WOLVSERPENT interview is up @ AZM 4/7/2011


1. Tell the world a brief history of this new Duo of Droning Post Metal
Ritualistic sounds..

BG: While we prefer the terms funeral drone, blackened doom or dark adult
contemporary. That'll work ;) Wolvserpent is the duo of Blake Green and Brittany McConnell. We have been playing together for 9-11 years. Existing under the moniker Wolvserpent for a much shorter period of time. We are from Idaho USA.

2. Blood Seed your new Album is just two long tracks . Was this more a live
ritual put to CD or did you work it out in studio to make it as is?

BG: Blood Seed was written and performed live several times before we recorded
and pressed this on LP. We tried to make it as true to its live performance as we
could with the resources we had.

3. Being a Duo is it hard to create the tracks live?

BG: At this point we have had a descent amount of practice so it is not particularly
difficult. It is still work however. I notice if I start to think the songs are easy then I
stop paying attention and shit hits the fan.

BMc: It is always a challenge to not be able to play several instruments at the same
time. Modern technology has helped us out a lot with that. Along with these
challenges, this restriction keeps us from going over the top- we can maintain the space that adds so much to the music.

4. How did Wolvserpent come to sign with 20 Buckspin?

BG: 20 Buck Spin was on a short list of labels we sent our demos to. They showed
interest in working with us so we pursued the relationship from there. They have since been a great supporter in this effort.

5. Your website is very minimalist and well done are you happy with the

BG: Thank you. Glad you appreciate it. We are not web designers or particularly web
savvy in general so it took a lot of work.

My goal is to make the site as simple and to the point as possible. Mainly
dedicated to the music we create and a place to purchase that music. Eventually
to be used to get away from outside social networking type sites or third party
download sites.

I used blog type host and am not particularly happy with it. It is
difficult and or impossible to add “buy now” buttons or stream music and offer
download codes. I didn't know at the time that this site would not suit our needs.
So there is still work to be done to fully realize the vision.
6. Is there a theme behind Bloodseed?

BG: Yes several. We prefer, however, to have the music and imagery lead the
listener to their own conclusions

7. I'm very curious as Boise ID doesnt seem the hotbed of music what is
the scene like there and do you feel being from there has added a element
other bands don't have?

BG: I would imagine Boise is like any other US town of this size. It is not a hotbed
of music but there are talented people here pursuing music to the best of their
abilities and resources. Struggling day by day to make it work. There is no scene,
there is only what you do. To me that is one advantage of this cultural isolation.
Not to say there aren’t draw backs. It is hard to say if this environment has added
an element that others do not have. That would be the hope for lots of artists
though right?....that their voices are unique in a sea of voices. At this point in my
life I don't know if it matters regardless, it is what it is. That is, us doing our best
to be true to ourselves.

8. Your live shows from photos seems very cathartic and occult do you
use Heathen elements live to gave a feeling to the performance?? 
BG: We try the best we can to create a certain atmosphere, to assist ourselves and our audience in escaping the immediate situation....and to create a new one. For the most part we perform in less than ideal situations, often bars or smoky clubs.
The music we are performing is not always suited to this environment. The use of Heathen elements and Volume help dispel unwanted aspects of a given situation. Any visuals we would use for live performance are there to improve the strength of the music and help all who are there to listen fall deeper into the sounds.

9. Is there a deeper meaning behind the artwork of Bloodseed as its a very
haunting cover indeed?

BG: Yes but as with the music it is also meant to be interpreted. Unique to each
listener. There should be an element of mystery in our artwork and music as
there is with the occult. Or anything that is describing something beyond our ability
to completely understand. This is part of what we try to express. Something that
is larger than us and beyond our understanding. Telling a story that tells itself.
The idea that we are the pages and the music is the author, not the other way
around. The story is the same but told in a different way to each reader. And of
course that metal shit is rad.

10. Do you feel the digital age is helping or hurting the Underground Indie
band in 2011?

BG:Honestly I have no idea. I have noticed that people often download the albums
instead of purchasing the record. Which makes artists’ ability to release records more challenging. Everyone seems to be losing money, labels in general are struggling. People who have been making a living with music for years are no longer able to do so...or at the least it has become an even bigger challenge.

I am not convinced that the benefits of the web out weigh the drawbacks within the realm of music and arts. I am sure we have all heard the arguments for both sides. But I am undecided on my conclusion. 

I do have to give respect to the people that purchase releases by musicians they like (especially in the underground, or on a diy level). I think it is a very cool gesture.

11. What can we expect from future material on the next release?

BG: Our other projects Mezektet and Aelter will have albums out very soon on our
private imprint Wolvserpent Records. Wolvserpent will be releasing Gathering
Strengths and Blood Seed on a 2xCD in May via Crucial Blast. Beyond that we
are working out some older material for release in late 2011 or 2012 and have
plans for a second Mezektet and third Aelter at some point in the near future.
You know....if the USA hasnt sunk into another great depression.

12. did the material under the name Pussygut sound anything
like Wolvserpent?

BG: They are different stylistically album-to-album but it sounds like the same people made it. Whether Wolvserpent will continue to follow this trend is likely but

13. thank you for the time any closing thoughts here...
BG: Thanks for the questions. Thanks to our true fans for their support.