New Reviews 8/31/2009 @ AZM

My Own Grave- Necrology-CD (Pulverised Records)

This brings me back to the mid 90's Death metal movement with a touch of the blackened and thrash elements as a nice secondary touch. My own grave have the melodic death riffs with the blistering war metal moments and a deep growling not ultra guttural vocalist. If you were into bands like Dismember, Vital Remains and even Testament in the " Low " period then you know what My own grave are going for. I love the pounding percussive assault going on here . They really at times make me want to get out my old Altar Cd's as they have something very incommon with them. Hypocrisy as well. I think I've been more then clear what your getting here. No fucking around Blackened Melodic Death Metal.....

The few against the many- Sot-CD (Pulverised Records)

Wow I was not ready for this in any way shape or form . The few against the many have added 3 of the best elements of Death metal for me The Melody from the Swedish sound, The Symphonic elements of bands like Therion, Dimmu Borgir and Bal Sagoth and the complexity from bands lke Nevermore, Opeth and Old Dead Tree. I swear that Dan Swano has something to do with this as it has such a strong homage to Edge of Sanity and His Moontower solo release. In creation and arrangements. If it was 10 yrs ago I would be in awe thrashing about at the show. There is a strong love of the moog and Amorphis at time as well. The few against the many just floored me I didnt think I could be exited about Extreme Prog metal again.. But you have so proved me wrong. I must Interview this band be on the look out...

The Black- Alongside Death-CD(Pulverised Records)

Yea yea yea we all get it now this is Raw lo fi Black metal for the bleakest of bleak , The darkest of dark souls. If your a fan of early Mayhem, Mid period Dark Throne and Early enslaved then you will love this or many you've even gotten past this point in your musical worship. Under the cold nordic moon kind of stuff. We've all hear it before. If your not going to even try and be a bit original in the format why try anymore. We have so many great releases out there already pass... This is a wanna be demo recorded 20 yrs later...,+Ill+Omen+(2009).jpg

Pestilential Shadows - In Memoriam, Ill Omen-CD (Pulverised Records)

See the instant difference between this and The Black CD is that Pestilential Shadows has interesting song structures and layers of cold and grim sounds that brings you in and entwines you into the music ans lyrics that are being spewed with a sickness that is needed . The music almost feels possessed with a black plague that one will never be able to remove. The clean droning guitars that are very verbed and distant , the maddening overtones of the themes being spoke about this band from the land of OZ makes Black metal an interesting listen as I say again. Reminds me a lot of bands that Avantgarde and Wounded Love brought to the world band in the 90's early 21st century. There is a epic element to there music and they use the guitar and bass as feelings as much as musical destruction. Another good taste at the way metal can move you toward the darkness and you may not even know it...

Black Reign cover (Click to see larger picture)

Sanctification - Black Reign-CD
(Pulverised Records)

MMMMM ahhh ok I'm extremely dissapointed here folks. From the cover and the name I was really hoping for a Viking metal band and not an over the top Death metal band that we have all ready 20 times over. Welcome to the Temple of Hypocrisy version 5.0. It was producted by Mr Tagtgren too. It sounds like he gave them sounds from 10 yrs ago as well and just helped them put them on this record. There is nothing new here. Yes they can play and its heavy and works well over all just missing the point in playing metal the creativity the spark that makes metal the most special music on this earth... Its all one big blasting rumble of growls, army of guitars and drummer sweating his ass off every song. Its simply over kill.....

SUBARACHNOID SPACE Eight Bells-CD (Crucial Blast)

Bow down and bare witness to the great avant space rock band that has ever strapped guitars to there side and strummed chords to the world. SUBARACHNOID SPACE can make music for the next 50 yrs and I would never grow tired of there drifting, Sonic Droning Spacial majesty. This time out they have joined the Experimental juggunaunt of music world Crucial Blast and releases some of the best music of there career. If you you like bands like Isis, Grails, Pelician, Kayo Dot , Sigur Ros and Mogwai this is where it all started my friends. They have release material on such labels as Charnel, Relapse/Release, Last visable Dog and more. SUBARACHNOID SPACE is a musical exploration into tones, textures, emotions and the depths of ones very soul. Imagine warping Guitar/ bass and synth tones in the deep of space and letting them drift for yrs as the ebb and flow and alter into a new form of communication for the future travelers to understand and learn for there long journeys to discovery. Then out of left field SUBARACHNOID SPACE becomes an amazing Prog Rock force like Porcupine Tree or ELP. There is so much going on with this band it will take you years just to crack the surface and Live is where they really shine. I'm so pleased to see another SUBARACHNOID SPACE release thank you for this magically moment once more...
Overmars-Born again-CD (Crucial Blast)

Holy Psychedelic Sludge Doom we have going on here. If you fans of Older Neurosis, Damad, Weaklings and Swans then this will kick you in the fucking teeth . There is a strong love bands likes Godflesh, Crisis and Thors Hammer . There is a darkness about this that is so skin crawling words can not really explain how Overmars moves you. I know this will come across very weird even bizarre but go with me image Bjork or PJ Harvey fronting a sludgy doom band with Mr Von Till or Mr Brodrick as the male vocalist. and you will have some of the best moments of what Overmars does. Diamonda Galas territories we have reached as well here. When bands mix Industrial, Doom and Crust elements all into one platform I can just not turn away. This is the voice of the true common man and women. It's our struggle for survival at its most basic element. You can hear and feel the torment in every moment of this release. Overmars and Made out of babies should tour together but if it happens the world may just stop spinning as it would be an amazing combo package and to top it all off this is but one 40 minute track.... Love this band!!!!

GNAW THEIR TONGUES -All The Dread Magnificence Of Perversity-CD (Crucial Blast)

Crucial Blast is on the mission with these 3 releases to become the best indie label in America right now... Gnaw their tongues is pure hate and loathing of all things just and good in the world just for a minute try to picture bands like Khanate, Khylst, Godflesh or Neurosis at 1/2 speed then add a violent noise/feedback element to it all. Then if you can wrap your head around it give it a neoclassic almost martial overtone were you can hear elements of bands like Puissance, MZ412 , Der Blutharch etc in the mix. Gnaw their tongues is one of the first bands I would say has ever made me feel there is less hope in the world after listening to it. This is pure sorrow and horror on a digital music format . If you can call it music. Its a aural documentation of Terror on a CD. This is a run for the money with Staalaag for the worlds most destructive band. Enough said now get this so you can see how your world will always be better then this.... Brilliant Release Simply Brilliant.....