7 New Reviews 5/12/2012

US Christmas- Bad Heart Bull-CD (Play the Assassin)

So here we have the reissue of the debut album of  US Christmas original released on CDR now on CD and vinyl. This album is a mix of Post Hardcore, Doom and Dirty Bluesy Punk all into a stew of wonderful. Reminds me a lot of Mudhoney meet MC5 in its presentation.. US Christmas always has the Monster Magnet meets Hawkwind Psychedelic element going on as well. I can not call it low fi but it creeps into that style and sound. This is Rock that needs to be performed on a big stage so the open acoustics can make this album shine.  If you like " Spine of God " by Monster Magnet you need to own this album now . I really don't have more to say then wow  and glad to hear the early incarnation of US Christmas..

Moonloop - Deeply from the Earth-CD ( Listenable Records)

The very 1st thought I get when listening to Moonloop is what if Opeth and Edge of Sanity formed into one flowing project and I'm sure you would have Moonloop the Music is very much in that Opeth, Devin Townsend, Katatonia vibe that you can not get out of your head once its in there. The vocals are full on Death/Black in nature . With Moonloop you also get some over the top Tech metal going on that almost leads in to Power metal in the arrangements in the way Nevermore added to the genre. Moonloop is an impressive force for the Listenable roster and fits very well with the Tech and Modern feel and sound of other Listenable artists. Give this a spin you will be surprised how many layers are going on here.


How come the Constellations Shine- Belongs to Mafra-CD / Digital (Fluttery Records)

So I'm label mates with these fine gentlemen and what we have is a collection of very personal minimalist Post Rock/ Ambient Rock track with haunting guitars, piano , strings and very minimalist percussion. They almost remind me of the more primitive Sigor Ros or Hrsta.. I know there are those of you out there that call this style of music Dream pop but its far more then that. There is an epic side to How come the Constellations Shine. It becomes Orchestral and yes even at times sounds like the band Caspian to my ears.  This band knows how to move the soul as well as mind. Though they do sound like over a dozen bands before them. Its a fantastic chronicle of the Post Rock sound and adventure all should take some time in the future.


Bilocate- Summoning the bygones-CD (Code666/ Aural Music)

In this new times of Metal the 21st century is giving us metal from all over the globe this is the 3rd released from a Oriental Metal band from Jordan yes a band from the heart of the middle east. The 1st thing that comes to mind when listening to this band is Edge of Sanity and Dan Swano as I swear this could be the continuation on Spectral Sorrow album mix with a fine does of bands like Immortal and Emperor into the fold. I was not ready for such a complex release into listening to Bilocate but friends I will tell you its amazing and mindblowing in presentation and creation. They guys can play and write music on levels of Death metals greats. We have so much eastern and prog melody going within Summoning the bygones it will take many listens to fully get the true point of the band. Code666 you have an stellar release on your hand now get it to the masses and watch the magic spread.


Din Brad-Dor-CD (Prophecy Productions)

So the drummer of  Negura Bunget now has released is long awaited Heathen Folk releases under the name Din Brad. It mixes Folk of Celtic, Germanic and Slavic in what I hear going on its all wrapped around a very chilling and powerful female vocalist that brings the whole release together. The melding of simple drumming, string and eastern European folk tools is what gives this a very ethnic feel to my ears similar to a band called Ranja if you remember them or a more modern band would be the non metal parts of Arkona. Dor will clearly not be for all but those of us with the heathen fire burning this will be a very personal and special release.

http:// prophecyproductions.de/

Stalwart- Manfest of Refusal-CD ( PRC Music)

Stalwart is a sledgehammer of holy fuck going on here if you like your Death metal Epic and Giant in sound and grander then look no further .. If you can mix the power of Therion with  the full on metallic assault of bands like Incantation, Immolation and Bolt thrower you are close to were this Russian wall of crushing metal is coming from.. This album makes me want to trash around the room and destroy all that is in my path. Stalwart gives me hope for extreme metal again this is the Russian Meshuggah I'm convinced on it now that is who I hear much in from this band. There is a Godflesh Industrial element going on as well. I need to hear more from this band as if Early Stalwart sound like this I've been missing out on an amazing band for yrs..

Black shape of nexus- Negative Black-CD ( Exile on Mainstream)

Industrial Doom in the style of Phobos, Godflesh, Pitchshifter and It is I and you know what I could not be happier to hear this its like a bulldozer came up and just decided to clear a path for all that is behind them.. Black Shape of Nexus just what the doctor ordered they mix in Sludge elements of  Cavity, Eyehategod, Crowbar and Damad all into a frothing cup of sit down and shut the fuck up and we may let you live. This is one pissed of band and I would want it no other way. The sound on this album is larger then the speakers can take. Horns up and weapons ready folks here come Black shape of Nexus either join up or die...