New Reviews 1/30/2010

Sectioned- Purulent Reality-CD ( Paragon Records)

For some reason this style of death metal has never done much for me I do like Dismember and they do sound a bit like them but for me Sectioned is one of those 3rd tier Death metal bands that were all lumped and signed to Nuclear Blast, Earache and Roadrunner in the 90's and just lost there way. They almost have that JL American or Wild Rags vibe to them where if you wanted a new death metal release you could pick any of those as they were so similar. Sorry folks but this just doesnt work for me at all..

ALDAARON-Nous reviendrons Immortels -CD (Paragon Records)

Raw, Grim Black metal the way you would want it from a band and Aldaaron has all the touches done right. The grim and tortured vocals. The very trebled and reverbed guitars, the low rumble of the bass and the drums on one mission to take out all that is in their way. Paragon Records is very good at finding very cult sounding Black metal projects . There are very epic moments of this project as well. If Graveland, Immortal and Falkenbach could mix into one very powerful force you would have a very clear picture of what is going on here. Aldaaron is perfect for those cold winter nights in the old forests of Northern Europe where you are one with the Gods of old. This CD draws you in and will not let you go. Very blown away by the majesty this CD holds.

PTAHIL-Ortus-CD (Stronghold Records)

This is a 2 track Avant freak show of Occult Black metal that borders on Circus music or Caberet music to me at times. The vocals are invokations and you know this from the moment you hear the way and style they are presented. This is fucking black metal ... Its not blistering fast and it does not need to be in anyway. There is a cold ambience about Ortus as well. I love the very dissident guitar sounds used and the long track build and fall to make the release all the more unique. There is a very strong punk element to all of PTAHIL sound as well . from what I'm reading this is a very limited release as well just a mere 100 copies are out there. Bands like this are what children nightmares or black desires are born from. I look forward to more from this band as a title like this limited to 100 copies is a crime in itself. The digi wallet format worked well with the very occult element the music has in store for you... Stronghold as a major release on its hands if it can release it wider in the future...

Simulacra- There is a fountain filled with blood-CD ( Consouling Sounds/ No Angel prod)

So its been a while that I have gotten a true dark ambient release , You know back when labels like Cold meat and Hypnos would give you chills with the releases that came out. Simulacra ebbs and flows into the neither regions of sounds. With this release we have a very kindred spirit to Raison d etre and lustmord is down right amazing. The subtle sounds and layers going on here. I respect more then you know that Simulacra stays true to the Dark ambient sounds and doesn't go into the noise or electronica themes. Yes there is a fine line of ambient to drone and we have a very pleasing middle level here. If you miss the days of haunting and unnerving synths and tones then this is going to let you put the headphones in close your eyes and drift off the another place. Over the 5 long track you will never grow board or want to leave this project and for Simulacra this is the best complement I can give them. Stellar release.

The Red List

The Bastard Noise/ The Endless Blockade- The Red List -Split CD (20 buck spin)

When did Bastard noise become a Prog Post Metallic Hardcore/Doom band??? Where is the Noise and Power electronics. This is more like Man is the Bastard 2.0. I really dig what there doing but I nothing like anything they have done before. To me its like Eyehategod/ Rush and Wolf eyes all came together and formed a project. The vocals are amazing there are super prog bass and druming going on here with electronic elements. I'm really blown away by this there is even a strong crusty punk element to all of this. At times it even sound Like Naked city or John Zorn more aggressive material.. Now onto The Endless Blockade who I'm never heard much of before besides in name from what I'm getting on the 1st of 3 tracks they give to this split is a Doom/ Crust/ Grind unit very similar to bands like Cavity, Old Floor, Noothgrush and Kylesa. Bands like this use to make the homes a labels like Theologean, Slap a ham and even Hydra head . Where I could very well see this band in the future. They are one pissed off noisy doom and destructive force. The Endless Blockade also like to add broken electronic and Drum and bass elements in to there sound as well to make it even more fucking cool to this reviewer. Hell yea there 2nd track here rules the highest to me and the last track is 14 mins of harsh noise. What a release we have here. hats off to 20 buck spin making interesting release choices in a very troubled time..

SOKROVENNO - De Rerum Natura-CD (Bleak Art Records)

what is going on here is an artistic / avant Dark/ Black metal unit in the same way bands like Wolves in the throne room, Agalloch and Azrael great a texture to there music a feeling an meaning behind it all so do Sokrovenno. There are many layers going on here there is atmosphere, ritualistic sound, Prog elements and a strong love of the Nordic Black metal arts esp bands like Emperor and Enslaved. The have a lot in common with Nugura Bunget & Alcest the more I listen to them as well. This is not an easy listen as its not going to be for the Tru Black metal fans or Symphonic ones either as they have acoustic, epic, post rock elements all going on at the same time. De Rerum Natura will take most listeners many listens to fully see where this project wants to take you. They are a fringe band and most times bands like this impress me most and you know by this review they have. SOKROVENNO you have been added to my play list.

Aenaon: Phenomenon-CD (Bleak Art Records)

Aenanon is a mix of 2 worlds in the extreme metal sound they like to mix the post black metal sound of bands like Arcturus, Ihsahn and DHG with the sounds of old school black metal like Satyricon, Dark throne and Thorns. Then they like to sci fi the sound up a bit with the way the drums and guitars are produced on the release. They come closest to where I see bands like Code and Marduk are these day. If you like your black metal with a modern twist and a strong love a death metal then this will make you smile for days on end . If not this will be one long journey not to take my friends. I wonder where this band will go as this is just a short MCD . If Aenanon stay on this path they may be the next Satyricon in sound and fan base. Very impressed here ...