4 Experimental/ Avant Review Edition 4/7/2012

PETER BJÄRGÖ & GUSTAF HILDEBRAND "Out Of The Darkling Light, Into The Bright Shadow" CD (43rd Cycle)

Peter Bjargo & Gustaf Hlidebrand- Out the darkling light into the bright shadow-CD (Cyclic Law)

This was much more electronic and glitch then I expected I have to say that. There are some very powerful dark ambient and minimal drift and drone moments going on as well. With Peter of (Sophia and Arcana) and Mr Hlidebrand you know the darkness will flow but the beats I was not ready for. If you like you ambient in the thriller or horror genre then this is a must listen. Reminds me of the more out of left field stuff labels like Old Europa Cafe and Hypnos create. This is very ebb and flow in the arrangements. I call this ritualistic chill out music on a haunting element almost what Aghast or Valefor did. Check it out if you dare...


GUSTAF HILDEBRAND "Heliopause" CD (42nd Cycle)
Gustaf Hlidebrand- Heliopause-CD (Cyclic Law)

Where the other release I just reviewed with Mr Hlidebrand partnering with another was more electronic elements and glitch movements this is more about Dark Ambient, Noise and Soundwaves crashing and layering into industrial radio nightmare. There are many tortured moments going on here. If you were lost in space and trying to find your way home these are not the first sounds you would want to hear. They sound like distant tormented souls trying to claw there way out of the speakers just for a moment of relief. Gustaf is a dark soul indeed and creates a collage of Pain, Suffering, Noise loops, effects and tones that will keep you up for many nights to come.


A Whisper in the noise - To Forget- CD (Exile on Mainstream)

Ah glorious Post Rock meets  Orchestral Minimalist in the say way band like  Low, Sigur Ros, Circle and Hrsta etc. This duo is as soulful and they are inventive and creative in the way less is more. There is a beauty to  A Whisper in the noise a delicate manner to it all. At times its feels like I'm listening to bands like Rachel's or the more mellow moments of Superchunk. This is a journey down self expression and inner thought and it will easy your pain if your having a sorrow filled day. This Duo is as uplifting and there music is important in 2012 . We need more bands like this.

Tal' Set- La Via Del Guerriero-CD (ATMF)

This  Italian force is a mix of some the most over the top elements I've heard in while Dark Ambient, Avant Black metal, 70's Horror music music, Post Hardcore and Prog rock in a way that very few present the music. Its far less Black metal then I thought the band would be . I do hear a lot of Modern Enslaved and Ihsahn going on here with bands like  Tenhi, Chasma and Negura Bunget.. I really like the Avant and Dissident sounds going on with Tal' Set it works in all the chaos that is presented . It even has those epic moments like band of  Hollenthon and Nile. You know where I'm coming from. The last band that I would say is a kin to is Summoning as they are very focused on an Indian theme through out the release. ATMF has ground breaking release here for those ready to take the time to really listen and not skim the surface.