Insult Interview is up @ AZM 10/9/2009

1. For those of us new to Insult tell how you came to be.

Erik G.: I formed the band in 2004 with the ambition to create
sinister, old-school Death Metal. Kalle W. and Johan T. joined, and
the first demo called "Decree" was recorded.

2. Daemon Worship released 2 Demos on CD how did this happen . Ive
heard your working on new material as well.

Erik G.: They contacted us and told us what they thought was
interesting with Insult and why they thought so. We shared a lot of
thoughts concerning Death Metal in generall, so we choosed to work
with them. Our demos were first released in a very limited edition in
2005 respective 2007, so we thought it would be a good idea to release
the two demos on one singel CD to spread it once again. Yes, we are
working on the debut album right now, which hopefully will be recorded
later this year.

3. To this writers ears Insult is a mix of old school death metal with
some heavy doom elements like Incantation , Bolt Thrower and Entombed.
Do you feel this is a sound you are following.

Erik G.: Yes, I think that is - musicwice - the essence for Insult. We
try to do something which are both interesting to experince at home
and at a concert.

4. The 2 Demos have a very different sound the 1st demo on the CD is
very full and well produced almost sounds like an ep for a proper
label. The later tracks sound very low fi demo feel were they done
much earlier the the 1st half of the CD?

Erik G.: Well, we recorded the first demo "Decree" in late 2004/early
2005 I guess in a studio with a engineer who was not into metal so to
say. The other demo was recorded in 2006 with an engineer who had only
recorded metal, so the result was naturally very differnt. We really
liked the sound of them both when we recorded them, but today I think
the second demo sound so much better then the first one!

5. With the new release Insult is working on where is the sound going
more death metal or more a Doom/Death sound?

Erik G.: I would like to say that it will be more of them both. We
have two longer hymns, which are slower and more messing. And then we
have two songs which are faster and more brutal. The rest of the songs
are a cross of fast and slow riffs and arrangements, so I think we
keep the same theme as before.

6. Sweden where your from has a grand Metal history do you feel that
the metal scene is still thriving there and where do you feel you fit
in this long history?

Erik G.: I think that there are not so many interesting Death Metal
bands from Sweden today. Most of them sounds the same. Were we fit...
I don't know and I don't care either.

7. I see Insult performs Live. What is a live show like live. Are the
songs more experimental or raw live also have you played outside of
Europe ever and has the respond been?

Erik G.: We do not perform very often, but I think we will do some
more gigs next year. We do not experiment with the songs or improvise
when we play live. We just perform the songs as thay are ment to be,
with a lot of enery and passion.

8. The guitar tone on the tracks are really what caught my ears. There
a mix of Metal, Eastern and Prog styles going on. Who comes with the
songs is a a group effort or is there one mastermind behind the
project? The vocals also mix so well with the cold and eriee tones I
just have say..

Erik G.: Thanks a lot! We do really like the guitar sound on the
second demo to. I write all music and arrangement, and Johan S. and me
writes all lyrics separately from each other.

Erik G.: Yes, absolulte! We use pictures and art, which fits the music
and lyrics vey well, so we get a whole concept. And I guess our
concept are very much in the 90's style yes...

10. What is the running theme with your songs? Is there an ultimate
point to your lyrics or is it just about aggression and power?

Erik G.: It differs from lyrics to lyrics. Some lyrics has a very
clear, unpolished war theme and some other have a more philosophical
style. It depends on the atmosphere for just that song, you know.

11. How do you see the indie music world being on a smaller indie have
your music gotten to more people then you ever thought and if you
could would you sign to a major label or is this style made for the
underground only?

Erik G.: I think that to many get hold of extreme metal music, persons
who don't have a clue of what it is about. The whole underground term
is so diffuse nowdays, so I can't have a general answar for that. The
only thing I can say is that music of this kind most be created
without compromizes, and that is not so usual in the more "established
scene" I guess.

12. I see you have a myspace page but I don't see an official site is
myspace the best for bands to get out there these days?

Erik G.: It is very practical to show a couple of interested,
dedicated peoples what we are doing via that medium, so yes, I think
it can be good. But it has also a lot of bad propertys, which we just
refuse to be a part of!

13. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts place here.

Erik G.: Thank you very much for the support! "Abysmal Incantations"
can now be ordered from or for those who lives
in Sweden via