9 New Reviews 7/31/2010

CONSTANTS TO RELEASE “IF TOMORROW THE WAR” THROUGH SCIENCE OF SILENCE RECORDS Limited Edition Vinyl & Digital Out September 7th On CONSTANTS’ forthcoming album If Tomorrow The War, these shoegazers turned indie-metal pioneers have further evolved their already genre bending style and truly come into their own.  Produced by Jesu/Godflesh mastermind Justin K. Broadrick, basic tracks for the album were recorded at guitarist/vocalist Will Benoit’s burgeoning Solar Powered recording studio (Radar Studios), where he - along with bassist Orion Wainer and drummer Rob Motes- has fine-tuned his band’s distinct energy and youthful ambition into a signature sound that is Constants and Constants alone. The new record features guest appearances from Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid, Sights & Sounds) and Mike Hill (Tombs), and is the follow up to the band’s 2009 critically acclaimed full-length The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension.  The album will be released in North America on September 7th in a very limited-edition run of 250 copies (with 125 in transparent red and 125 in black).  The exclusive, hand-numbered packaging by Interrobang Letterpress (who were responsible for the amazing Isis Oceanic Remixes Vinyl Box Set) and features alternative album art by M. Repasch Nieves.  For those without a record player, If Tomorrow The War will be available on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and all other digital stores. The guys will also hit the road in August for a northeast run with City Of Ships 08.07.10 - Burlington, VT   Monkey House w. Mose Giganticus08.08.10 - Allston, MA   Great Scott w. Mose Giganticus08.09.10 - Portland, ME   Geno’s08.10.10 - Wallingford, CT   Cherry Street Station08.11.10 - Providence, RI   The 20108.12.10 - TBA NJ08.13.10 - Philadelphia, PA   The Khyber w. Mose Giganticus08.14.10 - New York, NY   The Acheron Pre-order the album now exclusively through the Radar Recordings Webstore and get the digital files on August 13th (vinyl will ship on or around September 7th) www.constantsound.comwww.myspace.com/constantswww.radarrecordings.com
CONSTANTS TO RELEASE “IF TOMORROW THE WAR”- LP/CD (Science of Silence/ Radar Records)

MMMM a tasty slab of Post Rocking , Shoegazing metallic madness. This reminds me of all these great 90's indie bands like Catherine Wheel, Mogwai, Sunny day real estate, Swervedriver and Curve but with a metallic twist . This band could very easy be on Matador, Play it again sam or even Hydrahead . If you like like your bands full of emotion, harmony, electic post rock element and a strong hypnotic element in the production then you really can't miss with Constants .. At times Constants remind me of Rodan in the way the go so bombastic and mellow in the same track. What ever you do please don't miss out on Constants there an amazing band..

MAR DE GRISES- Streams Inward-CD (Season of Mist)

This is a hard band to read for this reviewer as they mix elements of Black, Doom and Death but all in a very melodic and catchy way . With the synths seeming to play a major role in the over all sound of the band. I want to call them Dark metal but then they are not extreme or brutal enough to fit that style. If there is a such thing as Progressive Black/Doom then Mar De Grises are it if not then they are a new breed of bands that love Opeth and Katatonia as well as Mayhem and Emperor making a new genre as there as few others out that doing this. To me Mar De Grises have that Dan Swano sound if you like Mr Swano you know what I mean if not listen to Edge of Sanity, Nightingale or is Solo work and you will get it in no time at all. Some call it the Swedish Black/Death sound but its so much more then that. There is just a dark metallic harmonic element to it that draws in all the sorrow you have and give you this sense of possible change .. Mar De Grises is impressive as all can be another great line up addition to any already impressive SOM label..

OTARGOS- No God No Satan-CD (Season of Mist)

Season of mist to me over the years has gotten stronger and stronger on the modern Black metal sound where Listenable is getting that Sci Fi Death metal vibe. With Otargos this reminds me of what I would call Sci fi Black metal as is the tones and the arrangements come in at such a way that is sounds like something you would hear in a movies about the world several hundred if not thousand years in the future. They have that Ved Buen Ende/ Code sound to them with a good mix of Arcturus and And Oceans that make them so damn interesting to listen to. There is a Melody Dark metal side to them. Though Otargos for the most part are an ugly ugly Black metal force looking to reek havoc out to all that will listen. No God No Satan is one powerful sounding release...

Lustre- A Glimpse of Glory-CD (De Tenebrarum Principio)

Lustre was a band I wasn't ready for this is what I call ambient black metal there are a few bands that have really stunned me in this genre one of them being Profanum from Poland and I Shalt Become. Lustre again uses the synths and atmosphere to add the haunting and occult element to what they are trying to create. As may others have heard the strongest comparison I have to this band is Summoning. As there epic symphonic and hypnotic Black metal sound is where Lustre most closely appears. The music that is created is Breathtaking none the less. It feels like the world before it was spoiled and when there was a change for you to actually have a change to control you own destiny. Music like Lustre can clean your soul of the modern sickness that we are trapped in each and every day. This is an ethereal journey back to the early days of humanity when nature was most important and the God's still cared about the ones on this earth..

These are they- Disposing of Betrayers-CD (The End Records)

So current and former members of Novembers Doom are back with a new album under the band name These are they. I like to call this the US assault of melodic European Death Metal as they remind me of bands like Dismember, Entombed and Bolt Thrower but with a Darker more american element that bands like Morbid Angel and Incantation added to that style. Paul's vocals are really perfect for a band of this Mid Tempo Death sound. Its not fucking grinding or blast core its solid and strong Old School Death metal the way it should be you can hear every crushing riff and punishing element of the band that it is trying to come across with. 80/90's Death metal head will not be more proud or happy to hear of a band or album like this coming back. Remember the Good olf Earache, Nuke blast or Roadrunner days this is where These are they shines...

Blood Revolt- Indoctrine-CD (Profound Lore)

Blood Revolt is chaos profound and you know I would really just say that and end this review as they really sound like no one else they have elements used before but they vocals are so bizarre in nature with a Black Punk/Crust and Metallic overtone I don't really know where they are coming from at time they even sound like a Doom metal band . Blood revolt if anytime is a very interesting ride on the extreme metal highway. The have a very Cali Crust sound in a lot of this music especially in the drums and guitar arrangements. The vocals are more Black and Hardcore mixed .. Blood revolt are so spastic it brilliant there is a sickly melody to all of this as well. Other moments they sound like a Classic thrash or Power metal band. Profound Lore have gotten a band that crosses so many styles, genres and sounds , they are really beyond words. Blood Revolt are just something that needs to be heard to try an even understand. I give them a giant hell ya.....

Black 'n' Roll

Black River- BlackNRoll-CD (Armoury Records)

So members of Behemoth & Dimmu Borgir get a love for Motorhead, Monster magnet and AC/DC as this is Dirty Classic heavy rock form 70/80's played loud and with no rules. Bands like Black River always seem to happy after yrs of playing extreme music. There are moments were the blackened or death vocals come out a bit but its never really black or death n roll by that means. Black River is very bluesy almost to the point of where the heavier Skid Row or Badlands material was and you know I love both those bands. I know its odd but if Rob Zombie was in Danzig as the front man I almost this that would we Black River. This is a solid as hell rock record ...


Votum- Metafiction-CD (Armoury Records)

Wow a Prog Metal band that from the 1st 30 seconds as just blown my mind wide open. If you like Styx, Dream Theater, Savatage (Zak Stevens vocal period) New Katatonia and Opeth then this going just take you down a trip that you may never want to come back from. The sonic majestic that comes from this band is so epic it tears from my very heart strings. You want a concept Album this the one not to miss. Think of all the great story bands rock albums and this puts them to shame.. I have no clue who Votum or Armoury Records are but holy shit this bands needs major airplay and videos to show the world that music can change the world... Votum you have made a desert Island disc for this reviewer. The vocals are so strong and the guitar. bass, synth and drums could not be more aligned to perfection. If there are more Votum albums I need them NOW!!!!!!!

Bar-do Travel

Proghma-C- Bar - do Travel- CD (Armoury Records)

This Armoury label seems to like the Prog and Avant in the heavy music spectrum. With Proghma we have a mix of Tool, Anathema and Staind all into a stew of technical rock and metal with a very trippy over tone to all of it the bass and drums are doing some very avant jazz movements on " Bar- do Travel" . The music can goto that Meshuggah zone esp the more mellow and later period Meshuggah. Proghma-C are not an easy listen by any sort of the matter. You have to like this very odd beat style to get into it. They are very Math music types so I forewarn you early off. Though if you enjoy this style you will clearly be entertained and very impressed. All 3 Armoury titled sent to me are very good in there own right this is a label to be watched and supported.