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1. For those that know nothing of BEISSERT tell us about the band?

We're doing our stuff since 2005. We had a lot of ideas...from Danzig cover band to Grindcore...but when we met the first time at the practise room we played it was fine. After two or three weeks we recorded our demo "a call to arms for failed ones" and played the first shows. We're four guys, changed our drummer one time and now we're BEISSERT. I know, it's a pretty conventional, boring story

2. From what I can see you had one album out on Icare Media before your latest with Agonia how does Nothin' Left to Luv! differ from new releases?

The main difference may be the sound. "...nothin'" we recorded w\ an old seventies Yamaha guitar a sixties Dynacord amp. It's a genuine, kinda kinky sound. "thePusher" is done w\ Engl full stacks and a 7-string Ibanez...much more outgoing and aggressive! The next one will be played on a 8-string...we're already writin' songs

3.BEISSERT seems to mix Black, Thrash, Doom and Post/ Avant Metal sound with Indie rock elements where did this sound come from?

Oh thanx! Mostly they describe it as Stoner/Sludge...which i do not like that much. We don't do it wilful. We don't set us any boundaries, we don't want to be part of any genre and so we are free to do, whatever we want. We're four persons listen to complete different music. And BEISSERT seems to be the lowest common denominator. I think it's a kind of Progressive/ Psychedelic/Rock with some Black Metal attitude...

4. What does Beissert Mean by the way?

It's my family name, I'm a big Danzig fan, i decided to use it. It has no real meaning. It sounds similar to the German word for "bite" and you can pronounce it "by sword". Just an impression....nothing our music.

5. Germany is much more a Grind , Thrash and Classic metal home. What is the response to the band in your home land?

It seems Germany is also a bit more conservative and closed-minded. Not at all, but we got better response from the states. They write that it's good, that we do not fit in any categories, the Germans write that this is a problem. Maybe the Germans need their categories and prefer stereotyped thinking. But that's ok. As a 'private' person i use to prefer the 'trve'stuff too.

6. Agonia seems to be a growing label how did you hook up with them as you seem very fringe kind of band for the label? for every other label! But that's good. I like it. They have a pretty diversified artist roster. Look at the outstanding Angst Skvadron or the brilliant The Konsortium. Attitude counts - music differ.

7. With Beissert be coming to North America to perform at all in 2010?

If someone calls us we will follow! It's a dream to tour the states, so if there is any chance to find a way which makes sense and is no commercial suicide...we will come!

8. You seem to just have a Myspace official page right now do you feel that is all bands really need in this day and age.

First at all it's pretty comfortable to handle. For the people and for us. But it seems it has passed its zenith.

9. Will ever become an official site as its just forwarded to Myspace site?

Once it was. But i had no more cool ideas, maybe one day when I'm bored I'll bring it back to life. But for the moment it's out of order.

10. If someone was to ask the Band members what Beissert sounds like how would the members of the band explain this?

Jvstin Bartlett did a shirt design for us. And the idea he had while he was listening our first CD. It was a "a tree
trunk with scraggly roots and wings and a crescent moon for a head". In the first moment i was confused...but as the result he found the best way to describe it by the way...surrealistic, ancient, occult...and loud.

11. The Pusher almost has a very off the wall sound that impresses me reminds me of the originality of bands like Code, Ulver, Polka dot Cadaver, Mr Bungle, Sleepy time Gorilla Musuem etc. What this an experiment in styles or is this your full direction?

Thanx again. Ulver is one of my all time faves, Kvohst [Code/DHG] one of the most mentionable vocalists. But all these bands are unique because they're freethinkers and not imitated. I hope we are too.

12. What music drives Beissert to create and express what they do?

First at all we want to express ourselves. And we are thankful to get the chance!...and finally we want to create the perfect record.

13. Where do you see true Indie music moving too in 2010?

Is there any true Indie music? I do not really care about! I think the musicians and artists should have a chance to cover their costs. It makes me sad to see my record for free download - one month before release date. On the other hand - Internet has become essential to get in contact,'s both a blessing and a curse. But i also dilutes everything. Unknown bands become Myspace millionaires, mainstream bands go underground. New front lines..a new war.

14. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts please place here?

Thank you for giving us that forum. And never forget: Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law! Non serviam!