New Reviews 6/13/2010

Mona De bo- nekavējies, šīs ir spēles ar tevi- CD (I Love you records)

A 100% true post rock album I haven't heard one of those in awhile. Its just avant and raw and drifting and spacial in all its glory. There are no vocals at all just letting the guitars, drums, odd effects and other arrangements do all they need to do. The detuned elements of this give it a cross between Polvo meets Do make say think. Mono De bo have a brutal simplicity to it all that just makes this works on so many levels. Its almost like the deconstruction of music itself. If you into music on labels like Constellation, Matador, Merge, Touch and Go and Kranky do not miss out on this band as it will haunt you body , mind and soul in the days , weeks and months to come..

East of the Wall- Ressentiment-CD (Translation Loss)

I saw Postman Syndrome, Day without dawn and Biclops members have merged together in yet a third project called East of the Wall and with there debut album on there own label i think it was called Forgotten Empire. Well they are now on the mighty Post Metal force known as Translation Loss. To me Translation Loss, Hydra Head and Neurot Recording are the big 3 doing this style of music as East of the Wall has all the tasty noisy Post Hardcore/ Post Rock , Post .... sounds and elements that make bands like this so brilliant mix Neurosis, Kayo Dot, Isis, Dillenger Escape Plan, Deadguy, Kiss it Goodbye and healthy does of all things Mike Patton and you come close to the sonic stew of Ressentiment... Heavily effected and complex guitar movemnts. A total love of Prog rock and metal in the rhythm section and the clean/screamo vocals that are a much for this to work so brilliantly. Looks like after 3 bands the mix of members seems to be the right fit to make East of the wall click. No more to say then fucking buy this or miss out fool...

SORGELDOM-Inner Receivings-CD ( Nordvis Produktion)

So were going to get Avant and Blackened by this Swedish force known as Sorgeldom. Someone is a big fan of Ved Buen Ende mixed with Velvet Cacoon.. As this is what instantly came to mind with the 1st track the spewed forward from the audio play.. I love the ethereal elements. Sorgeldom would fit well with bands like Azazel, Deathspell omega and even Agalloch as we get deeper into the magic of Inner Receivings.. The vocals are just so low and grim then go to clean tormented elements that work so well with the more open guitar and bass sounds. The wall of drums going on is has almost a spacial overtone to it all. Bands like Sorgeldom are trance inducing the way the create a broken jazzy, dream like state to the madness and horror of a blackened and dying landscape.. Inner Receivings seems to be a part of an Occult series of the label I can hear a strong heathen heart to this beast so I would not be shocked in anyway if the Occult has a lot to do with project. Nordvis has an amazing project here do not let them slip away into the fog ... Come they even do a kick ass Slowdive Cover !!!!This release is exclusively distroed by Relapse in North America so no excuses not being able to find it..

Serenity Dies-Hacksawcracy-CD (Self Released)

Remember when thrash metal had an edge and could be funky and catchy and still be balls out heavy well this is were Serenity Dies comes into play. They remind me so much of Wraithchild America mixed with mid period Testament, Sadus and Metallica. Late 80's West coast Thrash was it for me.. There were others too Lets not forget Forbidden as well. Serenity Dies likes to add a power/power metal edge to all of this as well. The vocals are throaty and well sound at the same time in some sounds. They really do sound like a cross between Wraithchild America and Foribidden. Why they are not on a label and causing magic every night on a mid size club stage is beyond me . Come on Metal blade, Nuclear Blast or Earache what are you waiting on this is a perform band for the next way of Thrash metal fans...

Diabolic-Excisions of Exorcism-CD (Deathgasm Records)

Yes they reformed after being in bands like Unholy Ghost, Pessimist and Blastermasters and you know what its still just Extreme underground death metal nothing more original then the 1st time around. Blast beats and blistering guitars can only take you so far and this has really played itself out. I almost feel this is more to cash in on a name more then for a band that wanted to play together again. I will finish with this thought. Its a little to little and little to late for anyone to care anymore.

The Body- All the waters of earth turn to blood-CD (At a loss)

This has one very odd begining with a synth and 1 single female vocal for like 7 minutes then it goes into crushing sludge doom that will kick you in the teeth. They still interplay the operatic female vocal into the backing of the crushing doom movement as well. I have no idea who or what The Body are but they have a strong love of bands like Cavity, Khanate, Melvins and Godspeed you black emperor then go into some major post hardcore elements ... This almost sounds like A Hydrahead band that just loves Doom music more then left itself... Is there a such thing as Hardcore Doom if not The Body has made it so... I can hear Black metal as well as Industrial elements going on here. I almost feel like this is were bands like Halo and Godflesh would have turned if they were still around.. The Body is by no means an easy listen but if it was what would be the point... Once you master droning feedback there is no where else to go but this kind of ultra madness. There are even dub and trip hop moments here . Goddamn I love this twisted train ride to CHAOS.....