5 New Reviews 1/2/2010 @ Absolute Zero Media Magazine

Aosoth- Ashes of Angels-CD (Agonia Records)

This is another project from MKM of Antaeus who has worked with Baphomet, Osmose and many more. This is dirty, sick grim Black metal not for those that are afraid of the things that they dare not speak thy name of. There is a war like hatred here and a cold and unsettled sound to all that Aosoth creates. This is a powerful release esp in the dissident sounds in the guitars and the odd kilter bass and drum lines. The vocals sound like there vomiting on the gods of the light. Aosoth just have that sound I love the total and complete deconstruction of all musical elements in a very avant jazz or free form style. Black metal when its being musical in a non musical fashion lets say. Aosoth is ritual music in the highest of orders. This has to do with the Order of the nine angels and if you do not know of this movement then you should do you research this is not a force you fool around with. Aosoth has made a bleak and spell binding release here check it out as those who do will never be the same again...

Inferno- Black Devotion-CD (Agonia Records)

Inferno are just what they set out to be a blistering ass kicking black metal force with a strong love of the German Thrash movement there are no frills here . You get what you get. The guitars ,bass and drums are in your face at 100 miles an hour the vocals are those that hate and loath you at all time in that gut wrenching black metal scowl. If your a fan of Marduk, Dark Funeral or Gorgoroth then this is something not to miss. If you like your Black metal full of symphonic melodies and not cold and grim Inferno will turn you off very quickly. There is a strong love of Burzum and early Mayhem here as well so just know that the spirit of what Black metal was meant to be by founding forces is still very much alive in the black hearts of Inferno...

Borknagar- Universal-CD (The End Records/ Indie Recordings)

Oh wonderous sounds from the frozen north Borknagar are back and in a form I have not heard in a good long while. I clearly know that Simen is on longer the frontman and Vintersorg is the vocalist over last few release with Universal it feels like there is a rebirth with the band . Where Borknagar is back to the majestic sounds of Archaic Course or Quintessence again . Borknagar is mixing the Epic Prog Metal sounds with the viking and folk metal styles that so made the band who and what they are. The influences of band members from bands like Vintersorg and Solefald are now more then ever a major source of extra skills and talents. Vintersorg voice has never sounded more powerful with the clean sung bombastic nature or those grim and menacing growled/ Blackened vocal attacks. The organ once again plays a major role in Borknagar and I feel that is what always made them one of the more interesting out there. There is a sound that will always be Borknagar as well no matter who sings for this brilliant cosmic unit. I simply love the very prog passages that are right out of the best Nightingales, Yes and Ayreon albums made all there own by they way they are arranged so thought out on the guitar. Not sure what else can be said but there are just a handful of bands that have made such an impact on the Post Black Metal sound as much as Borknagar . When your in company with bands like Arcturus, Ulver, Satyricon, Mayhem, DHG and Code these are some great people to be surrounded by... Long Live Oystien and his mighty mighty Borknagar!!!! 2010 is going to be a very good year for music if it starts out with Universal!!!!

SYBREED The Pulse Of Awakening-CD (Listenable Records)

Modern Industrial Death Metal is what we have here this is a another in long line og great bands that like to mix melodic Death metal with Electro/Prog metal sounds. They are a mix of Inflames, Dan Swano, Devin Townsend and Samael all in one to this listener. They have many moments of what newer Katatonia has been releases over the last 2 Cds but keep the grim vocals and the more groove death metal guitars going on as well. Sybreed are not a simple one trick pony by any means. I really did the Sisters of Mercy , Tiamat & Kovenant (Nagash ex Dimmu's band) element of the very Goth electro side of the band too. Listenable is one of the few labels with Season of Mist not afraid to take major risks with there releases in 21st century. The clean sung vocals work so well with the less death side of this band. This will very much not be for the more brutal death crowd but if you like the bands I've mentioned then this is a must listen. I really want to see Sybreed pull this off live as it would be very impressive the only band I've seen so it well so far is Samael....

Marionette- Enemies-CD (Listenable Records)

Someone has a huge love for all things Swedish and Death Metal as this band is a mix of At the Gates and Soilwork then they got to Dimmu Borgir in there less Black moments.. They love to add the futuristic sound to the Swedish Melodic Death sound and then punch you in the face with a hardcore ethic to make it a complete picture. This is total Groove / Mosh metal . Every song needs to be an anthem in the making. The synth and guitar work mixed with very thrashed vocals that are more hardcore then death metal go into the melodic and very harmonicly catchy guitar line and the drummer is always keeping this very very active in style if it wasn't so polished I would almost say they were wanting to be a Symphonic Black Metal Unit. Marionette have some great talent in there mix of sounds and styles but he just seems a bit unfocused at this time and with an album or two more they will know 100% where they want to be. Well worth checking out this band right now for sure though.