5 New Reviews 6/21/2014

Goatwhore- Constricting rage of the Merciless- Digital/CD ( Metal Blade)

With members of bands like Soilent Green, Crowbar and Acid Bath you would think you would get a much more Grind and Sludge like affair but with Goat Whore we are looking at a marriage of  Black, Thrash and Death Metal and hints of the Punk ethos from time to to time. With the 6th release from this force the blistering speed and blackened death vox are still there but this time we do add more of a melody at times and complexity still with that trademark thrashing punk vibe through out. Ben vocals and Sammy's guitars are still there full for the 1st time I do think is has some real Soilent Green elements going on here. Goat Whore is getting stronger musically with every release and experimenting with arrangements and tones even more. This not a one trick pony by any matter of the imagination. Horns raised high for this one...


Romuvos- Romivan Dainas- CD/ Digital ( No Colours Records)

Wow I not heard a pure Viking/Folk Metal album in a while. This is straight out of the Mithotyn , Falkenbach and Tyr. The Strings, pipes and sing along choruses are all there and shine with the acoustic guitars mixed with that heathen metallic crunch. The Clean vocals work so well with a release like Romuvos. This is almost like the lost Bathory or Vintersorg release. Your ancient kin will even be able to hear how pure this is in the after realms. Sing and Play music about the battles and hymns of the past. Romuvos is a band that needs to been heard and talked about your and our heritage is most important. No Colours has released an album that can and will live through the ages...


Doom: vs- Earthless-CD/ Digital ( Solitude Productions)

Draconian has always been a doom band that has impressed. With the Guitarist of this band and his band Doom:vs I have high hopes this is a one man show mostly as all music and clean vocals are done by Johan of Draconian but what makes it all the more impressive is that Saturnus vocalist does all the guttural vocal and there is a strong Sorrow / Gothic Doom element through out Earthless album. I hear elements of  Saturnus, Katatonia, Older Anathema, Paradise Lost and Bands like Dolorian and Mournful Congregation going on here. This is not funeral doom in anyway . It's more what you heard on Peaceville and Misanthropy back 15 yrs ago.. The Melancholy  elements are strong here and that is really what works to make this such a winning release. The Slumbering pace of the release with the mix of clean an growls the pianos and droning reverbing riff it's just the kind of Doom that makes this reviewer remember the days that this much was my life's blood.


DEATHWHITE- Eternal- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

This unit wears their influences on the sleeves they perform out of... We have a Mix of Anathema, Katatonia and Old Dead Tree and you have DeathWhite.  They mix Prog, Doomy Post Metal and Gothic elements all into something that is dreamy, hopeful, unsettling and dark all at the same time keeping a dissonance that is needed in music the mixes the Fragile with some very complex and challenging arrangements. This is a style of music that labels like Prophecy Productions and Candlelight have been cultivating for years now and even labels like Aural Music and K scope  have been branching into.. There are moments of bands like Tenhi and Ulver too. DEATHWHITE is a unit that will need several listens to sink in at it mixes many genres together to make this a very familiar journey into a new musical scape..

Pillory- Evolutionary Miscarriage- CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

There are times where Tech Death metal is beyond words it normally happens with labels like Listenable, Sensory and Willowtip well my friends Unique Leader has done it with Pillory.  Prog, Jazz, Avant, Noise Rock and Mathcore elements are all mix with Death metal here is a way that can only be said are like a Sci fi movie speed up and made ultra violent and confusing all at its wonderful same time.  The Bands I hear most are  Neuraxis, Gorguts,  Behold the Arctopus and Gigan... You see where I'm going with this correct? If not then this band is not for your or try it in small doses as this is one of the most over the top death metal units I've heard in a while. I will warn you once again this is not entry level or even moderate level stuff. Be ready to have your mind twisted and changed after hearing a band like Pillory.. This is though a must listen for those into the very extreme experimetal scene.. I can not stop listening to this album ...

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