6 New Reviews 5/22/2010

Necronomicon - The Return of the Witch-CD (Napalm)

Symphonic Black Metal with a strong Gothic overtone this is the material that Napalm has ruled over
for many years now Necronomicon is just brilliant at it as well flowing synths, heavy
bass and guitar passages and army of triggered Drums and the Deep grim and sung vocals
(esp the lush female vox) that are needed in this kind of material and the organs you need the organs
and there is full force. The production is 2nd to none as well. If your a fan of bands like Dimmu Borgir,
Emperor, Mid Period Behemoth and even celtic frost you will not want to miss out on this. Black
metal excellence is just in the waiting.

OV HELL- The Underworld Regime-CD (Prosthetic Records)

With members of Dimmu Borgir and Gorgoroth you would think you have a good Idea of where OV HELL is going to be coming from and you know what . We are all going to be very pleased as its truly is a mix of the two into something Melodic and Deadly all at the same time. I would say 1st off OV HELL is more electronic and Industrial in sound then either of there projects . I can hear elements of The Kovenant in what there doing here as well. And there are some full on Bombastic moment where its much more raw then Dimmu or Gorgoroth at times. There is also with must Norway Black metal supergroups as they call them a Thrash element that seems always come out as I feel that is the true root of all good Black metal music. This is the kind of CD I can listen to time and time again and just thrash out to in Car or at one. The Songs are just very well crafted and layered with some many things going on . Shagrath vocals are more powerful then ever from what Ive heard on OV HELL. I truly hope there will be another release by this project as its classy and dark all at the same time.

1349- Demonoir-CD (Prosthetic Records)

I've this this band live and had the honour to interview them and they happen to be one of the most brutal and powerful live shows I've seen in black metal scene. 1349 is equal parts old and new Black metal. They give you the classic Nordic Black metal sound of bands like Saytricon and Thorns mix with the more modern sounds of bands like Code, DHG and Emperor. 1349 are almost hypnotic in the way they create the soundscapes around them. Between Blistering Blast beats and melodic spoken passages comes the raw harsh vocals and the high end guitars you are waiting to hear is classic blackened assaults. 1349 is a ritual experience all itself and it has nothing to do with the music that is just a bonus that they are so breath taking at the art they create. I know 1349 said this is going to be a return to a more classic BM sound but I really feel they have reach a new level in experimenting and that is what makes this all the more interesting..

Landmine Marathon- Sovereign Descent-CD (Prosthetic Records)

Thrash Grinding Hardcore in a metallic overtone. This was the sound of the late 90's that got me back into the world of Metal... Remember bands like Cavity, NoothGrush, Spazz, Man is the Bastard, Damad & Eyehategod well you know what this band keeps good company will all those band. Landmine Marathon are on one simple mission to play fast, angry and to crush your ears with a ultra oppressive sound. nothing more. The recording is down tuned and almost doomy in the Sludge/Crust fashion. The are the missing link between Hardcore and Doom one step less metal then bands like Cavity... I really like this release and will be giving it many listens . At times it just gets so fast and violent it makes me want to break shit and I'm almost 40 lol...

Ezurate- Eve of Desecration-CD (Rotting Corpse Records)

Old School Scandinavian Black metal is what I hear . This reminds me of the Osmose , Candlelight and Misanthropy days of Black metal when it was dirty raw and very thrash in its undertaking. There are even acoustic moments like Ulver and Emperor threw in for good measure back when. There is an almost viking or folk element in whatt Ezurate is creating as well but it all comes back to the down and dirty BM sound and you know we all need to black thrash it out more then once and a while. I really love the raw and nasal vocals that you don't always get anymore its very much in the early Marduk sound . Chicago for a few yrs now has been a large USBM force and this band is without fail keeping that going..

Locusta-Locusta-CD (Pragmatic Records)

Locusta is a band on many different levels. They are most clearly a death metal band with the love of brutality and the razor sharp guitar and drum elements that come from there but with this in mind they like Grind, Black and Doom metal as well as its all incorporated into there sound. Locusta like the sound to be more low end and muddy in production but you can still hear everything. It's just there approach to keep everything so brutal in sound. The members of Locusta are very technical players as well as there are many layers of guitar , drum and bass works going on here and in most songs there are 5-7 different arrangements being performed. Locusta does not like you getting bored that is for sure. They are one of the better more original Death metal forces out there right now. Check them out they will not disappoint..