3 New Reviews @ Absolute Zero Media 4/10/2011

Finnr's Cane-Wanderlust-CD (Prophecy Productions)

Ethereal Post Black metal is something over the years has inspired me greatly and Finnr's Cane is in that vein very much so. If you like bands like Dorenreich, Alcest , A Forest of Stars and The Vision Bleak also on Prophecy you will be very pleased . The acoustic, dark metallic over tones, atmospheres  its all on a grandious level and style. The remind alot of what Mayhem, DHG, Code, Wolves in the Throne room , Azrael  do when then go much more experimental. There is again a very otherwordly quality to all of this and it helps the production is wide open and not compressed like many modern recordings. The Acoustic guitars, Cello and strings really make this something special were the cross the genre's with bands like Tenhi, Antimatter and what Duncan Patterson is doing with Ion.. I can see why there on Prophecy they have the regal touch that all the proper Prophecy bands have. Check it out without delay...

The Axis of Perdition- Tenements-CD (Code 666)

Black and Death metal seem to have a cross roads and its always seems to be in a more tech manner and with this band they love to add the elements of Voivod and Aryeon  for the Spacial, Futuristic Prog element mix into all of this . If Manes mixed with Red Harvest it would almost sound like this to me. I know that two odd projects to mix but this is a very odd band to begin with as they actually to mix Black, Death, Prog, Thrash and Sci Fi into one song and then turn the blender on full speed ahead. If you have never heard The Axis of Perdition then you are clearly missing out . The touches of electronic and grinding  madness just help to make it all the more interesting to dissect and delv into for many many listens. Another in long line of great Avant Metal under takings for Code666.

AERIAL RUIN- Valleys of the Earth-CD ( Vendlus Records)

So what we have here is all that is good in Acoustic / Acoustic Folk Rock acts. If your a fan of Steve Von Till (Solo), Neil Young in Harvest Moon period and the Folk music like Tenhi, Anthony and the Johnsons and Of the Wand and the Moon. There is a sadness here with the delicate sounds of just an Acoustic guitar, vocals and simple effects. Yes some will think this is far to minimalist but then again this kind of release was never meant for them to begin with. If your a heathen and are looking of music to get back to nature or to your roots of the old world with then AERIAL RUIN is the ultimate that could be on my list for such. There is soon much talent here from just one simple man doing what you can clearly hear that he loves doing. This is risk for Vendlus but a very good one at that.  I would also say if you have heard  Hexvessel this would be for your enjoyment at well. Valleys of the Earth is a very cleansing album on many many level...