New Reviews 10/25/2009 Part 1

here is the 1st batch of reviews I will have 4-5 more coming today or tomorrow..

Javelina- Beast among sheep- CD (Translation Loss)

Translation Loss is one of those labels that love Post Hardcore mix with metal and grind more and more with each release. Javelina is a wall of passion , aggression and one swift kick in the ass. If you mixed the best elements of bands like Mastodon, Eyehategod, Crowbar and Cathedral all into one band you would very much have where Javelina is coming for you. There are these ultra heavy driving grooves but them the sub muddy bass line and the cries and screams of pain and anguish from the vocals make the whole journey not Stoner or Hippie sound at all were sometimes thos becomes way to retro for my ears but not with Javelina. There is also a speed to all of this but with how ultra heavy the sound is the speed seems to slow down in an odd way. Javelina are just a wall of sonic holy fuck!!!!

Struck by lighting- Serpents-CD (Translation Loss)

So with this release we have more a punk/hardcore overtone with metallic elements. The vocals are much more clean with screamo moments . I would call this Metalcore almost if it wasnt still so damn doomy in the riff dept. Struck by lighting have a very Motorhead meets Sick of it all sound if that makes any sense to you at all. If hatebreed was more metallic too. I really think they want to be a Hardcore band but the Punk and Metal is just to ingrained into what they are and its what makes Serpents all the more interesting and yes they have a heavy Neurosis worship at times but all bands like this always do and its what draws them to me like moths to a flame. I just live that beyond heavy Doomy Hardcore sound. Live this band must make you deaf and or blind within a few songs as they sonicaly could break rib cages... Struck by Lighting is a band not to miss if you like your Hardcore Doomy and bit more metallic.

Salt the wound- Ares-CD (Rotten Records)

Rotten records just threw me for a major loop with Salt the wound as this is a mix of 3 very different elements. Swedish Death metal in the way Dismember and Soilwork created it the very warlike and mechicanical in sound. Then we have the Grindcore of ultra sickness you know what I mean the glass throat vocals and blistering speed and the final element in the mix is full on speed metal riffing that comes out of no where. If you could mix Dismember, Impaled and Megadeth in the same band this is very odd mix indeed. The mix of so many styles in one song can take listeners a bit off track and make them unhappy but with me I like the very interesting results that come from this. At time they sound like a Hardcore Pantera then the next minute they sound like Marduk if they were Grindcore. I know totally f'ed up but it is what it is. Salt the wound are a sick and powerful unit and well worth major exposure... Check them out.

Vampire Moose- The Reel-CD (Rotten Records)

If you a
Meshuggah fan then take note for a band with now there 3rd album but Vampire Moose is so much more then just that this unit mixes Death metal, jazzcore, post hardcore, grindcore, black metal and even prog metal for good measure. I want to say they have more in common with bands like SOD, Mr Bungle, Polkadot Cadaver and the likes but Vampire Moose is so fucking heavy they come across to me like a maniac and over the top Meshuggah... I love the crazy off time riffs and the pure madness they bring to all that Vampire moose create. There songs are so damn short too I just wish at times they were 6-7 mins long and not 2-3 mins in length. Though that maybe the magic to the bizzare chaotic draw to this band. With The Reel I need to go back and revisit Vampire Moose earlier releases as this will not be leaving my audio player for while Rotten records with this and Polkadot Cadaver You have 2 of my most listened to bands in while now ....

BloodThrist-Sanctity Denied-CD (Pagan Records)

Pagan records like many other labels over the last decade have gotten a style and sound that fits with there mold of bands that is Blackened Thrash and with Bloodthrist this has not changed in any way. If you like your bands in this style you will love 90 % of what Pagan records does. The dive bomb guitar solo of Exodus, Testament and Sadus are all here. The Throaty vocal style. The bombastic bass and drum lines all with that satanic vocal and blackened production to make it a bit more raw, treble in sound and slightly faster then were thrash normally goes. There is nothing wrong with Bloodthrist its just been done many many times before I was just hoping for something a bit more original with this.