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1. For those of us new to the band tell us a bit on how the band came to be.

Mr TS Kettleburner: The Gentleman’s Club of A Forest of Stars officially formed in the early months of 1887 through a mutual interest in occultist principles as well as various retro-spiritualist philosophies. The Gentleman was essentially the lynchpin who brought us together, with himself and Mister Curse having been associated on a personal level for well over ten years. Myself and Katheryne had a similar association prior to the Club’s formation, as such it felt logical to collate and combine our talents.

The Gentleman: The Club is an output for it numerous members’ various activities, most of them private, some of which, from time to time, might even involve music, working towards the new millennium while fighting against the temptation of an increasing amount of opiates, a well-stocked larder and a rather impressively expansive wine cellar. Needless to say, we’re losing badly.

2. As the 1st release I’ve heard has been " The Corpse of rebirth" is this release very different from early material?

Kettleburner: The Corpse of Rebirth was in fact our inaugural work as a collective and as such bears no antecedents. I would say it was a rather unexpected result of the alchemy of our muses; although our prior work as individuals was (and still is), one must say, rather varied.
The album has only been in the public domain for nigh on eighteen months, but already we do think back to the hedonistic port-soaked winter nights through which we fervently worked towards that goal with much glee.

3. From my ears I would call A Forest of Stars a mix of Post Black Metal, Doom and Folk music. Was it a natural progression to get to this sound?

Kettleburner: As previously mentioned it was a truly unexpected, serendipitous output. We drew influence from and cited many amongst the genres you ascribe to ourselves. However, that same field of influence was not necessarily restricted to those particular genres, and great deal more of it was from other, equally excellent sources.

4. How did you come to work with Transcendental Creation a very new label to my world ?

Kettleburner: We were initially approached by Transcendental Creations, occult-merchants, via an unsolicited telegram just over a year ago. With a small – but nonetheless impeccable – reputation, they expressed their genuine and enthusiastic desire to make our wares available to the public throughout the Empire and beyond. We immediately saw the potential of this as a great opportunity, especially as one does quite regularly experience chancers, broadsmen and blackguards in our profession.

Gentleman: Don’t forget the socially climbing ladybirds and dollymops, either. But they’re more welcome. Or so I hear.

5. I really like the strings and orchestral elements mixed in with other elements of the tracks . Do you feel that with longer tracks it gives you time to develop the songs with the fragile touches needed to build a full picture of what A Forest of Stars really is?

The Gentleman: The compositions were as long as they needed to be, because that was what felt correct, so to speak. I feared (and still do) that many people would tire of such lengths, but they were not written with any particular timing taken into consideration at all, and until we measured the final results against my humble pocket watch for a laugh we had no idea.

6. How are your live shows presented is its band on stage performing are is there more a stage event in a theatrical way?

Kettleburner: We have two fine gentlemen, The Projectionist and The Arsonist, who are specifically engaged in the presentation of our public events. We have a keen interest in the visual aspects of what we do and see it important to be well-dressed and well-mannered for all public occasions. That said, I certainly feel that it is important for the theatrics not to overshadow the truth of our work.

Gentleman: If I was being particularly facetiousness I might feel the need to point out that the last thing our work contains is either truth or honesty. But seem as I’m not, I won’t.

7. Your website http://www.aforestofstars.co.uk/ is very impressive as it a pages from a book to go through. Where did this come about?

Gentleman: Our personal webological portal is merely used as an instrument, like any other, to exhibit our manifesto, and to inform any party interested in our Club of its intentions. Obviously, that would be an infinitesimal number, but one has to keep up appearances, at all costs. One should certainly not exhibit any public front shoddily, don’t you agree?

8. Do you feel Myspace is the best way to get the band out across the internet? as your myspace page is very nicely laid out as well.

Gentleman: Hmm. Perhaps the best phrase to use here is necessary evil.

9. Are the members of A Forest of Stars fans of the modern digital age or did you prefer it before the days of Mp3's, Internet radio and Webzines?

Kettleburner: Personally I feel rather liberated by the opportunities that this age brings. It has brought communication with kindred spirits (or any other kind of spirit for that matter) beyond the realms of darkened rooms and questionably integral slate writings. As such, it has brought me much guidance and inspiration.

Gentleman: So you’re saying the the internet has brought people out of darkened rooms and liberated them from writings of suspect legitimacy? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course...

10. I really feel this band would be great on video format will there be any long form DVD or Video releases coming?

Gentleman: We have talked at length with Monsieur Le Prince about kinotropes, daguerréotypes and various other forms of images, moving or otherwise. The wheels are in motion, but the destination is yet to be set, I suppose. Something will come of it, I am assured, unless he just ups and disappears by magic or something.

11. What is next and future goals for A Forest of Stars?

Gentleman: Well, the Club bath house is nearing completion finally, after two blasted years. Once we can relax in there, we shall see. I’d like an observatory to watch the stars go by, that might be nice. And the garden needs tending to as well, we keep forgetting to sort that. But that means hiring another gardener, which takes time as we have to conduct the interviews, chase the references and so on. A damnable mess. Then there’s all the occult activity we’ve promised to undertake on behalf of various patrons. I think at some point, we may record another album as well, but that’s by the by really, in the scheme of things at present. Oh, and if memory serves correct, there should be a lovely double vinyl version of Rebirth coming soon as well.

12. I really am wondering where did the themes and name of the band come from?

Gentleman: Well the name was mine, but chosen by Curse if that makes any sense whatsoever. Where did it come from? I have no idea, it just did, truth be told. Which may say something about my mind, I don’t know. As for our themes, lyrically – Curse, as far as I can tell babbles on about the seasons, loose women, drug-addled poets, death, other inconsequential crap and so forth; his day to day itinerary, in other words. Occult wise – well that is entirely down to the interpretation of the individual. It is never for us to say what one should get out of the Gentleman’s Club, save a modest bill for the expenses we have accrued in allowing you to do so.

13. Are there unknown projects out there that impress A Forest of Stars members?

Kettleburner: We are not overly willing to be seen as a part of any clique or faction but do wish to support those amongst us; Altar of Plagues, Dragged Into Sunlight, Fen and any of the excellent acts on Transcendental Creations certainly deserve to be remarked upon.

14. Do you feel A Forest of Stars is better with Metal or Non Metal Crowds when you perform?

Kettleburner: Our live work will be irrelevant and tedious to any individual who does not have their eyes and ears open to our direction, regardless of who they are. I have no concern as to the predisposition of the audiences that attend our live events; my only hope is that those who choose to attend enjoy our act for what it is.

Gentleman: id est, a shambling flim-flam from start to finish.

15. thank you for the interview any closing thoughts here.

Gentleman: Only to say thank you for your interest in our Club’s somewhat overly tedious activities and that we shall remain now and for evermore your humble and obedient servants.

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