD (Self Made God)

Grindcore , Power Violence, Sludge and heavy doses of Death metal is what the mighty Catheter is giving us right now. The so remind me a mix of Assuck, Bloodduster and Brutal truth all with moments were bands like Cavity and early Floor come in on all 4 legs to tear you from limb to limb. Do you remember bands like  Born Against and His hero is gone maybe even Rorschach. All these bands come to mind when listening . Slap a ham or bovine would have release many a 7" for this band for sure. Again Self Made God is hit or miss with me and this one is a major HIT!!!!

Deadborn- Mayhem Maniac Machine-CD (Apostasy Records)

So this is Death metal huh the kind of Death metal that was really interesting and kick ass in 1995 but now it really sound tired and stale and like 1500 other bands doing the same thing. Earache, Relapse , Nuke Blast and Roadrunner cornered  this market and Deadborn sound like all those bands sorry I really done here there not bad at all just ho hum...

Dreaming Dead-Midnightmare-CD (Self Released)

This band has been on the scene for some time now and this is a couple of releases in I remember that were signed Ibex Moon wonder why they are going it alone this time out but with there 2nd proper album this is a female fronted Progressive Death metal force that sound at time very much like Arch Enemy in all they do. I really did the other side of the band were the get very prog and avant in what they do and almost sound like Porcupine Tree or Dan Swano's Nightingales. The for a few stunning moments they add some melodic Black Death that I would liken to Dissection or Emperor in presentation then right back to the Death metal assault. Dreaming Dead is one of the more interesting female fronted Extreme metal bands in the USA right now. Check them out you will be challenged and surprised..

Emptiness- Error-CD ( Dark Descent Records)

This is Dark Metal in every sense of the word my friends if you like bands like  Bethlehem, Shining, Unholy and Dolorian then there is no way to pass this up as it haunts the soul and well as the mind is the complex arrangements, Vocals that of the very sick and dying  on this world. The low tones and the torment that just oozes from the speaker where the sound projects. There is melody and a hollow empty feeling all at the same time. The guitars are pure chaos and you can not ask for more they at one moment sound lofi next they are playing prog metal and soaring solos then a wall of sonic noise . The drumming is on a level that many can not. He is not over playing but playing to the music around him a very rare breed today. I know two of the members are in Enthroned but that is only one small part of  Emptiness sound. Error has a strong Industrial elements like Godflesh and MZ412 does and if you mix those to bands into the fold it makes the picture all the more complete. Come on there are jazz horns on the album too. This is the cutting edge and you need to hear it. They have releases on Agonia and Painkiller two very cutting edge labels as well. I need to hear more from Emptiness and I will..

Kontrust- Second Hand Wonderland-CD (Napalm Records)

Oh where to begin with Gem of an album if you can mix metal, dancehall, Hardcore, Electronic, Hardrock and more. Just in the 1st few moments I can here band like Ulver, Skindred, Oomph!, Bad Brains, Faith no more, Lacuna Coil and The Gathering.. Kontrust is a sensory overload to the mind, eye and ears I just saw a few of there videos and they are just as odd and this band so thank you. I mean 100% this bands goes from Dance beats to hardrock to Industrial rock to Death metal all in the same track and they the Reggae/Dub kicks in. The Male/ Female vocal interplay is just so tasty is hurts.. Kontrust is that band in 21st that did it to me like( Emperor, Arcturus, Ulver, Bogus Blimp , Cop Shoot Cop, Tub Ring, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Made out of Babies and When) all did to me before. Change my Idea on how music can be arranged. Napalm you have the band of 2012 and its call Kontrust amazing simply amazing...

Kill Devil Hill- S/t-CD (SPV)

So what do you get  when former members of  Dio/Sabbath, Pantera, Down etc you get a kick as Rock unit that has similar elements and sounds to bands like Alice in chains, Soundgarden, Black Label Society and Skid Row in the way the Heavy rock sounds dished out. I also hear bands like Lynch Mob and Fight going on here. Kill Devil Hill is that Hardrock/Metal band you use to see open in arena's and pack theaters as a headliner in the 90's. The vocals at time are so chillingly like Layne Stanley at time from Alice and Chains you would swear that he never did pass on. Grunge is a big part of this album but in a very good way that heavy bluesy guitar part is there. Do not pass this off as a supergroup past there prime as you will be missing out on one hell of a band. I hope to hear many more come from Kill Devil Hill as thier self titled album has not left my playlist in weeks.