Sabbath Assembly Interview is up 5/4/2010


1. So SABBATH ASSEMBLY is a very interesting project in deed how did it come to be?

Restored to One the album was brought to fruition by the dedication of Jex and Xtian. The melodic grace and the devotion in the texts were the compelling points for resurrecting this music.

2. Music and Theme seems to be inspired byThe Process Church . What made you so interested in this ideal?

The songs on the album are the original hymns of The Process Church of the Final Judgment, reinterpreted. Never previously recorded, we adapted the hymns from the original sheet music in the way that felt most true to us.

3. Your working with Ajna Offensive and Feral House and Music label and Publishing Company was there always a book in mind with the music side of it all.

LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH, the book about The Process, was released prior to the inception of Sabbath Assembly. From the book was located the sheet music of the Process Hymns, and the band was born.

4. Will SABBATH ASSEMBLY be a live project or is it more of just a studio need now?

A LIVE project.

5. How did you come to work with Ajna Offensive a label more know for Black and Occult Metal projects?

Ajna approached us after a Process ritual performance in Oregon, we were heading into the studio the following day and our shared interest in occult themes led to our commitment to work together.

6. You worked with Genesis P-Orridge, Adam Parfrey, and Lydia Lunch a few months back how was that?

Genesis has been a Process enthusiast since the 70s so she was an important source for us in feeling the ongoing connection from Process past to Process present. She served as high priestess in several ritual performances. Adam Parfrey is of course the publisher of LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH and has been supportive of the development of the band since its inception. Lydia Lunch was recruited to read the part of “Satan” in recording of Process leader Robert De Grimston’s book “Gods on War.”

7. Are Sabbath Assembly a full time project now or is going to be more a traveling lineup of members from release to release?

Many have come and gone. Jex and Xtian remain. What began as a traveling line-up as we performed in various locations around the US, is slowly becoming a solidified line-up.

8. On your myspace page there is a link to but the page isnt active tell us what the site will be about if its still in the works?

It is still undefined.

9. Tell us about boxset featuring a live recording of the SABBATH ASSEMBLY. When is this coming and will it have video and audio or just audio soundtrack?

We did a recording of a live ritual which contained several of the hymns from the album, however, these versions were closer to what we imagined their original form to be – not our reprocessed versions. It is still undecided when and how we will present these recordings.

10. If there will be another release for Sabbath Assembly what direction and ideals will it hold?

We are beginning further work on a new cycle of Processean hymns; there are over 60 from which to cull.

11. The Members of Sabbath Assembly work in many other projects it seems tell us a bit about them?

Jex (Thoth) has a band of the same name, and Xtian is a seminary graduate and former hospital chaplain and drug abuse counselor.

12. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts please place here.

Although we do not agree with, nor wish to glorify ALL of the teachings and practices the Church, we do believe strongly in the power of their hymns. And though the inividual(s) who created these songs remain anonymous to this day, we are convinced that they were written with very pure intentions, from a place of complete sincerity and absolute devotion. We would like to leave you with these final teachings of the Church, words to which we hold true: As we give light, so shall we be given light. The gift of love is the healer of all ills, and we shall conquer fear with love.