6 New Reviews 2/15/14.... ( Welcome to Texas Edition)

Drawers- S/T-CD/ Digital ( Kaotoxin Records)

So for a moment if you mixed Noise Rock of Amrep, Merge and Alt Tentacles with Post Hardcore I think we have something very close to where Drawers are trying to let their musical voice be heard . If you like bands like TAD, Jesus Lizard, TAR mixed with Mouth of the Architect and East of the wall. You have a very good Idea my friends. Drawers alway have that Jazzy off kilter melody that will not let you go at all. There are old 90's Subpop moments about this album too. Not the grunge the more fringe bands like like Rein Sanction and Codeine even Melvins. It's Simple  Drawers just kick a whole lot of ass my friends... 


Kayser- Read your Enemy- CD/ Digital ( Listenable)

Were in the world did Kayser come from this is a mix of sounds that has been a lost are for a bit in metal. Mixing Traditional Metal with Thrash, Power Metal and Prog rock in a way bands like Savatage, Angra, Pantera and Early Megadeth did. You can hear elements of bands like Volbeat, Accept and Warrior Soul in this album as well. Listenable as gone a very pleasing direction with this release and just makes me want to love metal again for the riffs, throaty vocals and powerful arrangements and face melting riffs. Kayser solo are a treat to say the least folks.  I look forward to more from this super group of sorts with members of  Spiritual Beggars and The Mushroon river band...  We need more from this band and with the right radio or video promotion . This band could be on Conan or  David Letterman showing the USA how to rock again...


Acheron- Kult des Hasses- CD/ Digital (Listenable)

 For well over two decades Acheron has been creating the Black Death sound that is what has become a cult favorite for the underground. For the 1st time in years that have a major metal label in listenable to release and promote this . This is not a style that will make you rich or famous the band even called it quits and have come back as it's just in Vincent's and Kyle's Blood. If you like bands like Hypocrisy, Dissection, Vital Remains, Sinister and Brutality then this is a must listen. There is a bleak emptiness to the bands sound and yet more epic then most bands with much larger followings. Mr Crowley has always been a super talent musician and song writer and with this album I hope it gets out to the masses as his satanic hymns have never been stronger then with this album there are even eastern and oriental musical elements mixed in. This is metal and your horns should be raised high!!!!


Haymaker- Let them rot- CD/ Digital ( A389 )

Full of Punk filled Grinding Hardcore in they way bands like  Dropdead, Born Against, Rorshach and Integrity . There is not much more to say about this band fast, loud and out. If you like your music to be over as fast as it began and leave you worn out in less then 15 minutes then Haymaker are your new kings!!!. Hardcore and Grind is just that folk magic, power fury in less then 30 minutes and leaves you always wanting more...


AGIEL- Dark Pantheons- CD/ Digital ( Deepsend)

If Dimmu Borgir, Nile and Brutal Truth all formed a band to rule them all. AGIEL would come just by the way of creation itself. Agiel is a band that is just mind blowing in talent and skill way ahead of many other bands just trying to come close in sound and idea's. The mix of Black , Deaht, Symphonic and Brutality is just more than any metal fan can really ask for I could this this on a label like Nuke Blast or Listenable or even Willow tip with the tech metal movements going on here.  If you like bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse then you get an idea of there AGIEL is going. This is way beyond think man's or Post Metal its so brutal and complex it just makes me wonder who the hell can even come up with stuff like this. Fantastic work....


Grey Skies Fallen- The Many Sides of Truth- CD/ Digital/LP (Self Released)

Over more then a Decade and a half Dozen released all release released and promoted for most and many digital only GSF has made music that is hypnotic, challenging, forward thinking and just genre breaking. With The Many Sides of Truth  GSF have moved into a more metallic edge again but still keeping that Prog and Jazzy overtone to the music . If you a fan of bands like Virus, Manes, Katatonia, October tides and Novembre then you will find an amazing love to the mix of delicate, tragic into nightmares, darkness  then back to Hope and Sadness all in the same song. I really hate to hear the Opeth comparisons to this band as if anything they have so much more in common with a band like  Dan Swano  Edge of Sanity or even Strapping Young Lads is the maturity and production of an album like this. They mix all that is needed to make this album something you need to listen to several times just to scratch the surface.  There are moments I want to call this a full on Prog Metal release but they will never let me as that would again be limiting the potiental of The Many Sides of Truth.  GSF have released an album they feel is needed and this review agrees. Pre order this and support the band As they have no label at all and music like this is what the underground is all about...