7 New Reviews 4/14/2012

Freak Kitchen- Land of Freaks-CD ( Lasers Edge)

This is a reissue from a 2009 release . All I can say if youre into Kings X, Porcupine Tree, Devin Townsend and Ayreon this is a must listen. The complexity is second to none going on here full on horns,  prog metal guitars, Jazz/Blues Prog rhythm's and vocals that remind me of Mr Townsend in the way they are sung and present. The melody is very much on what Kings X has done for years. This is one of Europe's biggest hidden gems. I can not believe the talent and styling that are coming out of this band and thank the heavens The Lasers Edge is re releasing all there titles. This Trio is just so so good. There is a catchiness to the madness they present as well. Freak Kitchen add a heavy does of AOR  Rock and  Hard Rock of the early 90's so if this is something that is not your cup of tea it may be a bit too sweet for your extreme metal taste. They have this similar flavor to bands like White Trash and Saigon Kick but then the latter had  many prog elements going on as well. Oh just check them out as I'm very pleased I did.

Massive Assault- Death Strike-CD (FDA Rekotz)

Hell yea  get those Denim vests with your patches on and combat boots on as this is Battle/ War  Death metal with a heavy Punky Thrash elements. If your a fan of Dismember and Panzerchrist then you need to look no further then add Entombed in the 90's to the mix and you have Massive Assault. They mix elements of Sodom and Destruction in just for good measure my friends.  You can not get more metal then this band its just impossible. I fucking love this album 1000% ... Horns up and high the solos are even total Earache/Relapse bands from the early to mid 90's...  Enough said get this now...

Goatpsalm- Erest La Tari-CD (Aesthetic Death)

Industrial Black Noise is what I'm getting from this 1st twenty minute track in the same way MZ412 or Hypsiphrone create even were intros from bands like Nile begin. This is dark , winding and relentless in the level of pain and horror that is being composed here. If Endrva or Dead Can Dance added Black metal to there sound I would almost say that Goatpsalm is that very band. There are these very cool eastern and ethno elements mixed into all that is going on with this music. Goatpsalm is not a metal band in anyway shape or form. Yet they are more disturbing then most of the metal bands I've ever heard. Aesthetic Death is on the fringe of experimental music once again and amen for that !!!


Vorkreist- Sigil Whore Christ-CD (Agonia)

What we have hear is a failure to allow mainstream Ideal's infect a band like Vorkreist. This is a  Blackened Death with a very epic symphonic overtone. The cold melodic elements are so strong on this it places a layer of majesty to it . Vorkreist reminds of bands like Saytricon and Khold in how the songs are arranged and presented.  With Sigil Whore Christ there are some many sounds and styles going on that with in one songs it can go from Symphonic Black metal to melodic Swedish Black metal to  Old School Swedish Death metal. I can see why Agonia has picked up this project for release. There is also a strong Kinship to Secrets of the Moon is the way all the sounds are created.  Vorkreist is indeed an impressive extreme metal force and once to what out for as with Agonia the sky really is the limit..

Prong - Carved into Stone- CD (Long Branch/ SPV)

So Prong come back with what I would have to say is there best album since Cleansing. What Carved in stone does is mix elements of old esp Beg to differ period with more modern elements . There is a good Metallic Hardcore element going on here with some of the industrial metal that they did so well on Prove you wrong .. The Solo are great and full of effects like in the days of old . Tommy Victors vocal's have not been this strong in years as well.  If you have missed the prong of the 90's then you will need to hear Carved in Stone as they have managed to bring the spirit of those days back while still making a fresh sounding album. Only think I miss is Ted Parsons on the drums as that was best time for prong with me. There are still heavy Killing Joke elements even with Mr Raven passed on. I look forward to hearing more in the future with a new label that seems to care about were Prong is heading in 2012.. Really strong rebirth of Prong here people check this out.

MoonReich- Curse them-CD (De Tenebrarum Principio/ATMF)

Blistering  Raw and Powerful Black metal that of were bands like Mayhem, Marduk, Dark Funeral and Darkthrone have taken us before with bit of the Post Black metal world band like Code or Negura Bunget have shown us that path. Though Curse them is just an Ep it packs one hell of a punch in sound and song crafting. Moonreich is one of those bands that stand in you head hours after you hear them and have the staying power to last for yrs to come as an album you will come back to over and over again. Its not all about the speed and treble tones here there is a very cold dark melody going on through out that makes its crawl under your skin and fester as well. The vocals go from total blackened sickness to a gothic black element that really works over all with the release another shining moment in ATMF label / Sub label's growing roster..

Lyriel- Leverage-CD (AFM Records)

Yes I know  female fronted  Goth Prog Metal bands are not unusual in this day and age . Now on the other hand if they are talented and good is very much another story. With Lyriel they bring you back to bands like  Within Tempation, The Gathering and Tristania etc this is really great and it has a huge Celtic element going on which makes its all the more special as you can add Skyclad and Subway to Sally going on throughout this release as well. AFM is the home for many great artist now Jon Oliva, Suidakra, Fear Factory and Udo to name a few.  Lyriel really mix Death metal, Prog, Goth Rock and Electronica into a style that is very familiar but yet all there own. I've really started rocking out to Leverage and if you take a listen you will see the beauty in this band as well.